Monday, November 30, 2009

"I am sorry.."

I don't know what to say..
I don't know what to write..
Why I am alone again?
Why are you not with me?
May be you are watching me from the blue..
May be you were smiling at me ,
for you might know that everything will be fine..
Or may be you are staring me with moist eyes..
I am sorry that I was not with you,
When you needed me..
May be that's why God stole you from me..
Coz I never understood,
How much you were worth to me..
May be I deserve it..
May be I deserve betrayal..
May be I deserve to cry..
I wish if you could comeback,
I promise I would never let you go back..

[ P.S. missing my bestest pal harpreeet who passed away 2 months before]

ClaSs MoniToR!!

Hmm.. today nothing special..I was hoping for some huge blast (well actually I always wish for a blast but it happens only sometime :p) Yesterday I went out of station to attend my cousin's marriage..and I really enjoyed there ( no cruel sisters!!) Thank you God!!
Back to Today's happening.. I woke up late..reached the tutions late..but thank God (again).. They had not started anything. (I was really angry on the boys coz they didn't tell me about the change in tution timings. I went at the usual time 6:30am and when no one came.. I too came back home.) In the tution, I asked Angel to show his notes of last saturday...
Angel- Why?? You were there nah?
Me- Oh really.. Did anyone inform me about the time??
Angel- Why are shouting ?? I don't have your no. !!
Me- sigh!!!
Reached school in time.. as I entered the class me confused!! Huh?? Actually it was the change in sitting arrangements.. sigh!!
After the assembly when V sir was teaching us about the IUPAC of organic componds..and suddenly Sunny cut him off in the middle (seems like he was waiting for the time coz he did it 5 minutes before the bell)...
Sunny- Sir, 1 month completed.. change the monitor..
The boys together- Yes sir change the monitor plzz!!!
The girls were like lol they were counting the days.. btw what's the date today??
V sir- okay.. so who you to be the monitor??
Boys- Sunny!! Angel!!! Shukalu!!
Boys- no sir Sunny!!!
V sir- okay so sunny is your new monitor..Sunny now you won thisss..
Sunny- opportunity!!!
Boys- Yeah!!
Boys- Sir what about the girls??
V sir- Hmmm.. ahhh.. who was the previous one??
Everyone- Srish!!
V sir- so this time.. hmm
Boys- Sir.. Shriti!!
Me- What??!! Are you serious..? No way!!
Boys- Yes Sir, Shriti..
Girls- No sir!!
Boys- Yes sir.. Yes Sir.. We want Shriti..!
V sir- Okay Shriti.. you are the girl's monitor!!
I know why the boys took my name coz 'am the only girl with whom they can share everything.. and say anything.... They also know that now I won't ask them to maintain the discipline.. wahi purana "EmOtioNaL AtyAcHar"..
Oh hell.. I was really getting hyper.... and was getting scared..
Angel came to me and said- hey why are you getting hyper.. don't worry no one(teacher) would say a word to you.. coz everyone catches the Boy's monitor..
Me- Oh yeah.. true!! So everyone shOut alOud!!
Sigh.. why didn't the girls say "no" for me?? :((

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"I know.."

I know you don't like me,
But still I like you,
Because I know,
Oneday you would like me..

I know you don't care for me,
But I really care for you,
Because I know,
Oneday you would care for me..

I know you will betray me,
But I won't say a word,
Because I know,
Oneday you would regret for it..

I know you will leave me alone,
But I will be always there,
Because I know,
Oneday you would comeback to me...

I know you want me to die,
But I still want you to live,
Because I know,
Oneday you would miss me..

I know you curse me,
But I am taking it,
Because I know,
Oneday you would bless me..

I know I am no one for you,
But for me you are someone significant,
Because I know,
Oneday I would be the most significant one for you...

I know you hate me,
But I don't mind,
Because I know,
Oneday you would love me more than your life...

Friday, November 27, 2009

"I cry.."

