Friday, September 27, 2013

False criminal case.

An innocent soul
-found guilty for something he never did;
-Going through everything,
that's meant for criminal minds;
-Ruined by someone else's evil intentions, power and status,
He's been craving for peace of mind.
-Dettached, alone, broken and unloved,
He's trapped inside the four walls,
-Detoriorating every second of every day
And no one can save him.

He was smiling,
He was laughing;
His eyes were full of dreams.
He never smoked, he never drank;
He never disrespected anyone.
His smile silently whispered,
"I love you and I care."
He gave the best reassuring hugs,
No matter who the person were.
A false criminal case,
and he was gone.
Far away from everyone's reach and sight,
I don't know how he is holding up tonight.

Bring him back the days,
Bring back his smile;
Seeing someone of wonderful dying,
is not something I can enjoy.
I'll do anything to save him,
Even if I have to give away my life.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"There's someone.."

I know you've been hurt,
burned and scared.
I know it's hard to breathe,
and see her fine,
while you're trying not to end your life.
There's someone who wants to make it all better.
For a while, just close your beautiful blue-gray eyes,
Let the tears roll down your pale cheeks,
Block the destructive thoughts,
Tell your soul, "It's not over yet".
There's someone who is hurting to see you hurt.
Quit calling yourself a coward,
Crying a little won't make you any smaller,
Living with the pain only makes you stronger.
Scream and let the pain leave your sunken chest.
There's someone who still cares despite the distance.
Let them in, 
Let them take away the pain.
Trust me, it'll all be worth it in the end.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another life lost in vain?

Sometimes when things go hazy,
Or the world looks sane and I look crazy.
I need someone 
to talk me out of the blue.

Sometimes at night like this when everyone's asleep,
and the wound is too deep 
I need someone to keep me from doing the sad little things
I've been planning to do.

I don't know my strengths,
but I know that I can let my weaknesses to end the pain
in the most horrific way and
For some, it'll just be another life lost in vain.