Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and it goes on..

Heyaaa ppl! umm still busy with school.. I really don't even get time for me! Everyday.. I  wake up at 4:45 am for tution.. *shivers on the way*wishes to see.. Tune-ish, Devil or P.G. =] Prays to God that Divi should not come to tution.. but you find she's already there!! At tution..
Plans to sit with Devil, Tunesh and P.G.!! but damn! :| I come back home at 6:30 am, take shower and again rush to school!! <.< On the way.. I just keep wondering how's today going to be!? I start singing (well i try to) the saltwater room on the way (Mark's voice still in my head)!.. Reach school with a confused mind..and just wish that Safedi ki chamkar and Tragedy queen should not come to school!! But damn! they are present.
*Makes more wishes* Tiwari sir should not come to school! blaah guess what?.. he is present too! >.< Sir takes the attendance and then we all move out of the classroom for assembly... tick tock tick tock tick tock.. damn too hot.. Its rainy season then why no rain? :( not even winds are blowing!! >.< I find Safedi ki chamkar laughing and talking about blah blah blah!Watch our juniors moving out of the building.. and find that they are taller then us =/ and they look older too! o.o" Wish If I could be more taller! =/ now during the assembly.. we find.. kids fainting off!! :O
After a huge blah blah blah of "pappa" (our school principal v.v) we finally move in to our class! Thristy.. but mates already drank the water!!and I am left with empty bottle. >.> First period is free (yay yay yay woohoo woohoo) But a bit sleepy and headache starts killing me.. Mates look worried to see me like that.. Some ask.. "Whats wrong?" and Devil plays knock knock with my head!! o.O" and says "seems like there's nothing inside her head!!" I try to hit him or to seize him but my hands are too short!! >.> *he escapes!*
Time for Sunny's and Devil's weird stuffs! Yeah so damn weird and funny... ummm dancing like Shakira andd.. mimicry.. haha yeah.. they are super talented lol.. hey wait.. this time I made a new song lol.. (not really but I just changed the lyrics of Pappa jag jayega) We really make alot of noise.. so its.. " Volume kam kar.. "pappa" (principal) aa jayega!!" xD
And it goes on... Sometimes I feel like to punch Safedi ki chamkar and Chimni but.. I am not like them ;) So I just try to ignore them.. For the whole day we Worry about college =/ Our teachers always try to scare us!! >_< After recess, I bring another water bottle which was in my scooty..still no result.. It lasts only for half an hour..
Now tired..and bored..wanna go out and play but teachers wont allow us..Start doing weird stuffs.. crack silly jokes.. and offcourse throwing chowk pieces at each other!! :3 In this way school hour ends and then I come back home at 1:30 pm o.o and then meal.. try to sleep bt damn homework!! At 4:15 pm again..rush for tution.. which goes till 7:30 pm! *sigh*

p.s extremely sorry.. I am damn too busy with school stuffs! >__< Missing you guys.. I can't check your blogs sowwie D: I love you *hugs tight* :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

school!! 0.0"

Haha! I am so happy that school reopened (reopened on 16th june :P) I am a senior now.. but me and my classmates don't look like one.. We are dumb 16 year old kids(some are 17 already o.o).. The batches before us were mentality prepared and yeah.. they did look like seniors.. but like I said we are dumb!! xD
I don't like safedi ki chamkar... and Divi!! Me, Simmi and Sush are together again.. no new admission in our class so its just us "Oldies Goldies" ;) You know.. I enjoyed the first rain here with Tune-ish, Devil, P.G. and Nee!! :))
So as usual my friends tease me a lot.. They have started teasiing me with P.T.'s name D: and also they imitate me some time! o.o Guess what?? simmi finally came to know everything about safedi ki chamkar.. eeeehhh.. Safedi ki schamkar's new target is Tune-ish T-T Why him???? I want to punch her face!! Tune-ish is my best friend and she is creepy!!!
Devil and Poo finally broke up! :D Devil was Poo's 12th boyfriend!! o.O geeeez!! I am so damn glad that they broke up... and some are saying that even Tragedy queen and Chimni broke up!! :O And something is going on between Divi and Prince... eeeehhhhh.. Why?????? You know Chimni has became such a snob.... you can esily see his ego in everything that he does or say.. even Wany sir noticed that!! o.O"
T sir (my maths teacher who kinda dislikes me) is my class teacher.. doing quite well in maths these days.. but still hv to work more hard =/ So much fun..at school.. and yeah you know what we do if any of our friend doesn't like someone then we tease them by saying that the someone you hate is actually your best friend :P (didn't get it right?)
 Well let me explain.. I dont like Divi, Poo and Safedi ki chamkar so Devil and other friends tease me by saying that.. They are my "bestest friends" and I can't leave without them..  xD and I do the same with Devil.. I keep saying that Safedi ki chamkar and Suchchi are his "bestest friends" lol
Devil changed the lyrics of "Jab mila tu hi tu" from the movie "I hate luv story". It goes like this now: "Jab mila 2 root 2.... 2 root 2"  xD Yes he was solving maths problems at that time xD

Friday, June 25, 2010

"..still with you.."

