Monday, September 20, 2010

"..randomness from the heart.."

Hey there :) umm sorry my exams gonna start soon so I won't be able to make any post or read yours. The first one is physics but I don't feel like studying.. Tunesh is still sick but he has been discharged from the hospital and the docs have asked him to have comeplete bed rest. That fool is still thinking 'bout me. Talking to him everyday.. just to know how is feeling. :) I told him to take rest and don't think 'bout exams and me. o.o I just want him to recover soon and come back :)

I have started ignoring Saket.. woohoo..!! -.-" Now it doesn't matter me, when he says that he means nothing to me. I just let him say that!! Not texting him and not even replying him.. Moreover I am keeping cell off!! -.-" I still feel he is using me.. and the rest idk.. i dont even wanna talk bout him!!

Oh well today nothing happened at school.. The strength was less so we didn't even study.. We didn't make noise or anything. We talked whole day (6 hours) and talked 'bout zombies, ghosts, relationships, crush and love !! o.o Well the girl thinks I am in love and they say that they can see that in my eyes!! o.O

Talked about Harpreet and God and dreams.. then one more thing.. ummm its weird and nice.. like you know.. i often feel like dying right? Oh well, sometimes I put it as my status on msn and other sites.. I know a guy.. we don't talk usually.. we never actually.. but whenever I feel so, this guy comes to me.. cheers me up, tells me about christainity and Jesus.. and even if I don't tell him what's wrong with me or what had happened, he just solves my problems. A couple of times, he made me say a prayer and told something from bible and those things really makes me smile and i feel better. I told that guy that he is like an angel 'cause whenever I've felt to end my life he just come like an angel and my problems seems easier but he says that he is a servant of Jesus and nothing else.

 And today I told this to Srishti, Anubha and Divya and they told me that I am the lucky one.. And Jesus himself is telling me that I belong to her.. They even said that they would take me to their camp someday and take me to some Father(sorry I don't remember their name) =/

Just tell me does that thing really happens? I mean why do I feel better after talking to Colby? Does Angels really exists? I haven't cried since then.. Why do those little things from bible cheers me up?

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Selenium said...

Even I never felt like studying Physics... It was the easiest subject I had in High School... :)

Still is... and Physics and English are the only two subjects I've never failed in my life... :)