Sunday, February 28, 2010

"I've got to say.."

Its hard to tell you,
what I've got to say,
Neither tears stop,
nor the smile,
No more betrayals,
no more partings;
Lips so numb,
eye's so scared,
now my life has
I wish if you could
Understand the thing,
That I have got to say;
But now I have to
decieve you,
so that atleast
you can smile..

P.S. from the draft.
P.P.S. Happy holi guys :))

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unsolved mystery!

Scared of the unknown darkness
She cries for joy,
   Her soul in despair,
Fights all the battles.
She hid her woes,
And her tears of blood.
One is still perplexed;
And wonders over it.
But the mystery remains,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back may be!

Hey everyone! so 'am back may be! Thank you sooo much for your blessing guys. I am feeling much better now. But then I won't be blogging for a while(may be more than a month) 'cause of exams! My exams are soon going to start so I have decided to give more time to studies!!
Well right now many things happening in life. The same lovey dovey stuffs are killing me. The school administrations are busy in "dikhava" because of some inspection committee that is supposed to visit our school so that they would decide whether we should be given CBSE course or not.
Getting more attention from my mates since 'am sick and weak(seriously weak. The doc. had even asked me to get admitted in the hospital). So thats all for now. Bye guys.. take care. I may not visit or comment on your blog. Sorry :(

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey! I know I was  quite away from blogosphere. Actually I am serioulsly taken ill. After that picnic, 'am feeling more worse. Headache and fever is still killing me. And and and I have puked 8 times since day before yesterday. I am feeling really weak. Can't have anything :(( Medicines  tastes more yucky! :(( I haven't even slept from last 4-5 days! Can't blog further now :((.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Picnic with friends!!

I went for a picnic with my friends. Actually today, the small kids were supposed to go for a picnic but we also wanted to go for picnic so we also followed them since it was a maha bandh in chhattisgarh. So at 9 o clock we( Me, darshu, Chanda mama, Pari, Srish, Anu, Beena, Kriti, Roshni, Chimni, Divya, Sunny, and Poo Prince) made the plan at school and decided to  meet at Roshni's place within hour an hour.
We all took permission from our parents and then we all went to the spot in our scooty and bikes. We were 10 gals and 4 guys! :D Unexpectedly our parents agreed for the picnic :D.
When I reached at Roshni's place. Everyone was already there. I took a long cut and came from another way. Prince- Abey tera ghar to is taraf hai! tu us taraf se kaise ayi !? :P
Ruk ja abhi teri mummy ko batata hu.!!! :P
We played in slide, see saw and other swings. Though I was scared but still sabse jyada main jhuli. I was screaming and laughing :P And after that I was looking like drunk. :P hahaha! I was falling again and again. My friends commented.."yeh toh bina piye talli ho gayi"!!!! LOL
Can't tell you it was so much fun. Chanda mama fir se mere ko dara rha tha :(. Prince, Sunny and Chanda mam were again pulling my leg for that wild ride incident :P As expected the picnic turned into couple picnic. eeeeeeww!!! 
haha! we all decided to leave Poo and divz and not to take them back :P So we didn't took them with us. :)) We thought that those line maru type gals would like to come back with Chanda mama(poo's boyfriend and Divya kabab me haddi :p) though Prince and Sunny were also there.Yay yay yay Maza aa gaya.!!
We all reached home by 12 in the noon :) After coming back I send a text to all my friends,"Hum log sach me sanjay kana(name of that spot) gaye the na? kyunki mere ko abhi bhi sapna lag rha hai!"
My friends replied,Roshni- ghar me akar pinch karu kya?" 
Srish" scooty ka petrol chek kar le..kam hoga" and so on..
Me- Mera sar chakra rha hai.
Srish replied- Aur khulo!!
 lekin abhi bhi mera sar ghum raha hai. main aur age kuch type nahi kar sar sakungi! Main baad me achche se fir se post edit kar dungi. (agar mood hua toh :P)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'll wait,
wait for the dream,
dream to come true,
True are my feelings,
Feelings that they named love,
Love is you,
You will be my valentine someday,
Someday I'll be yours,
yours forever..

P.S. Fever is killing me again!! (T_T)
P.P.S I hate medicines!!


I know not where to go;
But still I'll walk..

I know not why 'am here;
But still I'll stay..

I know not who I am;
But still I love myself..

I know not why 'am sad;
But still I'll smile..

I'll do things aimlessly;
I'll do what I want to..

Sometimes the reason
doesn't matter..

