Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Worries quitely battle with peace,
Soul weeps secretly somewhere,
Never wished to be alone with so ease,
Embracing darkness there.

I walked alone in the lonely streets,
I looked at the sky with hope,
then what I found was clouds dancing on beats,
I just wish if I could seize slavery and elope.

The gleeful breeze kissed me,
and tried to stop my tears,
but then hell was the only thing I could see,
When I was adopted by fears.

Every little hope shattered with silence,
My palpitating heart wasn't like before,
Lies, torments, tears and ignorance,
were the only things left to adore.


Sourav said...

Dark, yet beautiful!

Jingle said...

very beautiful sentiments,
lovely done!

Selenium said...

Good One... but I have a question.

I just wish if I could seize slavery and elope.

Slavery to what??? O_o

Pavitra .... said... many emotions....really beautiful...

Leona said...

Palpitating heart.

Oh gosh, that line is wonderful! Keep on writing your poetry ;)