Saturday, January 30, 2010

when you are with me..

Feeling so lost.
Realised that
life ain't so dark,
peeping in my joys,
I am not scared of fallin'.
Heart giggles,
'am not alone anymore.
cocoon me in love,
Everything has changed,
'cause now you are with me.
making me cry,
the tears of joy.
Illuminating my soul,
with the sparks of light,
now no more darkness inside.
cherishing the feeling,
'cause I never felt that before.

PS. tried to write a brighter one this time. :)
PPS. err... am not good at this :(
PPPS. couldnot think of a tittle! any suggestions!?!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"so broken.."

Everyone is happy but why not me?
And if I am happy why don't I feel so?
I am so broken but still so strong.
I am missin' you but why?
You make me cry
and at the same
you are my smile
dreams lies in you
Just want you to be happy
Even if I have to spend days in tears
I swear, I would but what about my fears
I am so alone and so broken...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It hurts when you,
stay with someone else,
How can one smile when
life's ending in despair;
Want to smile but
enchanting and nostalgic,
memories gives tears.
How to tell you, my fears
Eyes glitters, hand shivers,
So afraid to tell the world,
about the darkness.
Lifelessness cries in loneliness,
Still you want me to fly,
'am not afraid of falling but
afraid of losing you forever;
Would you hold my hand,
to show the way to life,
won't you be promising me,
for being together;
heart sinkin' to the bottom,
and no one knows the emptiness;
bleeding eyes with numbness,
taking me to a world,
Where I can't feel you anymore;
Now the demon has arrived,
to take my lfe..

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My soul betrayed me,
My tears cursed me,
My eyes so tired,
Smile hates me;
Heart cries,
for death.
My only,
Friend is lonliness.
Life's turning so miserable;
Love sinkin' in,
Sorrow giggles,
on my helplessness.
May be that's in my fate;
May that's what I deserve.
Have to bear this till the end.

PS. check out the previous 100th post :) Trust me it's for you :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

100th post! :)

 This is my 100th blog post and I would like to dedicate this post to you people. It wouldn't have been possible without you all. A big thank you for being with me in this journey.
I would start with Sunakshi di. She inspires me to write more and more. She was the first follower of my blog. The first companion in my journey. Juhi, who is so sweet and one of those people who inspire me to write poems. Sulagna di who is extremely sweet and who encourages me.
Tristarfivestar for being a nice buddy in blogosphere and encouraging me and for writting sweet comments :) Rimz di and Pramoda di for leaving cheerful words. Leo, Ajai, Hazna, Aritra, Pulkit and Tharangini for being so supportive. Shravan, Aman, Rahil and Funkyrave for bringing a smile on my face.
Mahesh Bhaiya and Vittal das Prabhu for being my teacher in blogosphere. Angel and Ambiguous Angel for blessing my blog with their presence :P Sankoo baba who has promised me to take me as a lyricist if he ever makes a movie. :D Sorcy for dedicating the Zandu balm song! ;) making me happy through his comments and Hary for being  another chocolate lover and making me more happy.
Sanjog and Oxymoron for reading and liking my poems :) Rishi, Dev, Nipun and Rohit for teaching me the lessons of life :) Madhu, Divya, Pria, Selenium, Riya and Pankhuri for being nice and sweet to me ;) Kelvin, Ayu, Glenn, Minnie runnner and Edxaii for their awesomeness and sweeetness SundeepGauri, Aarini, Manju and Didz for being my companions in my blog journey. Riddhi, Ginger, Phoenix, Mads, Dhanya, Orange, Aditi, Divsi, Vidya, Warm Sunshine, PS the Pratsie and No fairy tale for being awesome blog mates! :)

'am not done yet :P
I would like to thank Jin baba and Sree di, the first online mates and trust me Jin baba is seriously a Ginee. He is the person who encouraged me to blog :) Then I would like to thank all my friends cause they are the most important part of this blog. My mom for allowing me to blog and my bro for the blog template :)

Thank you everyone for being with me :) love you..! be like that forever. Followers read my blog and comment! non followers follow my blog then read my blog and then comment :P

Friday, January 22, 2010


Fears and tears,
are all gone,
Now realised,
what we are actually,
meant for,
We stand together
hands in hands,
We are all in this,
Let the stars, shoot,
Let the clouds, rain,
The brave heart,
is not afraid once again.
We are all in this,
Making our dreams
come true..
This is our time,
no one else can have it.
When we reach high,
we all know,
we can fly..
We are all in this,
We make,
each other strong;
No one else can,

break our bond..
Cause now,

we are all,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For you...