Sometimes you have to
be someone else..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"No one"

No one sees the,
Beauty of her soul and
Innocence in her dark eyes.
No one hears,
her screaming and
her cry.
No one cares to,
wipe up her tears and
to console her.
No one can ever give,
her the pleasures of life and
a reason to smile.
She walks all alone;
'Cause she knows,
that's what is in her fate..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today when I reached school, there was no space to get inside the school since some construction work is going on. So I was stuck at the main gate. The watchman and peons were helping the small kids to get inside the school safely through the main gate.
Chanda mama(angel) and P.G. were standing on the ground. They saw me and giggled :P I called them so that they can take my scooty inside and park it. Chanda mama came.
He parked my scooty. In the mean while, poo came after ages!! :P She did see me but she didn't say anything not a single hi! She went to Chanda mama. And I was what? Why did she come? :((
Chanda mama gave me my key and rushed after Poo. :(( Me and P.G. were coming behind him. we both were pulling each others leg. :D Then Chanda mam said something to Poo and she went. And then he turned back, we were quiet away from him but still he came back and joined us.
Chanda mama- Shriti agar main teri scooty gaddhe me gira deta toh?( What if your scooty would have fallen in that pit?)
Me: Main tere ko usi gaddhe me gira deti :P (Then I would have thrown you in that pit :P)
P.G.- Shriti, Whom do you like from the commerce section?
Me- No one! They all suck! They are all useless .(Poo is in commerce :P) and...
Chanda mama cutting me in the middle..
Chanda mama- achcha Shriti, Main kaisa lagta hu? (What do you think about me?)
Me- huh? what?(I was shocked)
Chanda mama again- main kaisa lagta hu tere ko? (What do you think about me?)
Me- huh? matlab kaise? (sorry didn't get you! what do mean by that?)
Chanda mama- Arey matlab kaisa insaan hu? nature kaisa hai? (ehh.. I mean like a human being..about my nature..)
P.G.- offo buddhu, he means like a friend?
P.G. uttered something breaking the silence!
P.G.- hmmm.. itni lambi khamoshi ka matlab achcha nahi lagta! (hmmm.. the silence means you don't like him!?)
Me- Nahi!... achcha lagta hain!! ( hmmm.. no! yeah you are good)
Me to Chanda mama- Aaj toh bahut khush hai. Poo aa gayi isliye. ( woow! you look happy since poo is back)
Chanda mama- nahi aisa kuch nahi hai! (no nothing like that)
I really teased him a lot! :D LOL
Me and Sush were giggling and giving an evil smile whille he was with her.
And LOL he was blushing and was speechless!! When he came to us, he was shouting at us! :D
Chanda mama to me: Have you turned insane or what? Why were you giggling huh?
Me: Jo pyaar me pagal hota hai, use sari duniya pagal nazar aati hai! (Everyone seem insane to those who are madly in love :P)
But then I turned blue again when I came to know about yesterday's incident of he and poo.. I was sad.. Now they are planing to go for a picnic! I mean what? how can they both do this?
I had earlier asked my class mates and Chanda mama not tell anyone about the "wild ride" And that's what they did. I don't want to spoil my image. But hell, Chanda mama had told this Poo. How can he do this to me? :( I had begged him for that but still he told this to her.
So I have decided that if he ever asks me for help, 'am not going to help him this time.
And I'll say.. If you want notes... go and ask to your girlfriendS "Poo" and "Divz"! They'll do everything for you!
After the school, problem continues.. It was impossible for me to take out my scooty, so, I asked my mates for help. They all again started pulling my leg, :P Tried to show stunts o_O and all.
I shouted at Chanda mama :D

P.S. Chanda mama is angel aka so called angel aka Giraffe aka Tower!! :D
I have changed his name because of his performance on 26th January! :P

Tears in my eyes

Tears in my eyes,
ache in my heart,
Yelling of my soul,
are veiled with,
a fake smile..
Shattered are my dreams,
Cursed one is my fate,
I wish if you could understand;
I wish if you could hold my hand..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out burst!

