Monday, January 11, 2010

Things happened today!

Woke up early,went for the tution. A.v.'s hairstyle changed. It's weired but it suits him :P
V sir: can you wait for few minutes? I'll be back
We: okay
and then he went somewhere.
The boys started talking about blah blah things and me.. me was listening :| They kept on gossiping and all and me still sitting silently. (seriously boys talk more than girls)
Angel: you are getting bored right?
me: tired smile!
Then again they started their blah blah blah!
Angel: haha! shriti is getting bored!
Tunnu: hey do not disturb! she is thinking about something!
Me: :|
Angel and Nee: Hehe! preparing for maths
Me: :| :)
Tunnu: May be she's abusing us :P
Me: :| o_O

In School, Sush: What about EVS??
Me to Angel: listen, ask sir about the EVS marks.
Angel: okay!
Bas usi me sabse jyada no. mila hoga tabhi puch rahi :P
Me: aahh.. I'll kill you!
He went to sir and then shouted!!
Aey Shriti! sir would tell it in the first period!
Me: :|

Prince entered the class, me and others decided to pull his leg
Nee: why didn't you came for the tution?
Prince: last night I slept around 2 am!
Me, Simmi and Nee: yay kya baat hai!! What were you doing ha?
Prince: hey I was not at home!
Me and simmi: oohhooo kiske saath tha?
Prince: areyy! I was with my uncle!
Nee and Me: hehehe Uncle! LOL

This time the boys are asked for a dance in the town hall!
W sir have few creative plans. He asked A.V. and Angel to show their creativeness with thermacol  for the props :P and told the other participants that me will be helping in preparing the props.
(I was not knowing about this)
A.V. and Angel: Shri you have to prepare props for the dance! We'll get you the stuffs required for it.
Me: what????????????? Props???
Me felt something wrong in it so I asked Poo. Then she told me what Sir said.  
(After few min)
Angel: hey you will do it naah??
Me: hehe! Sir asked you guys to do that not me :P
Angel: Who told you that :O
Me: hehehehe!

And then we played truth and dare and Antakshari and all


DayDreamer said...

Hey Shriti..(I figured out your name and I prefer addressing you by your real name..rather than Chocolate lover..however that is a personal let me know if you think otherwise..and maybe i would revert to calling you by your old name..)


So you think guys talk more than girls..

I am sorry but I differ slightly..I think probably you are an exception(Coz i guess you love observing people)..otherwise I have hardly come across group of girls who can sit silently for 5 mins..


"Exceptions rule the world."


Hi CL,

It's really nice to know more things 'bout ye thru this li'l page called blog... I've also tried the same on my former blog but it didn't work... maybe, i'm not really good at making diaries... haha!!!:)

Good day!!!:)


Chocolate Lover said...

@ Dev
you can call me shriti ^^

@ Kelvin

Rishi said...

Whatever daydreamer said... I repeat...

except I like calling u chocolate lover... makes me eat chocolate... which reminds me..


tristarfivestar said...

i love free periods! any way ... boys talk more than girls.. i dont really think so.. but im sure that i talk way more than girls do.. but at time i just shut up and observe people and its sooo much fun!
plus i prefer the name chocolate lover :P
hmm can i have that name? :P

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Tristarfivestar
haha! I felt that!! :P
about the name... hmmm..
na na na na!! why? why why? why? :P

Sankoobaba said...

"(seriously boys talk more than girls)"

quite true

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I came to know from this post that you are quite observant and quite naughty. :-) Keep at it and don't ever change (but sadly people do change). Have a wonderful day!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Apart from ur updates..i am loving your smileys..they are so so cute.. :)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Vittaldas
thanks! don't worry i'll never change :)

@ Mahesh bhaiya
thanks! LOL :D

tristarfivestar said...

cuz im a big fan of chocolates.. an i need the name :P

tristarfivestar said...

cuz im a big fan of chocolates.. and i need the name :P

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Tristarfivestar
hmm.. two chocolovers in one blogosphere?? o.O

Sorcerer said...

observing you are..