Sunday, June 26, 2011

"She was dying in her own dream-world.."

May be yes or may be no,
Sometimes high, sometimes low.
She giggled, she frowned,
She floated, she drowned,
in the river of mesmerising thoughts,
and millions of doubts.
Yes, she was scared to face the world all alone.
She couldn't help but just moan.
Pretty painful to see her dreams shatter,
For many it wasn't any matter,
She screamed, she cried,
Nothing was her pride,
They were all lost in pretty insane world,
While she was dying in her own dream-world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"..your mem'ries.."

Wide awake at sleepy nights,
Your mem'ries left me with misty eyes,
 Love is me, love is you,
The distance between us is never few.

We are meant to be,
May be yes? I can see;
Shadows speak about lonliness,
But your mem'ries bring me solace.

When you smile,
My world stops there for a while.
Your mem'ries give me strength to survive,
Because of you I'm still alive. 

There's a lot of pain deep inside,
There are hundreds of secrets that I'd to hide,
You are not here, you are not near, I cannot reprise;
'cause all I have is your mem'ries.

P.S. umm to be honest, I really didn't like this one :/

This was supposed to be a mushy poem! :( But I wrote about me x_x

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ting Tang Tag!! :D

Hello there~~
       So I am tagged by two people. Madhumati and Selenium :3
So yesh this post is all about me :) Thank you for the tag ^_^ I was really willing to do a tag actually so yippeee here I go!
Tag #1 
By Madhumati
*My favourites* 
Food: I love food LOL. I really can't stay without chicken and fish V_V I love spicy Indian food and chineese food. :) 
Colour: I love a lot of colours o.o.. Black, blue, white and purple are my all time favourites :)
Sports: I used to play cricket with all the guys and I used to cry and call my mom when they never used to take me in their team lol and at nights I used to play football with my dad :)
Dessert: Pastries and chocolate ice creams XD
Artist/Singer/Brand: Secondhand Serenade, Owlcity, Jarrod Matthew, NeverShoutNever and I forgot :(
Pair of shoes: I wear heels(since I am short) and also I like belly shoes and other shoes LOL! :D
Outfit: Eh you'll find me more in jeans and capries and leggings sometimes. (No one wonder why they call me tomboy!! o.o)
Accessory:  I really don't like these stuffs at all -_-" but I wear earrings, a bracelet kinda thing O.o and a locket(I am forced to were that locket and bracelet)
Fav place: Home, Cad-B and Schooool. I miss school :(
Hobbies: Writing, blogging, drawing, texting, reading. :)
Beauty product: Lip balm and eye liner and that too sometimes :P
Snacks: Maggie and Ramen :3
Movies: Don't have a favourite but I prefer watching, funny action movies and romantic ones are okay. :P
-That's it-
I am tagging:
Sankoo baba
Prams di

Tag #2
By Selenium

*Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves*
*You have to choose and tag ten people*
*Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them*
*No tags back*
*Have fun*

Ten Things About Me:
I am very random o.o
I say "I love you" to everyone LOL
I love saying "is" as "ish" and yes as "yesh"
I am in a long distance relationship :O
When I see any couple kissing then it creeps me out o_e 
I am 17 and I still hate talking or listening to "mature" and "vulgar" talks.(It creeps me out seriously. I even cried once when my friends where talking about it :P)
I am a slowpoke x_x
I don't get creepy messages from anyone because I never understand them!! :|
Friendship means everything to me and also love O.o
I get suicidal thoughts all the time which is not good. I have already tried to kill myself 5 times!!

And the tag goes to:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Pleading silence.."

The winds are screaming,
The sky is crying,
The pleading silence is tearing apart.
This pain in heart,
will never end.
Lets walk together with hand in hand,
I won't be scared,
I won't be harmed.
The world knows,
How life goes.
People be fake,
And put someone's life on stake;
They don't know how it feels,
When someone you care fail to stand to your deals.
Morning hopes die in darkness,
But the moon brings a peculiar calmness.
Should I shed a tear,  
Or fight back my fear.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Secrets are to be shared,
Wishes are to be made.
It's a new hope, new day,
Never imagined my life this way.
The story of my life cannot end,
because my fairytale is about to begin.

 P.S. I am neither happy nor sad. I am just in a weird mood. Would you consider it a poem? O.o Ohh well, it's just some random lines that popped in my mind because of my boyfriend.