Why? Why are you doing this to me? It really hurts. I have always supported you. Even when you were in trouble I was with you. You were not having your notes during the exams. I gave you my notes and appeared the exams without any notes. At the time of completing the project, I helped you. I was right you are selfish. You just think for yourself and no one else.
I invited you on my sixteenth birthday knowingly that you will not come. My friends taunted me. They said you are a useless, selfish guy. That thing ruined my mood but then you called me to wish me birthday. I was happy. I thought may be they are wrong on the other hand I was angry on friends coz no one, told me about you earlier.
I was still behaving normally with you as if nothing had happened. Knowingly that you are using me an still I helped you. Everyone else's say blah blah things about me and you. but I don't care. They ask me why do you behave nicely to me? why don't you shout at me? I don't know what to reply to their questions? Neither can I ask you! I feel good when you are with me. when you pull my leg. when you make me smile and when you ask me for notes.
We sit together in tutions and you fight with others to sit beside me and sometimes  you copy my answers during the tests. You took me for the wild car ride and still you pull my leg for that. But then is it for the other gals. Just because you want to make others jealous. You keep telling blah blah gals that "I took her for drive." "We both went for a drive."  then I say "just shut up, we were not alone, the others guys were also with us." And then you say "yeah! we all friends/tution mates/boys were together"
Why do you say this? Are you trying to make others jealous? Or something else? Do you really care? Or you pretend?  you always listen to all my whispering. You notice all the small things about me and the things i do. What's that then?
All the time you flirt with blah and blah gals and say the same thing to make them jealous. Now, when we are not having tutions and you don't need any help, you don't talk to me. When me and my best friend are standing with you. You just talk to her and never say a word to me. When we both look at each other, you don't smile, you don't ignore and don't give any other expression. When ever I cried in class, you have always been the first to come to me and wipe up my tears and make me smile.
You just stay with that blah blah blah and blah gals. They are all chaloo types who can fall for anyone. You used to sit with these blah blah gals under the tree and chat for hours during your dance practice. I felt really bad. But then when I was ill and was sleeping in this class you came back from there for me. Tell me what was that?
And do you know the gal with whom you flirt in front of me in the class said blah blah to me about you on my birthday. She is a attention seeker nothing else. And now she is flirting with you. Today you were holding her hand.. no... you do it everyday.!! When ever I see both of you together, I feel like crying. It really hurts me. I can't say this to you or anyone.
At times, you are so friendly, so nice and so sweet to me but sometimes, you pretend as if you don't know me. Even when I shout at you, you never say a single thing to me.
But why? Why 'am feeling these things?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry! T_T

'am extremely sorry! Do you know I have just deleted the comments by mistake while approving it T_T
I didn't want to do it T_T
I am soo sorry. I was in hurry and while approving the comments I had clicked at "Reject" instead of "publish".
'am really feeling bad T_T
I am so dumb! T_T
sorry! sorry! sorry! sorry!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Smiles the infinite blue,
Whispers the mists,
They know she has,
something to reveal,
Sorrow behind her joy,
Tears in her glittering eyes,
She awaits the dark,
Stuck between True and False,
She ponders her thoughts,
Dreams of love,
Bears her woes,
Fears to be alone.
The setting sun cries,
The deep blue ocean sighs,
With a fake smile in heart,
Once again she walks all alone..

Random "why?"

Why don't the stars weep?
Why don't the moon melt?
Why one has to die?
and why the others have to cry?
Why do they love?
Why do they care?
Why 'am deceiving?
and Why I am not the same?
Why don't they understand?
Why 'am alone once again when
everyone is here to hold my hand?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy birthday dad!

Today is dad's birthday :)
Yesterday was Mom's birthday.
They both share their birthday almost on the same day!
Papa, I had never said how much I love you!
I just want to be your little angel forever :)
Thanks for everything dad I love you a lot!
You are the best :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy birthday MOM!!

Happy birthday Mummy :)
I never said that I love you.
I never said that I need you.
But now 'am saying it Mummy
I love you sooo much.
I need you beside me.
I always say blah blah to you;
I get angry on you;
but then you still stay the same.
Sometimes you shout but
then You do it just for my benefit;
To make me strong and capable;
to face the world.
Mummy I love you :)
I had almost taken your life
when I was born.
I am feeling so guilty
'am sorry that I quarreled
with you on your b'day.
sorry mom! :(

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild Ride!

