Monday, July 26, 2010

"..A sad sight.."

Stars lean down to,
kiss away her tears;
and She kissed the sky,
to blow away her fears..

The cresent moon is,
shining down on her face.
The saddest sight is,
pleasing in different ways;

Death sucked all the,
pains and torments that,
She has been bearing for ages;
Finally she can find

The breeze sang a song,
to make her fall asleep;
The last long sleep one can,
ever have and yes,
She will never wake up again;

Even love cried when she died,
Fireflies illuminated the view;
dew drops are so sad,
dried leaves made her death bed..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Has been embracing lonliness,
And darkness for decades;
Finally She got to stay,
in a better place;

Enslaved in this haunted place,
she never felt home but,
She has always wished to dance,
With his prince charm
beneath a twinkling dome..

Tears don't lie but,
they haven't noticed it ever,
A pleasing company made her giggle,
But the sad part is, it didn't last forever!

Tired of staying quiet and bear
all torments;
Those smiling masks had
never noticed her bruises..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Messed up life!!

Everything is so much messed up!! My life sucks.. and I really hate God right now!! Seems like he loves to see me alone.. He already took Harpreet away.. who was like a sis to me. And You know what's his next plan? He's gonna take my other friends.. My friends are going to leave the town!
Prince, Sp2 hybrid orbital, Manish, Tunesh.. will leave the school and town if Our school gets the CBSE affilation! :/ And according to the school authorities its 99.9% confirm that its going to be CBSE! I really really hate the principal. He sucks! Who the hell asked him to go to Delhi for the affilation?
We dont want CBSE nor the teachers..then why the hell he is dying to get the CBSE affilation!! I am in 12th right now :/ and we have never faced CBSE before.. Well the teachers say that it's going to be hard if its CBSE! Already one month is over and we dont know what we have to study CG or CBSE?
It sucks!! really sucks.. You guys have no clue how me and my friends are feeling! The way Sp2 hybrid orbital said "I am leaving. You guys can give me a farewell atleast!" made me cry.. though I tried to hold my tears. And in Maths tution.. Sp2 and Nee started to quarell. I was so scared. Today I was lost somewhere. Got tears in my eyes.
On the way back to home. I cried 'coz no one could see me in the dark! Prince said " I am really feeling weird to think about it.. you know..I am sure I'll burst into tears on the last day!"
All of sudden, everything seems so dark! The plans that we have been making since last year has been ruined! My best friends are leaving the school may be! I and prince know each other since kindergarten. I just cant think of anything else.. I aint talking to mom and dad the way i used to! I can't tell them how i am feeling coz I know they would yell at me! Me and my friends are so much stressed..
Death and being alone are similar right? o.o Why does it always happen to me? :(( I really really hate you God!! >_<

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"..bitter reality.."

Sour dreams and bitter reality,
Why death seems better than humanity?
Darkness in eyes utters several lies
But someone murdered my soul and
Left it alone to weep..

Pardon me please if I had done,
Something wrong..
Begging you to walk along,
I stare into the deep sea to find,
someone who belongs to me.

I am missing my friend who
died long back.
I have mom and dad and a couple of
mates but for a friend like her;
my heart really aches..

I need her badly, Oh please Mr. Sky,
 can you tell this to my friend?
I am all alone in this bitter sweet life.
Is she with you; Can you tell me how's she?

Is she happy in the heaven?
Can I talk to her just once or atleast,
Can I see her somehow?
It's been quite long and
I am sick of crying now..

Oh Mr. Sky can you take me to her?
I am missing her hugs and the way she
used to care.
My only friend with who I used to share..
I cry every night when I see the stars so bright;

I make excuses when someone finds me.
Oh I am really very sorry Mr. Sky,
I really didn't mean to make you cry;
Is it just that You are raining or
Is there something in your eye?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Randomness.. 0.0

Random clicks..
My legs.. they are short!! o.o

My eye looks like this after crying! e.e

Hell yeah! XD I love chocolates! :3

So random and old! :|

My eyes are brown?!!  Old pic~ I was up for the whole night! o.o

Friday, July 9, 2010


Some tears, some smiles.,
Some ache, some relief,
Some hope, some dreams;
I have these all,
in my bitter sweet life..

I cry, I sigh,
I laugh, I giggle.
Now I can say that I have
someone who cares;
Someone who owns my life.
Someone who is near,
Someone who is here..

I've  seen the melting moon,
and the giggling stars,
I've felt the rain drops,
I've heard the bird singing..

The place where
the butterflies dance,
Where misty eyes fall asleep
is the place where I
find solace..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School tale!!

