Friday, October 1, 2010

A messy day!!

Caution: big post ahead!! :P
So.. I'm done with my exams. :) We don't have school for next 3 days!! Damn!! huh.. we want to spend more time with friends. We are just spending hours in school, talking 'bout nothing and teasing each other.
But today, Our teachers kicked us out of the school campus. Yesh literally kicked us out as we came out of the school building. x_X !! Blah, I don't what was wrong with them.
Before that, I wanna tell you something else too. Umm actually the thing I did yesterday.
Last night, I was talking to Saket (yes, I have again started talking to him) So he was kinda annoying me and started emotional atyachar.
He: You are good, nice, sweet, decent, lovely, kind, caring, helping, emotional and loving for your old friends. New friends are nothing to you right?
Me: you are equally special for me. Just like Tunesh and Prince. But I get more mad at you 'cause I expect alot from you. But I guess I don't mean anything to you. You just lie.
He: hey there's nothing like that!! But I know I am not good.
Me: What do u mean there's nothing like that? Isn't it true that I don't mean anything to you? And yes, you are not good 'cause you are a liar.
He:I don't lie. If you didn't mean anything to mean then I would have stopped talking to you like I did with others. And would have never appologized or cheered you up. But you won't believe 'cause I don't mean anything to you!! right?
Me: No its not like that. You are really special for me. If you were nothing for me then I wouldn't have cried for you nor would have been worried for you. But I don't know whay I feel that I don't men anything to you!
He: naah.. there's nothing like that. Drama queen!
Me: What.. drama queen? What can I say to you when you think its all drama? Listen I don't lie atleat for this stuffs. I just say what I feel whether its good or bad.
He: no, no, no. You are really my good Friend. But for you, I am your NEW friend.
Me: Shut up Saket. Friends are never new or old. Only the bond between them becomes old and how many times I have to tell that? and I that video too, I said that it's been only a year so I don't know much about you but you are really nice.
He didn't reply for like half an hour.
Me: What's wrong now? don't you wanna talk? See again, you aren't talking to me. That's why I get mad at you. Aaaaah leave it. No need to reply me. And just don't talk to me.
He(after few mins): Aaaaah geez I was having my dinner!
Me(after few mins): =/
He: What's wrong?
Me: Shriti died nothing else!
He:you are such a drama queen! :@
Me: I hate you :P
He: Yeah I know that you hate me. And everyone else does 'cause I am not nice.
Me: geez are you insane? I was kidding. I don't hate you devdaas! You really mean alot to me. And you are really special. I am really sorry. I didn't mean that. I swear I was kidding.
He: Its okay. Don't be sorry. The fact is fact. Bye.
Me: what the hell!! There's no fact in it. Try to understand. I just don't like one thing 'bout you and that's Your's and Puja's relationship. I told you many times but still you did the same. You patched up with her again and then again you broke up. And 'am sure, in few days you'll again patch up with her. And then you keep telling me that I am your best friend but you stay most of the times with Kritika and other commerce people. You insulted me during teacher's day celebration. You were even ashamed to host the show with me. And then when the thingie between me and kritika was going on.. you supported kritika not me. Thats it nothing else. well there's one more but leave it! But still this stuffs can't make me to hate you.
He: I haven't talked to kritika since last 15-20 days. And I don't talk to the commerce girls except Anisha. And I was not involved in that matter of yours and kritika. I haven't supported anyone. You don't know what the heck you are saying! And what's the last reason?
Me: do you still think that I hate you.? and everyone says that you did but please don't ask me who they were.(made him swear)
He: bye. good night, sweet dreams, take care and good luck.
Today again I texted him but he didn't reply!
And then at school.. he looked at me but I kinda ignored 'cause I was feeling bad. :/ I told this to Sush and she said: "Say I love you!!" cause earlier you said I hate you!
Me: lol shut up!! o.O
Other friends: hey wany sir once said that " hate only that one person you love the most.."
Me: lol geez I was kidding!!
Later after coming back from school. Texted him. Appologized him and finally we sorted it out!

P.S. would be reaching to your blogs soon ^_^


Jingle said...

cool story.

Jingle said...

awards for you.
hope to see you at our Monday Poetry Potluck today...

less than 30 minutes to go.

Madhu said...

we are waiting for u to reach our blogs.