The bond between,
me and you shines,
more than gold..
I have to steal,
all your tears;
I will fight from,
all your fears;
I am aware of,
your heart which,
cries every moment;
I am aware of ,
your eagerness;
to find happiness;
Trust me,
life isn't so miserable;
I am here for you,
I won't let you, 
to cry anymore,
Share sorrows with me,
I promise, I would,
never let it,
to come again,
I would bring joy,
back in your life..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sssshhhh... secrets!!!

Ssshhh... today 'am gonna reveal few secrets about me and my blog. :D You guys might be wondering how do I write such poems but the thing is I too don't know. I have discovered this so called hidden "talent" only 'cause of you people. I had never written poems before. :P
I had started this blog just to share things about me and my life and my views just like a dairy. Accidently it turned a poetry blog :P Initially when I started writting poem it was only for Harpreet  who died four months back. She was my best friend. I felt miserable, many thoughts started emerging in my mind; so I thought to pen down those thoughts and feelings which later on turned into a poem.
And now also, the poems are nothing but my feelings and thoughts. I just pen down my thoughts and feelings. The lovey-dovey poems are nothing but fiction. I don't write those poems on some special someone. And when you ask "Are you in love?" well then I ask that to myself too!!! :P And then the answer comes"NO!!"
Sometimes I suprise myself with this thing. My friends, hmmm.. well they don't know about my blog. I have tried to tell but no one is interested. They don't even know that I write poems!!! Mom too doesn't have any idea about my poems!!! Mom thinks that I write only about my day to day life!! And my bro thinks that these all are useless!!
Last week, I just showed one of my so called creation to my friends. It was an acrostic, broken heart. Their reaction to that: "Did you write that?" , "You never told us that you write poems!" *sigh
Back to the lovey-dovey stuffs, as I said, it is nothing but fiction! And I am not in love and about my crush.. hmm.. yeah I do have a crush on someone but these poems are on me and him! He is my first and big time crush. 'am having a crush on him since I was in 5th grade. He was in the same school and was my senior. He has completed his 10+2 and has moved to a different place for his further studies. I haven't seen him since last 6 months! we have never talked to each other. We just used to stare each other and we used to look at each others eyes! but... I know It's not love; it is a stupid crush!! I am not at all crazy about this! No one knows about it so ssshhhh...
About the sad poems, hmmm.. I can write that even if I am in good mood, so don't worry okay..!

Thats all.. phew.. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

"when you came.."

Hearts sings a song,
eyes need your smile,
don't know why do I feel so?
 hopes giggle again,
sadness shatters somewhere;
to find a new me,
why do I walk towards you?
feels so secure..
when you are near..
hold my hand,
and be like that forever..
you were the missin' piece
When you came; life,
was complete..


I am exhausted. I can't tell you how I am feeling right now! Seems like someone is hammering my head! The doc. gave me more medicines. I puked last night again. Today morning I was feeling better though I was suffering from fever but still...
At school I enjoyed a lot and tried to clear the stuffs between me and safedi ki chamkar. we(my friends and me) came to know about each others secret :P I don't have any secrets cause I have already told every single thing about me :D Though they don't know about my crush :P Then we gave advice to each other. haha good to know that I have just one bad thing actually two..
first is I am never in a good mood :P and the second thing I should stop thinking that my friends don't like me :) They like me, they love me awww... :)
Okay now about the matter between safedi ki chamkar and me.. well she knows that I hate her! :O but she hates me too though she didn't confessed her crime :P She asked me why do I hate her?
My reply to that:
Look I don't have any personal problem with you niether I want to hate you.. just the thing is You have always disliked me and I have heard this from many people even I have realised that. You ignore me!! So its obvious from my side too. :|
So now the perfect gal in the class is Anu and second of course your very own choco lover :D and amongst the guys.. hmmm no one!!!! ;P

sorry I may not read your blog now.. I need some rest so byeee. I can't believe that I just spoiled my 95th post with my blah blah. I'll try to come back with some better stuff next time :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy wedding Anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!

Congratulations both on your 17th wedding anniversary :)
You both are the most precious people in my life love you a lot!
You are the bestest mom and dad in the world..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's happening?

Yesterday, blah blah things happened. And then I cried the almost the whole night. Then today woke up at 6:30 am for the school and as expected I was suffering from fever! but still I went to the school and then at school I slept on my desk :P Then V sir entered the class, bell rang and everyone started moving out of class for the assembly. Me and srish were in the class coz we both were not feeling well especially "me"
After assembly.... the boys entered.. I was sleeping...
A.V.-good morning!! wake up!!
Angel- hey! wake up shri !!!
Chimni and Prince started singing wake up shri :P
Me still sleeping!
Back to home.. I was completely exhausted! I cried again..coz of fever and body ache..I slept for some 4 hours! had a massage! and slept again!
Right now cannot utter a single word coz of cough! And I am tired of having those medicines! It sucks! yaaackkk!! :(

So now 'am planning to have my dinner! mom has cooked chicken!
wheeeee! X)
and then i'll be having my medicines and sleep again byeee :P
oh btw check out the previous post here ^^

"Unknown sadness"

Moonlight dancing on the waves,
Converted everything into silver,
Heart is missin' someone,
But don't know who it is?

