Thursday, September 15, 2011


Emptiness choking my breath,
Making me to lean towards death,
Couldn't see anything except the color black,
Always wishing for someone to come back,
Lost in fairy tale which I thought was true,
It's may be pleasing to see the shades of blue.
Was a fool to feel beautiful,
Sanity warned but insanity overruled,
Trust is gone, soul is dead,
I feel no pain even when my cuts bleed.
Being tired of heartaches, I may choose euthanasia,
It's getting hard to have dysphoria. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"..I don't know for how long I can stand this.."

Drifting with winds,
Crying, singing, dreaming and living.
No complains but loads of pain,
Inside a naive little heart. 
Slit wrist is nothing but the proof,
How he kept assassinating me,
and how I kept denying it. 

P.S. See, I had told you. I can't stay happy. Bye bye Happiness. I miss you. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"..A new fairytale is about to begin.."

Lost and broken, I was.
On that horrible and suffocating night,
I had decided to end up all my aches and worthless fight.
Sinking in tears, wishing to die.
Craving for a shoulder and a hug to feel home and cry. 
 I had met him before but I didn't know,
I had already sown seeds of love in his heart to grow.
He did care but I didn't notice.
While talking to him, I actually found peace.
Tears stopped and slowly the pain was going.
I fell asleep with neither bitterness nor cursing.
Next morning, I was in solace.
No more tears, no more aches.
We both were giggling and smiling like two little kids.
No one was being fake or hypocrite.
Innocence and love started growing more,
Neither of our hearts were sore.
He was knowing that I was falling for him.
I wasn't scared anymore to say, "I love you Tim"
Keeping my feelings only to me.
Denied everything that he wanted me to see.
At the end, I lost and love won.
We both were together before the dawn.
He chose me over everyone,
Despite the distance, he feels that I am the only one.
He is a prince and I am one amongst the ordinary girls,
He is so perfect that every pretty face twirls.
I have only loved and it's not a sin,
'cause no matter what you say but a new fairytale is about to begin.

P.S. Hello readers, yeah I am still alive :P Thanks for caring everyone, I am really fine. Your 17 years old poetess is no more a little kid. She has started going to college and she is loving it there. About the poem? Um, It's not sad :P You wanted a happy poem so here it is! Exactly how I feel so now you know that I am good and of course happy. :)