Sunday, October 31, 2010

Across the oceans!!

Today 'am smiling ^_^ I have been betrayed again by my another best friend. Its okay atleast I learnt something. It was actually my mistake though 'cause my friends already warned 'bout him and I am regreting for not believing them and believing him. :/ He lied and I believed. I never meant anything to him.

So This ish mark o.o the one who made me smile =]

 He is Just so awesome xD
 He has got blue-green eyes o.o

 A cute smile!! ^^

spiky hair o.o

I'm going to marry his hair you know? xD

Yup, yup spiky hair and black noodles are made for each other! :P (don't use your brain 'cause you won't understand xP)


 Chocolates are mean't for me not him! xP

She is Xin Yi!! ^_^

She has awesome hair o.o

 and cute eyes

She is super hyper and sweet.

 She loves to smile and to make others smile ^_^ 

 She is a super vampire o.o

She is just awesome! :)

She is like my elder sis ^_^

and I love her alot!
Ummm.. I am really happy that Mark and Xin yi are with me ^_^ Who will like to be sad when you have such amazing friends to care for you 24x7 ?

Mark lives in Croatia and Xin Yi in Singapore =] But we text each other, we chat. We all live thousand miles apart across the ocean but someday we'll meet each other for sure! ^^
So Finally, I won't be crying befor going to bed. =] I don't want to talk 'bout Saket. He sucks and his friends too! -.-"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pics!! D':

I did this 'cause I was getting bored! (v__v||) Sorry for lame editing! :P

Me and friend in our class room! :o

that's kishan's huge hand! o.o and girls! :D

Me and Simran on teacher's day! (Blah I cried before taking this pic :P)

LOL! this one ish my favorite ♥
Manish, Me and Saket!

We were at Anisha's place and we celebrated Saket's birthday! :O

and that's "US" =)
We all look happy, ain't we?