Why do I cry?
When someone hurts me, I cry..
When something happen bad, I cry..
It makes me feel sad and alone in my own world....

When a friend betrays me, I cry..
When everyone uses me, I cry..
Am I in this world for others..
to make the most of me...

When it is the time to say good bye, I cry..
The feeling of loosing my loved ones is so dreadful that, I cry..
Do they feel the same for me..
what I feel for them...

I cry, I don't know why..... I just cry........

[P.S. It was my first poem.. I wrote it during my last vaccations]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

SpOrtS DaY!!

Nowadays, we all are busy with the sports..Yeah we are having our annual sports(thank God :p) All the students are divided in 4 houses (groups). The houses are Red house, Blue house, Yellow house and Green house. And every house have 2 house leaders and two incharges (teachers).
The leaders are Sajal and Kriti for Green house, Ashutosh and Simmi for Red house, Ankit (Kattu) and Divz for Blue house and Beena and... oh I don't who's the other one :p.The boys leaders are of 12th standard and the girls are ofcourse from our class. I am from blue house (relaxed) :)
Day 1 of the Sports:Went for the tution..the boys" why are you in school uniform?"..Me-"The girls have decided to come in school uniform.." The boys with okay expression :p.. Haha! how can I forget.. Angel reached the tution at 7:10 am and the tution timing is 6:30 am.. He came late and that too with his school bag..what's the need of a school bag in sports day?? lol!! 
In school ground..I was nowhere in the individual events (The compettition is really tough :p). I was really bored and a bit scared coz I had never talked to the senior boys and we have to discuss things with them and also coz we have handle the small kids :p
Tanmay and Avinash(both are seniors) are also in blue house  [>_<]  Once I fought with them :p And now we are together..haha that's what life is all about :) I want them to win all the events so that we can earn points for our house :p The boy's leader is completely useless. He did nothing.. All the things were done by Avinash and Tanmay.. Me, Divz and Roshni ( Well I didn't do anything on the 1st day :p) At the end of the day.. we did quite well with few individual events and reached the finals of two group events. We all(girls of my class) decided a dress code for second day and that was jeans..
Day 2 of the Sports: I went for the Chemistry tution..the boys were in school uniform.. now thats strange.. a day before they were with the mind that school uniform could be uncomfortable for Sports and today they all were in School uniform!! They asked me- Why you are not in school uniform??? Me-"We have decided to come in jeans!!"
In school, as I entered.. I was shocked..hell they all came in school uniform!! I started shouting them.. Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? I said to myself.. Why didn't they told me?? Why does it happen with me? I hate them!!! Why do I call them my pals? When did they change their plan? They are worst then enemies!!! No one cares me!!.. I was crying.. but no one cared..
Then I decided I won't participate in the further events neither in individual nor in group..Then I went to see the wheel race of senior section boys(XI-XII) I was glad and delighted.. The match was too awesome that I forgot what happened earlier... coz blue house won it!! yippeee!! They played too well.. :))
And then the time for senior girls..Divz and Roshni were in the team so I was handling the other things and cheering them.. We lost the final :( Its okay atleast we are the runners up :) Now we were preparing for the Dodge n ball.. We made few lists for the participants of our house..selecting the players and good player:p Sometimes we had to rush to each other for the list.. like Divz asked Tanmay- Where's the final list?
Tanmay- I gave it to Lovely(that's my nick name)
Me- Its there with the other lists..
Divz- okay!!
I was happy atleast he knows my name though it's my nickname!! I thought that I am might be amongst the unpopular ones (:p) and no one knows me but I was wrong they all know me..aww.. Tanmay asked Divz about me- Is she playing or not? Have you taken her in the team?
Divz- Yeah!
Tanmay(relaxed look)- okay Good..
After sometime.. I heard Tanmay bhaiya asking again to his mate... "She's in the team or not?" and then he came to me- "You are playing or not?" I nodded.. He gave me a smile and said- okay Good..
Aww.. that's really nice..I was so much happy..
We won Senior boys and girls('s) dodge n ball :)) We played too damn good.. We were so so so good. And at the end of the day.. We secured lots of score.. Blue house was in 2nd position :)) Me,Tanmay, Avinash, Ani, Roshni and Divz decided to tease our house leader Ankit with lol!! He was sitting idle so we played a prank.. Haha!!
Oh I forgot W sir offered me a role in his play.. I have to be an old lady!! :p I am thinking to refuse it..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You saw me from the blue,
I was sad and shattered,
You came in my life,
To bring a smile in my face..
Your smile makes me to fly high,
And the eyes cares me everytime,
Your thoughts are only mine,
And the touch is warm sunlight..
You fought with all my fears,
And taught the laws of life,
The time with you are so precious,
And the places seems like heaven..
You are the angel in my life,
Want you to stay forever with me,
Always be with me,
And bless me with your presence,
'Cause you are someone significant..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Experienced once
May be
Of those who would never
In our life
Even if
Soul cries..