A tear dropped on my knees,
The moon giggled with please;
The cold waves whisperred ;
dry leaves gastured;

brought a slight smile,
with moist eyes,
and palpitating heart;
feeling something but
don't know what it is?

Life is blessed with,
the simple pleasures,
happy for a while,
but the very next moment;
Heart is sad again..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

choco's blah blah!

If you are happy to see the smile on my face,
that means I succeeded in decieving you...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate him!!

I just hate him! I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to reply any of his questions, I don't want to help him! I hate his face, I hate his name, I hate his presence.

Don't worry I didn't have any heart break or anything cause I was never in love and blah blah. It's just another Out Burst!

I am talking about a classmate who was once my closest friend then turned my Rakhi bro(I thought) He did emotional atyachars (blackmail) He lied about his mom, his sis and his dad. He told me that his parents hate him, they torture him and so on.. I believed him like a fool (cause I am really sensitive) Then he continued lieing; he lied about our friends ( Tunnu and Chimni) Tunnu and other told me that they had fund my pic in his wallet! Me was shocked! That guy told me that Tunnu and Chimni and others are not good. I didn't believe him. He was continuously practising his emotional atyachar on me.
But he always said that I am her sis and he is my bro. He started giving me gifts and all. His phone calls increased. He misguided me about my friends( my reaction on that was nothing).
One day he just cut his veins and on asking he told that he had done that because of me! My friends and Mom asked me to stay away from him and from that day I hate him!!!! His intensions didn't seem good. I thought he is like my bro but damn he sucks!

But its my badluck or I should say apna toh bad luck hi kharab hai yaar! I have to spend 6 hours in one class with him plus I have to spend another hour in one single room in the Maths tution with no friends! It really sucks! Sometimes it frightens me! In the classroom too whenever I turn back I find him staring me  :(( It's better to die then to tolerate his presence..

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Behind the mask"

I am me,
And I am gonna be the same.
Who are they?
Is it their real face?
or their is someone else;
behind the mask?
I am scared,
I don't know whether,
I should trust them or not,
Do they really care;
or they pretend?

Things happened today!

Woke up early,went for the tution. A.v.'s hairstyle changed. It's weired but it suits him :P
V sir: can you wait for few minutes? I'll be back
We: okay
and then he went somewhere.
The boys started talking about blah blah things and me.. me was listening :| They kept on gossiping and all and me still sitting silently. (seriously boys talk more than girls)
Angel: you are getting bored right?
me: tired smile!
Then again they started their blah blah blah!
Angel: haha! shriti is getting bored!
Tunnu: hey do not disturb! she is thinking about something!
Me: :|
Angel and Nee: Hehe! preparing for maths
Me: :| :)
Tunnu: May be she's abusing us :P
Me: :| o_O

In School, Sush: What about EVS??
Me to Angel: listen, ask sir about the EVS marks.
Angel: okay!
Bas usi me sabse jyada no. mila hoga tabhi puch rahi :P
Me: aahh.. I'll kill you!
He went to sir and then shouted!!
Aey Shriti! sir would tell it in the first period!
Me: :|

Prince entered the class, me and others decided to pull his leg
Nee: why didn't you came for the tution?
Prince: last night I slept around 2 am!
Me, Simmi and Nee: yay kya baat hai!! What were you doing ha?
Prince: hey I was not at home!
Me and simmi: oohhooo kiske saath tha?
Prince: areyy! I was with my uncle!
Nee and Me: hehehe Uncle! LOL

This time the boys are asked for a dance in the town hall!
W sir have few creative plans. He asked A.V. and Angel to show their creativeness with thermacol  for the props :P and told the other participants that me will be helping in preparing the props.
(I was not knowing about this)
A.V. and Angel: Shri you have to prepare props for the dance! We'll get you the stuffs required for it.
Me: what????????????? Props???
Me felt something wrong in it so I asked Poo. Then she told me what Sir said.  
(After few min)
Angel: hey you will do it naah??
Me: hehe! Sir asked you guys to do that not me :P
Angel: Who told you that :O
Me: hehehehe!

And then we played truth and dare and Antakshari and all


aaahhh..! having a huge headache. 'am feeling like someone is hammering my head..It is because I had loads and loads and loads of fun in the school :)) I laughed too much. played so many pranks and so on. I'll tell it afterwards. Right now me wants to sleep but I can't.