The time when we were together,
and when you fought with my fear..

When you and I were alone,
I never missed my home..

When we laid down on the grass;
and watched the bright stars..

Embracing each other was the best part,
Never thought we would stay apart..

 I was alone in my despair and
you walked away..

Just turn back once;
I am still standing behind you..

What if I am dead?
My soul still walks with you..

P.S. cried after 10 days!! this time at school.. no nothing happened.. i am a cry baby right..? Wany sir told us a story.. sad ending.. and i started crying.. though I laughed alot too... my friends don't let me cry.. aren't they awesome? :) though they have startes teasing me with pranay's name for no reason.. (v.v)
Busy with school stuffs.. can't check your blogs... but I would try.. missing you guys.. love you *hugs tight* byee :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"..Strange girl.."

A giggly view but something new;
Saw her smiling and may be blushing;

Was glad to see the cresent moon on her face;
May be she has got her own delightful grace;

Still she walks alone in the rain;
she cries but she never shows her pain;

Her eye twinkles like the stars;
Could easily see those scars;

She laid down on the green grass;
stretched her arms and  let the emotcions to pass;

A soul so weary weeps in dark;
Dreams again lost their spark..

She is together in lonliness;
and alone in togetherness..

P.S. sorry!! my modem was in Koma v.v Finally School reopened.. busy with studies and stuffs! I am a senior now! o.o but still me and my friends still acts like dumb XD I have to wake up at 4:50 am everyday for tutions! dead tired right now.. sorry would be away from blogland!! >_<
 Kritika's cousin killed Kritika's dad!! T_T Can't believe that people could be so mean..  27th june is kritika's birthday =? She was my best friends once but now we are not even friends but yeah i can't see her like this..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"..three and me.."

Wheeee.. heyaa.. yes I am still alive.. haha! so here I am with "three and me" tag! This time I've been tagged by Leo.. xD

My 3 famous name~
bun bun

3 thing that scares me~
Loosing my friends
Being alone
fall in love! o.O

3 thing which makes me smile~
Alan's random stuffs!
webcamming with Mark!
Owl city! ^_^

3 things I love~
blogging! o.o

3 things I hate~
being mean

3 things I dont understand~
so called friendship!
why I can't be mean? o.O
my family!! :O

3 things I am doing right now~
thinking about my so called best friends! :|
waiting for Mark to come online!
waiting for Alan's reply! o.O

3 thing I can't do~
to take revenge
stop crying for silly stuffs!
to commit suicide! o.O

3 things I think you should listen to~
Owl city :)
ummm me? o.O
and offcourse your heart!! (*pokes you*)

3 things I watched as kid(I'm still a kid right?)~
High school Musical
Shinchan! o.o
other disney channel stuffs!!

3 things I want in relationship~
dont have any idea!! XD
care :))

3 things that appeal to me from opposite sex~
Eyes! o.o
smile! XD
pure heart?

3 favourite fictious characters~
Harry potter
Ron weasley
Mr. tumnus! ^_^

3 of my hobbies~

3 drinks I drink regularly~
Milk (I'm a good girl)
ummm.. orange juice! o.o

3 things I like about myself~
can't be mean! =/
loves friends!
being a kiddo!

3 things I hate about myself~
my height! :|
to trust anyone
being naive! o.o

3 things I'm wearing right now~
smile :))

2 truths and a lie (orderly)~
don't know anything about poetry~
I just write my feelings! o.o
I cried today! xP

3 blog buddies I wanna tag~
Sunakshi di

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"..Just once.."

I want to be an eight year old kiddo again!
I want to sing and dance like an insane..

I want to hug someone right now;
I want to let my tears flow..

I want to be an endear,
I want to disappear;

I want to escape this place,
I want to have a delightful grace;

I want to be alone,
I want to say that my fears are gone;

I want be a muse;
I want to feel the giggling views;

I want to walk alone in lonely streets;
I want to hear my heart beats;

I want to rejoice every moment;
I want to forget the torment;

I want to know if they really care;
I want to know if I really matter;

I want to get stoned;
I want to fall in illusion;

I want to party whole night with my friends,
I want to forget that happy moments soon ends..

I want to fly to the sky,
I want to cry and die,

yes I just want to smile,
from the bottom of my heart;

I don't want that smile to fade,
even if I am dead..

