Thursday, July 15, 2010

Messed up life!!

Everything is so much messed up!! My life sucks.. and I really hate God right now!! Seems like he loves to see me alone.. He already took Harpreet away.. who was like a sis to me. And You know what's his next plan? He's gonna take my other friends.. My friends are going to leave the town!
Prince, Sp2 hybrid orbital, Manish, Tunesh.. will leave the school and town if Our school gets the CBSE affilation! :/ And according to the school authorities its 99.9% confirm that its going to be CBSE! I really really hate the principal. He sucks! Who the hell asked him to go to Delhi for the affilation?
We dont want CBSE nor the teachers..then why the hell he is dying to get the CBSE affilation!! I am in 12th right now :/ and we have never faced CBSE before.. Well the teachers say that it's going to be hard if its CBSE! Already one month is over and we dont know what we have to study CG or CBSE?
It sucks!! really sucks.. You guys have no clue how me and my friends are feeling! The way Sp2 hybrid orbital said "I am leaving. You guys can give me a farewell atleast!" made me cry.. though I tried to hold my tears. And in Maths tution.. Sp2 and Nee started to quarell. I was so scared. Today I was lost somewhere. Got tears in my eyes.
On the way back to home. I cried 'coz no one could see me in the dark! Prince said " I am really feeling weird to think about it.. you know..I am sure I'll burst into tears on the last day!"
All of sudden, everything seems so dark! The plans that we have been making since last year has been ruined! My best friends are leaving the school may be! I and prince know each other since kindergarten. I just cant think of anything else.. I aint talking to mom and dad the way i used to! I can't tell them how i am feeling coz I know they would yell at me! Me and my friends are so much stressed..
Death and being alone are similar right? o.o Why does it always happen to me? :(( I really really hate you God!! >_<


HaRy!! said...

koooooool down matey.... take a break

ambiguous_angel said...

what's wrong?
you shouldn't hate God.
everything happens for a reason.
believe me.
just chill out.

everything will be okay at the end,
if it isn't okay,
maybe its not yet the end.:)

Sumit Sarkar said...

I know the feeling dear. Well every school wants to get the CBSE affiliation now. If the change happens it will be for all the schools in India, I guess.
Don't be sad yaar. You will feel the same thing when you leave your college and that too for different friends.
Keep smiling... :)

wisewit said...

Hard to know what to say. You do seem to be having a hard life. I'm sure most of us would have a hard time dealing with some of the things you've had to go through. Still, there have been time in my life when everything seemed hopeless, and I managed to make it through, somehow. Sometimes I just had to shut out what was happening to me and not even try to guess what was coming in the future. I usually found that I could handle the future better than I expected. Don't know if things would work out that way for you or not, but think there's hope. :)


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

hey luv! remember that you're 16 and things like this happen when you're young--friends leaving, not enjoying school, etc. but when you get older you'll realize that it's not as detrimental as you once thought. try to focus more often on what makes you happy!

Pria said...

oh no worries dear.. life is like this.. ppl come n leave.. but the memories shud be preserved.. u keep in touch wit thm n u'l neva miss thm.. CBSE is nt so hard.. evrything wil b fine.. keep kool n njoi evry moment.. whn u go ahead in ur life n luk bak, i promise al these wil b sweet memories.. do tel whn u feel this.. :)

Jingle said...

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Jingle said...

cool stuff.

Gauri Mathur said...

Calm Dowhn sweetheart!!!

Sankoobaba said...

hey... take a chill pill..
things will be fine..


Being Pramoda... said...

Hey happy..:) every thing shall pass on in life. be strong..:)

Keep smiling..

Arjit Srivastava said...

Relax. Calm down! Just for this stupid reason, you think your life sucks? Really?

Anonymous said...

God will b with u...
God is with u..
And Keeping in touch with ur frnds is more important than being with us...
Don't Worry choco....