Seriously! Can't tell you how I was feeling yesterday! Do you know what happened?
Yesterday, so called angel came to tution in his car. Sunny also came in his car. They both decided to frighten P.G. so when he was coming in his scooty, so called Angel started following him on the way then he tried to stop him  like a gunda :P
P.G. was so scared that he almost fell from his scooty. Then after reaching the tutions he came to know about them. :P
I was not knowing this. I parked my scooty and went to the place where my buddies were standing and chatting. In the mean while, so called angel walked over to us in his car and asked us to get in..
Angel: hey! lets go for a small drive!
Sunny, prince, A.v. in no time got inside his car!
Me, P.G. and Nee: No, not today!
But then don't know what happened, they both agreed and they both got in.
Me: huh??? what?? what will I do alone?
Prince: tu bhi aa jaa na!(you too come with us!)
Me: no!!
The guys: arey chal na, abhi wapas aa jayenge!(hey! lets go. we'll be back soon)
Me: okay! Where will I sit then? there's no space.
Prince: wait! Let me go on the back seat!
Now, Me and so called angel were on the front seats! and the other guys(5 guys) were on the back seat. but then Pandey came and said, "I would also like to go!"
Everyone: okay!
but since there was no space and no one likes him so we just fooled him, took his bag and went for the wild ride.
Angel was driving really fast, my heart sinked.. It was early morning so there was no traffic. we passed my home and were on the national highway.. Few people were on the highway for morning walk, exercise and blah blah..!
Me: where are we going?
Angel:arey abhi aa jayenge. tu tension mat le!(hey! we'lll be soon back. don't worry!)
Nee saw a guy and said: arey wo dips mar raha hai!(hey that guy is doing push ups)
Sunny: Abey gadi slip kar uske paas!!
Me: what?? nooooo!
Angel did what Sunny asked him to do and I just screamed out: no! don't do that plz!!
The guys were not at all frightened but I was; so, they decided to do other tricks! They were enjoying when I was shouting. Angel was driving at speed of 90-100km
I was so horrified that I was holding the door and Angel! Then at a point he drove more crazily, the car was shaking and then a truck was coming towards us.
The guys started laughing, although they were scared :P
I was shouting at angel: plzzzzzzzzz stop! don't do that!
Then after few sec, Sunny: lets go to Nadi mod and have some tea!
Me: what? no way! mazak mat kar wapas chal.
Angel turned the car and after that I just closed my eyes for few mins.! Angel and others looked at my horrified face! and started laughing :| they pulled my leg on the way but I was not in the state of saying anything and so I just smiled.
Thank God! we reached safely and when our so called angel stopped his car, I just came out of that car and started walking to V sir's place.
Others were laughing and pulling my leg 'cause I was really desperate to come out from his car!
In the tution, my face was pale. may be I was crying.. I was looking funny..err..don't know..
Angel: are you crying?
Me: huh..err..hmm..
Sunny: crying!?
While V sir was teaching us, the guys were looking at me and giggling and making fun. LOL!
After the tutions.. we came out of the room! I was still blank!!
Prince and Sunny to Angel: arey kal fir le kar jayenge shriti ko!( we'll take her tomorrow also!)
Sunny: aey shriti lagta hai ki tu ab apne boyfriend k saath bhi car me nahi jayegi!!!( Haha! shriti, seems like you would never go anywhere in car, not even with your boy friend!)
Even in school I was shivering and trembling with fear.!
I decided that I will not go for the assembly and was trying to sleep.
Prince, Sunny, Nee and of course so called angel were coming to me and laughing on my condition :P
Angel: arey shriti agar tu assembly me chal k nahi ja sakti toh main phir se yaha lekar aaoo dono sath me usi me jayenge! (hey! shriti! If you are not able to move for the assembly then I should bring the car here and then we would go together!)
I shook my head and shouted: offoo! go!
After coming back from the assembly, they all were giggling at me. I was really looking funny with the horrified expression.!
Do you know the funniest thing is, even after coming back to home home I was feeling like 'am still in car and trembling. And I dreamed that they have again taken me to somewhere and forgot to take me back at home..and I was crying..and after quite a while they realized that they have left me miles away! LOL!! *sigh!
PS. err.. I am again feeling the same what I felt yesterday!
PPS. I have got a new laptop! Yippee!

Monday, February 1, 2010


wooow! Do you know I just came to know that Safedi ki chamkar likes.. no loves Kammi!!!! (my best pal and rakhi bro) What?? How can that be possible? errrr..
Yamiz(Kammi's sister and my pal) told me during recess.
I was shocked!! I mean her boyfriend's name is Dev and Kammi already has a girl friend then how can she do that!!!!
Hmmm.. that's why on wednesday, she was crying and srish and Anu were also crying.! No one knows about the reason except me and sush. Hell, I hate that girl.
Just can't believe that she was going to propose him. Kammi is so tensed. He don't know how to react now cause he knows everything about Safedi ki chamkar! sigh!
It was an indirect proposal to Kammi! Srish and Anu came to Kammi for her. They both said "Kammi, she loves you! she was about to propose you 26th. she is ready to change herself completely for you. She is trying to put some weight(she is so thin like incense stick) just for you!!!
When I heard that I was like what?? Hell!!! she has gone mad! How can she say that? She knows that he already has a girlfriend and he loves her so much. How can she come between them???

The funniest thing is Anu, Srish and Safedi ki chamkar don't know that me and Sush knows about it! :)

Yamz has warned Kammi, not to talk to her, not to meet her and many blah blah! AND thats what me, sush, pari and Darshu wants! :|

errr.. 'am worried about Tunnu(my best pal) Don't know why but I feel that those 3 and tragedy queen are trying to flirt with him!! and they are jealous of me and sush cause he trusts me and sush. errr.. I hate them! They suck! :| If anything happens with tunnu then I will kill them!
no not only with tunnu but if they try to say anything to Kammi, chicky and prince and others I will kill them!

ps. nowadays, 'am a bit busy with the studies so I may not comment on your blog
sorry! :|