Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"..curse of fate.."

A cursed fate,
deflecting the path of
a naive life..

Hopes, tears,
dreams and fears
lead her life now..

Impregnable soul
never cries for humanity,
even after gaining brutality..

Coziness and sanity;
delicacy and decency;
aren't here anymore..

The depth in her eyes,
reflects the future sights,
dark, gloomy and bitter..

The eye of heaven,
shines too bright,
revealing the fury of God..

And then arrives,
pleasing twilight and later,
dark velvet night..

Darkness consumed her,
and light filled,
her eyes..

That naive little girl,
was glad to have lost her life,
'cause now it ended her pain and cries..


Selenium said...

This kinda suits the third movie of Kara no Kyoukai... when the Fujino Asagami girl starts coughing blood after massacring people and blowing up a whole highway bridge...

No... it's just me who thinks like that... -__-

Good one BTW...

Jingle said...

lovely said.
thanks for sharing!

wisewit said...

Obviously, you're still hurting. Just remember we're all here for you. :) :) :)


Amanda said...

Wow, what sadness in those words you so eloquently wrote...great word choices in this piece...you truly are so talented. Thanks so much for linking with Potluck, your support means a lot :)

MinnieRunner said...

Oh, it's sad :((

Bea said...

The eye of heaven,
shines too hot,
revealing the fury of God..


nitwit said...

its realy nice post yet very sad .. remember i will be allways dere 4 u kid