You know what happened today?.. MKS Sir was in angry mood.. today morning, he was shouting at us,, and like always.. he tried to scare us. Tune-sh and Sp3 hybrid orbital didn't come to the tution! :(
Reached school a bit late :| Sp3 hybrid orbital was already there.
Sp3 asked: "you went for tution?"
Me: yeah! o.o
Sp3: You know why I didn't come?
Me: yeah, cause you were texting whole night and you slept at 4 am! :P

*Free period*
Me: my shoes are shining :P
Nee: Its looking odd.. and
-stepped over it-
...much better!! v.v

* Chemistry period*
V sir went to staff room for some work.. In the mean while Sp3 hybrid orbital came out of his place and stood near the door o.o Our school librarian came running :P We thought may be for scolding Sp3 Hybrid orbital, ( She was still standing out of the classroom and Sp3 at the door!!) Then suddenly..
Sp3 hybrid orbital: Yes Ma'am,... Ma'am.. SHRITI !!
Me: huh? what did I do? o.O
Everyone: -laughed-
Ma'am entered... and said: Shriti.. you are an artist right? I need your help!!
Sp3 hybrid orbital: Yes Ma'am! Yes!! (others joined him to!)
My Expression: o.O -what the hell?-
Ma'am: come with me in the library!
Sp3 : Okay ma'am.. we are coming..
Ma'am: no I just need her..
Sp3: Ma'am I can help too -attacked with his puppy eyes-

In library.. It was me and Sp3 AND our librarian.. and the doors were shut lol xD After few mins.. Pappaa and Paaa (principal and manager) knocked.. Ma'am opened the door.. and we continued doing our work. :P When they left.. Ma'am was scared lol xD
Ma'am: geez.. I am so dumb.. why did I close the doors?
Sp3: Ma'am it's okay.. nothing happened xD
Me: yea.. ma'am its all right.. why are you so scared?
Ma'am: just Imagine that if it was only you and him.. or me and him and the doors were shut then..?
Me and Sp3 looked at eachother laughed xDD
Sp3: Kya ma'am aap bhi kya kya sochte ho? xP
Ma'am: Its all cause of him.. It would have been better if hadn't come with us.. He acts just like a small kid!! :O
We( Sp3 hybrid orbital and me)  laughed whole day at this thing! geeeez! lol

I like waking up at 4: 30 am for tution.. I like being senior.. I like the way  my friends tease me.. I laugh when I fall or when I do something stupid.. I like to tease Sp3 hybrid orbital and Prince.. I like when Sp3 hybrid orbitals calls me Sp2 Hybrid orbital.. I like being dumb at times.. Even after knowing that I am short I like to compare my height with my friends..but somewhere I am still sad... I am not happy with the things on my life.. Yeah am still crying.. sowwie for ruining your mood!! D:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

you will cry..

Laugh at me if you want,
Sing with me and dance;
Lets play kiddishly once again,
Come play with me in the rain,
Hug me tight as much as you can..
My hand in yours and yours in mine,
and walk along the sea shores..
Pink mist whispers in the dark-
your smiles add the spark..
The moon is melting,
and the stars are weeping..
You could never know why?
It's 'cause when I'll die, you will cry..

P.S sorrryyy.. I'm sick.. have fever.. busy with school stuff.. Missing you all..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a voice whispered..

Randomness follows your heart,
Cries in loneliness;
and the secret
lies in eyes..
Whimpering soul dies in despair,
You know you can
never escape
You will face this all alone but;
A song I may sing to
make the darkness
Come to me and I will tell you
'bout the secrets of 
the shooting stars
and pale moon..
Eyes stares at the dawn and
may be looks for a
Campanion but
finds no one..
Shattered soul have to walk all alone
Dreams aren't enough
to overcome

Friday, July 2, 2010

"I am mean?"

I don't want anyone to die
'Cause I am mean
You know how?
It makes me gloomy;
and I don't want to be so now..

I want to help the poor souls.
You know why?
'cause I am mean;
I get satisfaction..

I want you to be happy.
no! I am not nice;
I am mean 'cause
it makes me smile..

I want peace all around the world,
You know why?
No, not for anyone but for me;
I am mean and
I hate wars..

I wanna befriend you.
Not 'cause you are nice
But 'cause I am mean;
I want someone nice like you,
around me all the time..

I care for you.
You know why?
'cause if anything happens to you
then t'would hurt me somehow!!
and yes I am mean

I am just another
meanie person in this
mean world of the creator..

P.S. random stuffs.. I don't know what to call it.. Is it dumb? o.o" let me know

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where do I stand?

In the world of disguise,
I stay in a nightmare so worse;
All the lies in my eyes,
Stares at the darkness and lonliness,
Living a life of misery,
Walking alone in a crowd of thousands;
Embrace alone the bitter silence,
With companions but still so alone;
Death whispered in my ears,
Couldn't hold up so,
I yelled at my fears,
I am lost in my own little world;
Silence is no worse than words;
Fake smile sighs somewhere,
Tears roll down and dies there;
A question still bothers me in despair,
So many to hold my hand,
but seriously..
Where do I stand?

P.S. a bit sad.. but idk why? -.-" Laughed really hard at school xD Prince got his hand fractured again I guess! -.-" dumbo!! <.< blaaah.. I was chasing him but he just slipped when he was running!! I din't even touch him!!
P.P.S Why do we all become so mean sometimes? =? anyways I'll try to check your blogs soon! :) *hugs tight*