Friday, October 28, 2011

"I am a wreck.." (Blog's 2nd anniversay)

I'm a wreck,
I need to sleep,
I've been broken,
I really need to be fixed.

Been alone, 
for far too long,
Been assassinated,
for someone's malevolent.

Joy fades away,
and sorrow grabs my hand,
I'm being ripped in a tug of war,
That never seems to end.

I'm chasing nothing
But running for everything,
I need to escape this place,
I really need to find myself solace.

P.S. Hello readers, I'm sorry for not writing more often..and still not being able to read your blogs. I'm not happy but then I'm not sad either. Oh, btw, it's been 2 years in blogspot.. Yup, I've successfully completed 2 years in blogspot and gained 183 amazing followers.. Thanks for reading me and encouraging me to write more through your mails. I was 15(almost 16) when I had started this blog and now, I'm 17(almost 18).. Haha, sometimes it makes me sad that I'll be no more a little kiddo.. Thanks for telling me not to lose hope and that everything will be alright, Thanks for all your love. I truly love you each one of you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"..She doesn't cry.."

She forgot to rhyme,
And learned to smile,
She doesn't cry nor does she die. 
The words denied to dance on her tune,
'cause she has found something brighter than the moon. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"..sing me the lullaby"

My past crawling my present,
My present healing my future.
I have promises to keep,
And a thousand miles to go before I sleep.

Sing me the lullaby,
The lullaby that my mother used to sing.
It gives me peace,
And It'll let me fall asleep with an ease.

Fascinating deep brown eyes,
Eyes that had never learnt to speak lies.
Escaping all the truths,
Going to chase every kind of silence that soothes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"..Perfect Rhyme.."

Joy tries to illuminate the sad reality in me,
There's something that no one else can see,
A glimpse of something sweeter than bitter truth;
Thousand souls are closer but not my ruth. 
Trying to write a new story this time,
It's not necessary to have the perfect rhyme

P.S. Hello readers, I am still alive. I am justt too busy with my college and stuffs. I am not feeling awesome but I am okay. Sorry, for not reading your blogs. :/ I hope whoever reads this, understands me.