Wednesday, September 1, 2010

choco's blah blah..!?

"..Eveytime I try to keep my hopes up,
it falls and every colour of life seems grey,
and you know its too hard to see it
slowly fade away.."

P.S. what I did  today? Oh well I am fasting 'cause of Janmashtmi.. We went to Anisha's place for meeting.. yeah meeting for deciding stuffs for teacher's day.. I am not going to attend it so I just went to have some fun!! We celebrated Saket's birthday again :) yup yup we had fun :) and yeah I told my friends that I am not going to attend teachers day and their reaction was.. fine.. if you will not attend then don't talk to us.. >_< They asked me what' wrong? and they are worried and you know its so hard to lie to your friends!! >.<


Selenium said...

I recommend you listen to this song by Pink Floyd called "High Hopes."

Watch the video on youtube if you can (My youtube is blocked T_T).

And my apologies for this random comment. It's just that these four lines just reminded me of the song. :)
Man, I love that song...

Nipun said...

Nice lines..

Its gud that u told them.
Its really cool of them.

Keep writing..



Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i always want you to feel well, so i hope you are doing better each and every day, luv! :)

Jingle Poetry said...

smart poem,
keep it up!