Friday, May 27, 2011


Lived a nightmare few night backs,
Revolting hands that touched,
Me all over, was no one but someone
of my own blood.

Disguisting feeling kills me everytime.
And whenever I remember that night,
I move away from light.
My soul burns and screams in pain.

Vile intensions almost ate me up.
Secrets deep burried in my heart has started crawling up,
Reality that has ugly truth haunts me,
Where is God, Where is life?-I can't see.

I still remember the night when,
I was touched by those hands.
The touch wasn't of love;
Trust me it was lust.

A bit unconcious but still aware of the things,
I woke next morning, crying.
I did tell my mother, but she didn't believe.
She said, "Its all your fault,
You don't have manners to sleep"

My heart ached so badly; I thought,
And I think I have no one.
Such a disguisting feeling,
keeps assassinating;
It won't stop, untill it's done.

I did try to hug death,
But I failed.
The ugly face behind the innocent smile
Is still veiled.

P.S. This is not a fiction, not a thought but just an ugly truth.
P.P.S If you have any questions about this then I am sorry. I don't want to answer any of your questions. Not everyone's life is beautiful as yours. Not everyone can be happy like you. 

"Questions about my decisions.."

Black and White?
-a story, a bit old.
He has coloured my world
and now I know what is love.

If he's to walk a million miles
then I'll wait a million days,
to see his smile.
Spending sleepless nights with his memories
in my heart.
Distance cannot make us apart. 

Finally reality is better than dreams,
and looks like life gleams.
Funny- how soon he became so special;
His laugh- the music of my soul. 

He says-"I love you to death"
It takes away my breath.
Destiny knows the end of this fairytale.
The story of me and my prince charming.

Still not sure, what's wrong and what's right. 
I am so not here to win a fight.
He gave me a smile,
that I am wearing right now.
Did you see it or find it,
adorable somehow?

You have to be me,
To gain understanding.
You'll find all the answers of the,
Questions about my decisions
and on my relations
that you've been asking. 

P.S. To be honest -__-" I really cannot write mushy poems anymore. And yeah I didn't like the poem at all. Its 3 am and I am damn sleepy!! Ohh! I forgot to tell you guys. I am in a long distance relationship now. So yeah the poem was all about me and my boyfriend :*3

P.P.S. Just check out this amazing girl's poem and her "blog". Her name is Ali. She writes really well and I promise you. You won't regret following her. She ish  simply awesome.  :) 

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am sorry sergi.. I cannot stop thinking about last night. You are my friend and I really care for you. Please try to understand. I love you Sergi. You are equally important for me like my other friends. Try to understand, Friends are meant to share everything; joys, sorrow and everything. I cannot be happy to see you sad. I wasn't laughing at you...I didn't call you immature. I did say naive but it was in a good way. You are really sweet. Please don't go away? =/ I am sorry that I've hurt you but I didn't mean to do that. I want to tell that you are not alone. I go through the same stuffs and may be worse than you! Take care Sergi, I want you to be happy =]

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Alcoholic eyes have too much cried,
Being evil to this evil life,
Thousands of questions,
Still lingers in her mind,
Clouds playing with the moon,
And stars twinkling in sky.
Pretty is the view,
Ugly is the world.
Impregnable soul, locked in a car;
Screamed, "choke my breath,
Kill the pain."
No one listened,
No one cared;
Her eyelids getting heavier,
Life getting closer,
To a mere relief,
She never had any belief.
She did make her confessions, 
But still she died of suffocation. 

P.S. hey there! Sorry, I haven't written a nice poem in a while :) I've tried to write this one. I hope you all like this. I want to thank this person, Lee Josephine. He has been sending me email from the last couple of days :) I am really happy to know that some people still read my blogs :P I was thinking to quit :P But the emails made me smile and made me write another poem. Thanks a lot Lee. ♥

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"..she might end her life.."

Here she is again with,
Hundreds of thoughts,
in her mind and
a slight pain her heart.
The past is past
but it has left some scars.
Sorta broken heart today
but She can't just runaway.
Quilling in blood,
And walking aimlessly in Graveyard.
Born with a cursed soul,
still trying to find a simple role.
Drenched in weary thoughts,
she might end her life,
and cut her wrist with a knife. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"..confused about the title.."

Often tried
and always cried,
No one was there,
when I used to fear,
My fate's been cursed,
I have realised..
No hopes, only denials,
No existence for my pals.
I've become a mere past,
My name on their heart will never last.

P.S. hello there ^_^ I'm back and I'm seriously not in good mood.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just can't speak my feeling out,
Hundreds of stuffs I still doubt
My existence a mere mystery
sleepless nights and silly fights,
has been a part of my life.
Never thought this would happen,
No tears to hide, no courage, no pride.
Distance creating differences
between us;
empty promises and empty heart
falsifying dreams tearing us apart..