Saturday, October 23, 2010

Me and friends and love!! o.o

I am here O_O First of all, hello readers :P I have decided that I wont eat chocolate for the next two days! Hmm.. some of you already know it through my fb status! :P And like I said no one should talk about chocolate here!!! :o

hmmm.. I am again gonna talk 'bout the love bug and my best friends o.o (don't make faces). I am getting bored at home so I was just thinking (I make a mess when I think) I miss the way I used to be with my friends. And oh yeah, those people who are thinking that choco is thinking to be in relationship then you all are wrong!! o.O I am happy in being single :D
But I miss my friends and the chats and time that we spent together. And I am confused why are these guys fighting and are jealous of? Tunesh, Saket, Manish and Prince and Kishan are jealous and you won't believe it sucks when they get jealous. They talk to me like, " Yeah yeah he is your best friend, Bestest friend, Close friend and so on" They are always ready with their emotional atyachar( no I'm not talking about the show on UTV Bindaas! o.o)

And few days back when me and Prince were late for physics tution, we both decided to wait outside for others to come out.(we were half an hour late) And when everyone came out, Tunesh and Saket gave us a suspicious look! o_O and went for chemistry tution! There they both burst on me. They were like, "haan tu bas isi tarah ghumte reh ladko ke saath!!" and I was so angry.. If it wasn't Prince but them then will they still say that? o.O

I don't give a damn to what the world thinks about me. The only thing that bothers me is what my friends think. I won't stop meeting or talking to my friends just because the world thinks its wrong. :/ And if my friends have probs with each other then they should not ask me to stop talking to their enemies(or whatever). Tunesh should not tell me that he is good and he is bad. I know my limitations and I know who is good and who is bad??!!

Now about the love birds!! o.o (My friends duh!) Mark is happy with Mylor and they both look cute together ^_^ but if Mylor does anything to Mark then he has to pay for it! v_V
Prince and Divya are happy in their own little world :o and Wany sir and ma'am (His mom and dad) likes their "badi bahu" :P (yeah they know about their relationship) Wany sir and Ma'am are so cool lol xD
Alan and Merly are so damn cute and awesome o.o ! Darshita and tunesh are adorable :D Tannoo and Kishan are really cute and sweet and funny :P and Pooja and Saket.. o.O Idk! lol XD I dont like his gf :P and no specific reason..

I love my friends and I am happy that now they have found someone special but then in the end its like "Girlfriend mil gayi toh dosto ko bhul jayega kya?" and I feel hungry now and no don't talk about chocolate O_O


Anurag said...


# "Girlfriend mil gayi toh dosto ko bhul jayega kya?" "jane tu.." me bhi same baat boli thi. ;)

# no chocolates for 2 days. :o !!!!! oops ,sorry I mentioned it.

# good to hear that you are happy,,,if you really are. :)

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Your friends are funny! I have some close boy friends (not bf) and when we have fights I'll say to them "Fine! I'm going to find another boys to talk with!"


Pria said...

offo.. dnt take such harsh decision :)

MinnieRunner said...

As long as you are happy and that you don't do anything bad to someone else, don't mind what other people would say :)

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Anurag
yup yup :P

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Rabbito
hahahaha.. yeah they are xP

lol i'll do that next time xD

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Pria

i wont :o

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ Minnie runner
okay ^_^