Monday, January 18, 2010


I am exhausted. I can't tell you how I am feeling right now! Seems like someone is hammering my head! The doc. gave me more medicines. I puked last night again. Today morning I was feeling better though I was suffering from fever but still...
At school I enjoyed a lot and tried to clear the stuffs between me and safedi ki chamkar. we(my friends and me) came to know about each others secret :P I don't have any secrets cause I have already told every single thing about me :D Though they don't know about my crush :P Then we gave advice to each other. haha good to know that I have just one bad thing actually two..
first is I am never in a good mood :P and the second thing I should stop thinking that my friends don't like me :) They like me, they love me awww... :)
Okay now about the matter between safedi ki chamkar and me.. well she knows that I hate her! :O but she hates me too though she didn't confessed her crime :P She asked me why do I hate her?
My reply to that:
Look I don't have any personal problem with you niether I want to hate you.. just the thing is You have always disliked me and I have heard this from many people even I have realised that. You ignore me!! So its obvious from my side too. :|
So now the perfect gal in the class is Anu and second of course your very own choco lover :D and amongst the guys.. hmmm no one!!!! ;P

sorry I may not read your blog now.. I need some rest so byeee. I can't believe that I just spoiled my 95th post with my blah blah. I'll try to come back with some better stuff next time :)


Rohit Dassani said...

U should take rest dear.... ok so many things happening in school....nice.... :)

HaRy!! said...

tak a break!!!!!!!!!

DayDreamer said...

So its was day of confessions...revelations..

Take care of yourself..

tristarfivestar said...

cool you shouldn't go to school when your sick! wont it be humiliating when you just throw up in the middle of the class?? its time to rest more...

Divya said...

hey... ur blog is like ur diary :)
which reminds me of my kiddo days! :)

aritra the daydreamer said...

take a break!!!


A hard workin' student, daughter, and buddy... o, you really have to rest... yet, don't forget to smile always!!!:D

>Good day!!!


Chocolate Lover said...

@ Rohit

@ Hary

@ Dev
thank you! :)

@ Tristarfivestar
@#$%^&*"+= well buddy I feel better when my friends are around so thats y I go to school!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

@ divya
thanks! :)

@ Aritra
yeah I will!!

@ Kelvin
thank you! ^^

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

This blog acts as a personal diary to you and you are so comfortable confiding in it. That is all that matters. The post may look like a waste to every one, but I see it as a beautiful way of remembering certain things - of how you were when you reminisce the moment a few years down the line.