Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy, happy, happy!!

Do you know me feeling soooooo happy! Happy days are back again. Yay! yay! yay!yay! Day before yesterday went awesome! Yesterday was more awesome! We had loads of fun :D Yesterday Sharly ma'am slipped from the stair case when we were moving out of the class for the assembly :O :O She is P.G.'s ( my friend) Mom. I was really scared. Luckily she was safe and got no injuries (phew) :)) I don't remember what happened on day before yesterday  :p
Today, me ,Simmi and Tunnu talked for quite long. revealed few secrets. teased each other. gossiped and did blah blah things! We had our practicals today and had soo much fun. Angel, Manz, Shukaloo and Harz pulled my leg :( Followed by Srish, Safedi ki chamkar and Anu. :(
Then we came to know about our marks in Maths! As I had told you me failed! The good news is Safedi ki chamkar also failed (hahaha) As usual I cried but not too much. Everyone was coming to me to cheer me! to make me smile. 
Manz: Oye kya hua? fail ho gayi? sach me fail ho gayi?  Sachchi sachchi fail ho gayi?( what happned? you failed? seriously did you fail? I mean seriously did you fail?)
Safedi ki chamkar: Kya hua yaar? Main bhi toh fail ho gayi! Mat ro! (What happened? I failed too! doesn't matters!)
Now so called Angel said: Aey Shriti (my name) kya hua yaar? mat ro! Ek exam me fail hone se kitna ansu bahayegi! Are waise hota tab toh mere aansu hi khatam ho jate!! Meri aankhe ro ro kar foot jati!( sorry about the english translation)
I just wiped my tears and turn back to see everyone. Everyone was gigling , laughing crazily, pulling leg and so on. Smile came back. The best thing T sir didn't say anything! and neither I want him to do so!
After coming back from school, don't know how but Mom realised something wrong in me Mom: Dear what happened? Did you fail?
Me: yeah!
Mom: she laughed and said it's okay dear :)
hahahahaha unexpected from mom ;)

Now fingers crossed for tomorrow. Tommorrow is Ani's and Anu's birthday :D and it is quite important for us. (my class)


DayDreamer said...

So finally you are Happy!!
Good to know that..

Not all days are supposed to be same.. But am sure there is lots to look forward to..

Praying that tomorrow be=rings you more happiness..

Waiting to hear about it..

Sowy have no advice to offer with re Maths ..Coz I suck at it.. I'm just happy that am through with it..


AJai said...

Good of you to keep your spirits up. Don't worry. I've also flunked a lot of times. Happens to everyone.
Finally I did PHD. Yes... in the sense I Passed with Heavy Difficulty. :P
Don't worry. You will too. :)

funkyrave said...

haha! told u nothing is permanent!
always keep that million $ smile!
And thank you so much for the awards
Keep smiling!
My exams were super good, I guess its ur turn now.
all d very best! :)

aritra the daydreamer said...

ohh!!!dear so finally you r happy..Good cheer up....
and ya also study harder...

vidya said...

have a nice day!

Nipun said...

U failed again.
Koi baat nahi.
This time no sympathies as safedi ki chamkaar is with u.
Have a blast and Njoy life as it comes..
Keep writing dear!!



Rishi said...

hope u have a gr8 day

sulagna said...

your happiness is contagious :) i hope you know this shree

An Ordinary Gal said...

hee hee safedi ki chamkar :D :P

Keep Smiling dear....good to see you happy and u make me smile too....Thank You :)

Madhu said...

shriti is your name eh?/ wanted to ask u myself..:0 A daily blogger there.! Sweet!

ambiguous_angel said...

happy birthday to your friends..

i did not understand some of the things in that post but im glad you're happy:)



Hi Chocolate Lover,

Wow, glad to know you're happy again... and hey, plz. tell Ani and Anu that I wished them a happy happy birthday!!!:)

BTW, you're not alone... I also failed in our quiz today on auditing...huhuhu!!!:P Better luck next time for both of us...!!! Cheers!!!:P


Vittaldas Prabhu said...

:-) Lovely and happy post. But, take your studies seriously dear - if I am whatever little I am it is only because of my education. But, don't forget to have fun (like you needed this advise! LOL :-D)) Cheers!

tristarfivestar said...

oh god... great im having a gr8 day for 2 days!!! and im getting my maths paper (marked by my teacher)
hopefully i wont fail.. cu i studied like crazy for the subject..
plus its im really happy that every body is having a great day :)

Sorcerer said...

you are back in your spirits..

Rohit Dassani said...

Aree Shriti, koi baat nahi wail toh chalta rehta hai...ise ko toh school kehte hai....
mera ek frnd tha jo hamesa top karta tha....uske report card was simply waste...only A's...kya maja ayega bol....

ok its the 1st time u revealed ur name?i just came to know it today....

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow~!!that's nice!! i mean i am so happy youre happy!! :P

anyway..can I tag those persons you already tag..? and..can i tag you..?in that award..?

Niraj said...

ha ha ha...all the best for whole 2010..hope u same for rest of the year as well..

Sunakshi said...

Loved this post ^_^

keep smiling :)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Dev
yeah I am! :))

@ Ajai
LOL thanks! :)

@ Ravi
yeah you told that :)
thank you! :))

@ Aritra
yeah sure! :)

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Vidya
thank you! :)

@ Nipun
yeah! :)

@ Rishi
thanks :)

@ Sulagna di
yeah may be! ^_^

@ Riya
haha! thanks! ^_^

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Madhu
Yeah that's my name :)

@ Angel
Thank you! ^_^

@ Kelvin
thanks Kelvin! ^_^

@ Vittaldas
yeah I will
don't worry and thank you :))

Chocolate Lover said...

@ Tristarfivestar
haha! me happy, you happy, everyone's happy LOL! But i'm jealous dat you won't fail!! :p
just kidding
am happy dat you won't fail :))

@ sorcy
thanks! ^_^

@ Rohit
Nahi yaar pass hone ka apna ek alag maza hota hai and i'll miss that fun :)

@ Ayu
yeah dear! you can tag them and about me yeah but if it's a different one! ^_^

@ Niraj
thank you!

@ Sunakshi di
thank you! :)