Monday, November 23, 2009


Often while staring the sea,
I know you are somewhere in me..
Wishing for someone who's really dear,
Close to my heart and so near..
You are my love so sweet,
'twas destiny's wish for us to meet..
The twinkling stars giggling high,
When they found you in my eye..
You are in me and 'am in you,
We are amonst those few..
You woed me since long,
I realised, you are that song..
The way's waiting for us,
For those who are so dauntless..
Where flowers spreading smile,
Fireflies illuminating in the mean while..
Lets cross all those wall,
I am really not scared of that fall..
I know you would catch me,
Even if there's the death valley..

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey everyone.. I have been awarded again and now it's from Rimz di :)
Thanks di.. love you alot..

Now according to the rules.. I have to tell 7 things which are unknown to other bloggers.. Hmm.. actually I did tell you few things about me but I guess there might be something else..Lets see..
1.When I was born I had almost taken my mom's life :( .
2. Last week I went for a movie and it was my first time that I saw any movie in a theatre ;) Yeah seriously I went for a movie after 16 years of my life and that too with my pals..When I reached the theatre my pals said "Bachchi ko permission mil gayi"
3. I have my own scooty and I love speed (actually I love it when I ride... otherwise it freaks me out when someone else is riding ;p)
4. I love going to school and to study.. I really hate when there's a holiday even the sundays.
5. Hmmm.. 'am a bit superstitious.. like if one day I do something strange or unsheduled and everything goes in my favour then next day I would do the same thing to make my day perfect..
6. I am so much confused in my life and I confuse others ;p
7. I am one of the laziest freak who loves to sleep. I can sleep anytime and anywhere but somtimes (specially during vaccations) 'am sleepless at night :(..
Now I would like to pass this award to other 7 bloggers.. I wish if I could pass it to everyone...
Congratulation guys.. you all deserve it :))

