Friday, March 26, 2010

..wanna say....

hey guys ! Sorry exams are still on. Practical exams were awesome. Thanks for the wishes and blessings! ( I need more k?)
Now the theory exams have started! and its going quite well. Though I screwed up my maths exam! [-_-]
Would be back after 8th. :)
Except exam many things are happening in school!! And especially with my mates!
As usual "chanda mama and poo" and "Chimni and tragedy queen"are together! and teachers are annoyed! :P
Prince turned to a love guru lol! :P
And the most shocking news! A.V. and her shameless gf were caught alone in the school campus thrice!! and like always I came to know about it very late *sigh! 
(Itni masaledar baate mujhe hamesha bad me kyu pata chalti hai!!)
Some say that they kiss everyday in maths tution!! ewwww... yuck!!!
24th march means just a day before maths exam was Harpreet's birthday. 
YES my best friend Harpreet who passed away!
ummm.. am really annoyed! I've joined another social network "myyearbook" (if you dont know about it then google it!! :P)
The same problem continues with me! Its really hard to socialize with others! For me blogosphere is the best! :)
My bro thinks I'm emo!! umm.. whoa! May be because of my poems lolz! haha! I love emo!!
So that's all for now byeee guys love ya all!

Monday, March 15, 2010


hey guys! I am really missing blogosphere.
Few days ago I had another accident and like always it was not my fault!!! :P
My practical exams are starting from tomorrow.
I am really stressed so just thought to blog something.
First one is chemistry!
then Physics!!
and then EVS!!!
Wish me luck! I have to study now so byeeee!
Take care.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The war makers has no clue about,
The whimpering in our soul,
over a letter that states,
Wife's confinement,
mother's illness.
On the other side,
The impregnible fences,
Our counterparts and threats,
The same whimperings and pain,
Our  fingers  bleed  to  think  of,
Being caress; without touching,
the spikes of woven fences.
They are the enemies,
of our country.
For those millions,
We are the ray of hope,
Who fights to bring satisfaction.

P.S. I am really bored :(
P.P.S. Now I am on plurk! :) If anyone wants to add me then click

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Whimpering soul"

I've found myself in despair,
I know not how much you care;
My fate, my dreams,
My smile, my screams;
Eyes too heavy,
Tears of blood I cry;
A falsifying affection;
you brought in life.
My fairytale you were,
Wish upon a star you were;
The only thing spared are those,
bleeding memories and a,
whimpering soul..

p.s. It was my 125th blog post :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have recieved loads and loads of awards from everyone.
So here I go....

1st one is from Ayu :)) (She's an awesome writer)
Thankiyu! Ayu you are really sweet :))

Gr8 blogger friend, thank you and Best follower from Riya :)) (Awesome writer again!)
thankiyu Riya :))

Miss sunshine Award by Angel  and Riya:)) (Awesome blog mate)
Thanks angel!

Happy 101 award from Sankoo baba :)) (He's going to take me as a lyricist if ever makes a movie >_^)
Thankiyu Baba :P

The beautiful heart award from Riya and Vidya(She writes so well specially acrostics)
Thanks both. love ya guys!

So now guys Suprise!!! Awards from me :P

So the adorable blogger award goes to:

Ayu,Ambiguous_angel, Vidya, Riya, Sulagna di, Sunakshi di, Pria, Divya, Suruchi, Edxaii, Madhu, Juhi, Minnie runner, Pankhuri, Riddhi, Mads, Dhanya, Blog trotter, Ginger, Orange, Moonlight, Samadrita, Didz, Tharangni and Shas

Now the cool blogger award goes to:
Sankoo baba, Shravan, Vittaldas, Kelvin, Selenium, Abhishek, Nipun, Leo, Raveblast, Sandeep, Randeep, Freelancer, Pulkit, Karan, Anoop, Neeraj, Hary, Ajai, Aman, Oxymoron, and Toon India.

PS. I know I was supposed to do some tags which were with the tag. Sorry, I would do it in my next blog post :)
PPS. Sorry about the link :(
PPPS. check out previous post here

"Regretting my soul.."

Dream, just a dream, you are,
Word, just a word, love, we need to share,
Tear, just a tear, in my eye,
Smile, just a smile, told you that I lie,
Let me make a wish,
Let my dreams get wings;
Why does heart palpitate?
And why it happened so late?
Now, 'am in a dilemma,
How fortunate you are, O' fella;
'Am falling, falling in the illusion,
Aches my heart so broken;
Regretting my soul,
All alone I have to console...