P.S so damn random but yeah from the heart.. feeling sad.. want to meet Alan, Mark, Xin yi and Poxy.. want to hug them tight.. Right now feeling like to die..would be fine I guess.. Crying alot since yesterday.. want to be alone for once.. a thought popped in my mind.. what if I die.. and no one knows about the reason... want someone to regret for what they did!! ummmm.. lame? =/ haha! *hugs tight* byeee :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

"..If I could.."

I wish if I could borrow your pains;
I wish if I could be your reason to smile;
I don't believe in God anymore!
If he really exists then why
is mine and yours heart so sore?

I don't want it to happen to you
that had happened to me..
you know?
My life is miserable and
is gonna be same till the end
It's worse than nightmare..

I'm stuck but life's still movin'
folks keep hurting and murdering
my naive and sensitive soul
Birds keeps on chirping and
rain keeps on falling..

I follow unknown fears;
and try to hold back my tears..
I walk like a muse in dark lonely street;
I am lost in your memories;
with a dark hope to reach the,
valley of death and ocean of stress;
and finally to the end of my life..

but before that.. I would like, to
bring back joys in your life;
I wish if I could kiss away your tears,
I wish if I could die with your fears..

"..stay alone?.."

Dreams and illusions;
darkness and silence..
doesn't need any companions;
they hurt her more
than the lonliness..

Her misty eyes and
crescent smile faints;
When the stars giggles and
the pink breeze cuddles her in pain..

Why tears doesn't stop?
Why happy movement doesn't stay?
She cried alot to lesser her pain;
Just want to yell out her feelings again..

She wanna tell them
"stop being mean to her!"
-they've never seen her love and care;
but just for her one mistake
they've become so unfare..

Ever thought of her fragile
and naive heart?
Ever heard to the faint echoes
that says don't wanna stay apart?

May be not and that's why
they're gonna leave her alone;
Yes she's scared..
but she doesn't wanna tell them that!

They haven't listened
to her mumbling voice;
and haven't seen her
glittering eyes..
Yes it was the time
when she was crying..

But they never noticed
Oh Jesus, what a fate..!
Now it's too late;
She's not gonna turn back..

She never cared to check her bruises
those blood stains were visible,
but she never noticed...
They are the one who has
who ruled her heart
and torn it in two parts..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"..alone again.."

Dreams got ruined and
Hopes of being together
 shattered forever?

I stared the bright
white moon last night
and got misty eyes
full of lies..

Ache in my heart
yells why are we apart?
I cried a silent tear
with a fear of loosing you..

Dew drops on the leaves
giggled silently..
It reminded me of your eye
which made me to die..

Then a thought popped
in my mind..
Will you cry if I die?
I looked up at sky
and had a deep sigh..

My tears just don't stop
I want to be with you..
I promise not to
abandon this hope..

I tried to hide myself,
from the the eyes of the world..
I stood behind the pole,
and cried a silent tear..

The stars and the moon
are just so alone;
yeah.. as alone as me..
I wish if they were near;
I wish if you were here..

"..I'll stay away.."

I'll stay away..
scared to hurt them..
I can cry alone,
won't let them to know even that..

Smiles heals my pains,
but my heart is sore now,
 I Swear I never played with them
but I'll stay away..

It seems like nightmare,
but a dream to see them happy again..
I'll stay away;
alone in my despair...
Just a tight hug
for the last time and
I'll be gone forever and
would never come again..
I'll stay away..
dont wanna hurt them,
I have to now keep my distance..
I know they're not gonna understand..
but have to move 'cause
dont wanna be that foolish girl I was
and end up worse again;
I'll cry all alone..

I'll be keeping away..
I am trying not to want to hurt them;
trying to bring the smile again..
One last thing I need to do now..

....is just to stay away..

P.S. Inspired by "Last thing"
PPS. I'll miss them(Mark, Alan, Poxy and Xin yi) .. and really want them to be happy.. Mark has deleted his MYB and FB account.. i am gonna do the same.. not because he did..because
 I wont be online for 10 months!
PPPS. I'll miss you too :))

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Choco's blah blah..!!

Don't expect anything from anyone..
and you'll get everything from everyone!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As I walk along the sea shores,
Smiles the infinite blue,
Whispers the pink mist,
Stares the dead dryness,
Lonliness scaterred everywhere..

Its just me and my thoughts,
A shattered soul and an
impregnible heart..
The beauty is in soul,
and in your heart..

I have never loved you,
I have always loved ,
the almighty who lies ,
within you..

I am broken and dejected,
but the stars still twinkle at me,
And the shooting stars,
still grants me wish..

I stand alone with lonliness;
and secrets in my heart
are no more apart
from your heart..

P.S. sorry I am not updating my blog and not even checking yours blog! :( eeeehh it's writer's block I guess! X(
 I want to spend more time with Mark, Alan, Xin Yi and Poxy.. they are my friends for life.. My school's gonna start -.-" from 16 june.. wont come online for 10 months then.. I may shedule some posts! I dont know! >.<