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hey everyone!!  'am back.. but not with a you all know.. I went out for my cousin sister's marriage and was expecting to have great fun.. but I didn't enjoy at really sucked. My other cousin sisters are beauty queens.. arrogant, cruel creatures...Oh sometimes I wonder..why do I get such kinds of relatives..As you guys know, I cannot mix up with people easily and I don't like to talk much.. I was sitting alone silently with my ipod..I cried only because of those cruel creatures..I sent a text to my pals that was only a single word "BACHAOOO"....
The marriage too was a mess.. it was a love marrriage.. so everyone was confused with the rites and rituals of different caste and we lost all the chances to tease and earn money from our Jiju and his pals... :(.. As I said about my cruel cousins, they didn't took me anywhere..I am the youngest sis of all.. but no one cares about me.. :(( Oh yeah, Jiju looks too good.. and Di and Jiju makes a perfect pair..
Yesterday my cousins planned to go to a parlour for the marriage...but they didn't take me with them..This made me so upset that I came out of the room and went in the balcony where there was no one..I was crying there..missing my pals..wanted to talk with them....C and his bro came out and they both stand beside me... I didn't release when C and his bro came there..[o_O] They both were looking at me but thank God they didn't say anything..
I was praying to God.. so that their make up ruin and they look bad and guess what they where really looking bad  ;) thank you God..
Di and Jiju were looking so so so good :) We all went to meet Jiju..
I said- Hi Jiju!! Main aapki sabse choti saali hu!!!
Jiju- nice to meet you saali ji!!
How sweet.. Jiju and Di are so alike.. :))
Then the time to steal the shoes :)) Jiju's sis was sitting on it.. We planned to distract her.. and we succeded... We took the shoes and rushed on the 2nd floor.. shouting "Joote mil gaye.." ;)
My niece and nephew are soooooo cute.. love them alot.. Then I didn't go down to attend the ceremony.. I was in our floor with my bro, cousin bro, niece and nephew.. After sometime they all were off to bed.. again I went out of the room.. and saw two barati's wondering in our floor.. they were trying to get back Jiju's shoes but as they saw me they went back ;p I was only awake the whole night on our floor..
Then one of them came to me and said- Niche Joote mangwa rahe hai..
Me-Joote toh niche hi hai..
Then they both rushed down..
hehehe then we all went down with the shoes :)
We earned 10000 rs. from Him.. :)) but I didn't get my share :( coz I came back to home..Today I reached home by 8 am and just went to sleep coz I didn't sleep since the last 24 hrs [>_<] then I woke up at 2 pm and again went to sleep at 4 pm and again woke up at 5 pm.. Srish told me that I secured highest mark in chemistry :)) but hell I didn't appeared other tests coz of Di's marriage :((.. It would have been a hattrick if I had appeared all the test... coz I stood 2nd on the last two unit tests...

P.S. sigh
PPS. now 'am feeling better :)
PPPS. I don't want to meet those cruel creatures again..and I won't even call them on my wedding ;p

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"My school life"

It was raining in the morning.. and I woke up late at 6 am.. I got ready by 6:30 am for the tution but it was still raining.. So, I went to sleep again in my school uniform.. [>_<]Woke up again at 7 am lol..
At school.. everyone was shivering with cold..;p
R.P. to me- hi!! wassup! plz switch on the fan..
Me- hehehe what?? [o_O]
R.P.-my clothes are wet..
Me- okay..
and then went out of the class..
Safedi ki chamkar- hey you were going out of station nah?
Me- no!! I'll leave tomorrow
Safedi ki chamkar- Okay.. (sigh)
When we came back to our class.. I was standing near my desk which is next to the switch board..Angel came and switched on the fans.. he too was feeling cold but still...he switched it on..Everyone started shouting him.... with a evil smile he kept his hand on the switch board.. so that no one would switch it off.... Somehow I managed to remove his hand and switched off the fan....again he didn't say anything..just smiled.. strange..[o_O]
During recess, enjoyed alot.. :) I was sitting on my "desk".. Then everyone one by one lifted my desk and me and kept it in front of the entrance door..;p
Angel came in the class and said- hey, I can also lift you!!!
Me- What ?? shut up!! are you crazy??? 'am already scared!!
Everyone again lifted me with the desk and I was screaming and yelling!!!
Angel came and started shaking the desk on which I was sitting and which was already lifted up by Chimni and M.M. hehehe It felt like I was in cradle lol ;p doesn't matter coz they call me "baby of the class"
Me- hey stop... are you guys crazyyyy???!!
Then again they kept me and my desk on my place.. (sigh)
Dhantanan... guess what? Fan fight!!! Now this time Chimni switched on the fan.. but everyone was shivering with, I switched it off ;p Everytime he switched it on..I switched it off.. then Chimni just smacked the switch board to switch on the fan.. but guess what.. he broke it!!.. yeah seriously he broke the switches...Lol ;p
T sir was late so we asked Sunny to imitate the teachers lol...
I was a bit irritated..Angel and K.S. didn't stop looking at each other (sigh).Thank God that K.S. is in commerce section....Oh God there are lots of love triangles in the class..
During English period guess what? Googly!!! hehehehe we were supposed to have English's 3rd U.T. everyone was with few it ruined when W sir said- I would ask you a ten marks question from Trapped.. so read the lesson thoroughly..and the rest i'll give from somewhere else..

