Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Staring at moon,
in dark and lonely night.

Stars dancing on the
rhythm of love.

I hope to meet him soon,
before the views become blur and quiet.

sinking in the dark aura,
of dreams and flying like a dove.

I never tried to hide the real me ,
and expected him to be the same.

Tired of living in his world of false words,
and his childish game of hide n' seek.

I wish to live in wonderland,
where there are no rumors.

Where rivers sing and dance,
and misty winds cuddle.

A place where I find no regrets.
just peace and happiness.

I hurt myself everytime when,
I say "I hate him".

And everytime when I find him,
with someone, my soul cries..

my dreams got shattered when I,
found him kissing that girl.

and next day I was trying to stop,
myself to think 'bout him.

It was really hard, my heart ached badly,
every time I looked away from him.

A friend so dear wasn't mine anymore,
and my heart was again left sore.

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Anonymous said...

This was really painful ! Its really heart breaking to see the person whom you love so much with another one , esp when are already with him . and when he don't understand despite being so close , we end up blaming ourselves :(Heart wrenching poem ..