Saturday, October 2, 2010


I'm struck between love and friendship,
I end my musings and let my soul to weep.
Waiting for a new begining in darkness,
I cry a silent tear in madness.
You don't know the scars just fade away,
but some doesn't; the scars which today,
speaks 'bout the torments.
It reminds me of horrifying moments.
Take a look at self and ask,
do you belong to these people wearing a mask.
Without you life seems terrible,
and I just feel so feeble.
My best friend is with me,
but I don't know who is he?
I am perplexed by the feelings,
With you, my delightful heart sings.
Rumors that say "I love you"
I wish if I could tell its true.
Scared of loosing a sweet friend,
I'll just make my feelings blend.
For you, I am your friend,
For me, you'll be my angel till the end.

P.S. Tunesh is back (^_^) and he is well. He has become a bit thin though o.o He said I'm looking fat!! (>_>) but he has become thin! We bunked our Maths tution and went to Tunesh's place. :) and spent like an hour! Oh before that.. Neeraj was hungry and me too. So we went to a restaurent and ordered Samosa! And there were two guys who were staring at me constantly. So Pratish, Me and Neeraj decided to stay outside :] The samosa wasn't yummy (x_X) !! So we didn't finish our plates! I had half of my chocolate bar so that Tunesh could have the other half! And mom doesn't know 'bout it!! sshh!! :)


Anurag said...


first of all exquisite lines to start off,you are so proficient at pouring out the emotions in form of words. ^-^

you guys walked out of there,..I was thinking your friends would give a stare back to them. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice...n yeah i second the above comment...:)

too good..

i can relate myself to some of your emotions ;)...its making me smile...:)

Heavenly Muse said...

though it had been the theme of numerous movies (specially Indians) yet you express it even more delicate way.:-)

Sunakshi said...

I totally loved it <3

Samadrita said...

Nice verses there. All your poems have a hint of sadness about them which is adorable in its own way though :-)
Keep blogging!


...very well composed Shriti... you pulled it off... i miss all your musings and thoughts a lot... have a blessed Sunday!!!;D


Selenium said...

Well, this time it seems the emotions penned down are somewhat genuine ne?