[P.S. oh I'll miss my friends for the next 3 days..I'll be going out for my cousin sister's marriage :((]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Me and You.."

You made me giggle,
You are my sweet dear angel...
You took away my tears,
You fought with all my fears...
You are the one who care,
You are my love so fair...
You made me feel so great,
You never made me upset...
You are the name in my every breath,
You never let me to know the truth of death...
You are the song in my lips,
You are the reason of our friendship...
You are the thoughts of mine,
Me and you are the love sign...
Me and you never knew,
Me and you are amongst the few...
Me and you are made to love,
Me and you and then nothing above...
You are my precious pearl,
And 'am your only girl...

[P.S. do not relate the second line with my pal angel]

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"The night and the girl"

Melting moon out here,
Are giggling high over there..
Twinkling stars dancing in the dark,
With a wish to spread the spark..
The girl staring them,
Thought to steal that gem..
The moon light illuminating the pearl,
Brooding over it, the little girl..
The hide and seek of the moon,
Pleased the girl so soon..
The fireflies with their lantern,
Didn't come to return..
The stars called up her,
To play and stay higher..
The fireflies took up her above,
Where she found lots of love..
The li'l one slept in the shining bed,
With many dreams waiting ahead..

Friday, November 13, 2009


School was just awesome :)). Today woke up early..and was ready for the tution by 6:15 am. Angel came late..He took 15 minutes to park his bike..[Crazy biker was scared of scratches on his new bike..] LOL he keeps his bike 3 ft away from our bikes ;p
Today the boys [Nee, A.V., Tunnu, P.G.] didn't come to the school..Tunnu didn't even come to the tution :(. So it was only me and Prince (coz he was in the cricket team)..But dhantanan guess what Angel too was going to school. The other boys tried to stop both of them.. For a time prince too was covinced but Angel was like stubborn.. He didn't listened to them and kept trying to convince prince to come with him. Really strange coz Angel was knowing that no one would come to school and he'll get bored without them but he actually wanted to come..[o_O]
And the reason that he gave.."I'll enjoy the match" (blue house vs Yellow house) But hell, he never showed interest in any of the previous ones.
Guess what today is Roshni's birthday.. and no one wished her.. everyone forgot..accept kriti.. and me. It striked them when I wished her :)
The school had preponed "Children's day" coz tomorrow is 2nd saturday and we are having  a holiday on 2nd saturday. So we had it today. There was no card making compettion, so, I took in flower decoration with Sush and Srish.. Guess what a bolt from the blue!!.. Trouble!!!..
Trouble 1: we don't have ribbons to decorate it..
Trouble 2: We don't have much flowers..
Trouble 3: We don't know what we have to do
Trouble 4: we are scared!!!!
We tried to start with the basket..and then just arranged the flowers.. Guess what ? We did it!!! It was looking so freaking fabulous, and cute and sweet.. Oh my God!!.. just can't believe it..Others too loved and praised our work..The judges of various events too praised it :)))
After that we went to cheer our houses.. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell that 'am in blue house..:) and Divz is our captain..Right now I really can't utter a single word..coz  I was very much excited so, I was shouting and howling and yelling around...
But we lost :( We(our team) tried to chase 104 runs but the whole team collapsed in 90..But it's okay :)
We teased "Tragedy queen and Chimni.. hehehehe newly married couple".. It was really great fun..(but there's nothing between them)..
Just found that Angel feels good and free when others are not around.. Really strange o_O
Oh my GOD!!!! Has he changed??...
But on my Birthday..Nee and others told me that they(Angel and A.V) are not good guys..aaahhhh why didn't they tell me earlier before inviting them... but my gang used to talk friendly with both..(though I was knowing that they both won't come).. and that's what happened..But Angel called me.. actually not me.. he called Prince ( coz he don't have my no.).. to wish me birthday...:) Atleast he cared to wish me.. :) But that's another thing..
Where was I.. hmm..oh yeah school..We were singing songs in the class and V sir was there... we tried to ask him about his favorite but he didn't tell us :(.. Suddenly Sir asked Sunny to come and stand and sing the song (oldies) that he was singing..we were like huh?[o_O] what happened??! But then we found that sir was just lost somewhere...Sir was really looking funny..
Me to Prince: hey look at sir..
Prince: lagta hai sir ko purane din yaad aa gaye!!! ;p
After sometime Sir went for some work...
Me to my gang: Lets sing the old "Jane tu ya jane na"
Me: "Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi.."
Then everyone joined me :) even Angel [o_O]
Though he was saying only "Jane tuuuuu"... Tragedy queen lost somewhere in Angel's dream ;p and Sunny was singing for Divz :)
Over all am happy :))


