Sunday, January 10, 2010

"I was wondering.."

I hate medicines!! yack!! Doctor aunty has given me lots of medicines. Mom wants me to have those medicines.
haha! guess what I have lost 7 kgs in 2 months. yay! yay!yay! I am enjoying the weather, the lonely roads, studies and many blah blah blah things! I am happy and I want to be like that for the whole year.
Questions hopping in my mind :
1.If I hate Safedi ki chamkar then why did I helped her again? why did I share my chocolates with her? :P
2. This one is about angel. Just wondering how cruel and selfish he is! Damn! Till last month he used to talk to me for no reason just because he needed help in completing projects, to pass the exam and many many blah blah things. But now aaaahhh..! he hasn't talked to me. (let me tell you I call that guy angel cause earlier he was in some angel school and everyone calls him angel.... nothing else)
3. Hmm feeling like dumbo after failing the exams! I never failed in any of the test or exam. Always stood second, third or fourth and so on  but never failed. Failed for the first time that too in 2 subjects together. am I dumbo? Will my friends treat me like before? What my teachers would think about me?
4.I am reallly sad about Sunny(my friend). How could komz do that with him? And why the hell stupid boys including Angel, A.V. , Chicky likes her?
5. Has Chimni turned a psycho??
6. Does tragedy queen really likes Chimni? Why she wants to be attentive(specially when the guys are around)??

Now Out burst:
I hate him, him him and him!(they all are different guys) I don't want to listen them, I don't want to look their face, I hate their names, I hate their presence!!


Glenn Kun said...

Well, about that Medicine, ahmm. Me too. I hate such thing ^^. It depends when the medicine is a liquid that tastes so sweet. ^^.

Good Night Choclet:]
thanks for dropping..

Chocolate Lover said...

@ glenn
hi glenn :)
good to see you here
keep visiting
Good night :)

Sunakshi said...

I've got medicine phobia according to my friends,i hate 'em.they suck to the core..i remember when i had to take 4 tablets a day wen i was down with fever.ugh!

and told you earlier also,it doesn't matter if you flunked in two've always been good,you'll do wonders in upcoming test.wish you luck ^_^

keep smiling okay? :)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Sunakshi di
haha! thanks di! :)

aritra the daydreamer said...

i hate medicine too....
by the way u xplained why the name is angel..i am curious to know the reason behind the name safedi ki chamatkar!!!dont mind....
Bhalo theko(it mean stay well in bengali)

funkyrave said...

Aww! I guess nobody loves medicine. They make me more sick!
and Questions.. they will keep coming and u will seek answers. sometimes u get sometimes u don't
Both way keep rocking!!
Cheerio ;-)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ aritra
Safedi ki chamkar?
okay..she is fair and soooo skinny
she is completely fake.. and does blah blah aur ha maska lagane me no. 1 hai!
most of the mates dislikes her! :)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Funkyrave
thank you! :))



hey, be a good girl... you should take your medicines... it's better to our health... though, i must agree with you... they're pretty yuckeeeee!!!:P

Good day!!!:)


An Ordinary Gal said...

yuk to medicine...and don't worry...failure doesn't hard for next exam..that is matter most...ya i too want to know the reason behind name "Safedi ki chamkar " :D

Madhu said... body loves medicines.I can see what u are going thuru...angel is he? U hate him?? try callin him angle!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

@ kelvin

@ Riya
Safedi ki chamkar??
LOL her name is riya too :P

@ Madhu
naah.. I don't hate him
I hate other guys in my class :|

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I like this blog because it is very candid. There is no pretense in any of the posts. Answers, only you or time will tell. Until then, let's wait and watch.

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Vittaldas
thank you! ^_^