Hey there..I won another award.:))
6 awards, 18 followers within a month is just great.. I really didn't expect...but thanks to everyone for your support and lovely comments and especially day dreamer who honoured me with another award..
Thank you day dreamer..

1. Thank whoever gave this to you
2. Copy award
3. Post it in your blog
4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know
5. Link 7 new bloggers
6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog
7. Most of all - Keep being awesome!

Do You Know.....

1. I love cooking. Seriously 'am a great cook.. :)
2. I am an emotional freak. I cry most of the times even on silly things ;p
3. I didn't cry at all since my birthday :) And 'am so freaking happy.. :))) And I broke my record of the last 15 years of my life.  I used to cry especially on my birthday..but this time I didn't cry.
4. I am scared of syringes.
5. My pals call me Machali coz 'am a bong (bong people loves fish)
6. I want to be an engineer but I still don't know what  does an engineer do ;p
7. Autumn is my favorite season.. don't know why..but it makes me happy..and I really feel great..I just can't express that feeling.. it brings a smile on my face :)))

I really wanted to pass this award to everyone but as the rules says I can pass this to only 7 bloggers..
So, here I go...
Leo : his poems are really great :)
Sulagna di : her posts are really cute
Pramoda di : Her blog really inspires alot to be optimist towards life.
Sunakshi di : love the poems :)
Tharangni : My sweet blogger buddy. Really love the innocence in her post
Juhi : she's great..she writes so well.
Pulkit : don't know much but really like his blog posts

Hope you guys like it :))

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Being Me.."

Its me only me,
I am just being me..

You may feel a li'l weird and strange about me,
My words and thoughts may differ from you,
But 'am not you,,
It's me only me,
I am just being me..

You may find me a li'l away from the meeting place,
You may feel that 'am lacking the living grace,
'Coz its me only me,
I am just being me..

The world passed me; in the mean while I kept wondering,
Over the wastelands and personal desserts of my life,
If you love me than it's great
But if not then don't make me upset,
'coz once again you should know that,
It's me only me,
Am just being me..

If anything I gotta say; I'll say it on your face,
Not behind your back, Unlike you I'll never betray,
The stories I wrote, the poems I composed, the sketches I made became me,
The characters became me and I became them..

Yeah It's me only me
I am just being me..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


No one would understand,
No one would hold my hand...

No one would say I care,
No one would say lets share...

No one would encourage me when I'll be frightened,
No one would be left stunned..

No one would make me smile,
No one would say don't cry not even for a while..

No one would wipe up my tears,
No one would know what are my fears...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Guess what's the day?"

Its my Birthday :))

Happy Birthday to Me!! The day seems awesome..which was quiet unexpected.. Any ways 'am sooooooo happy today..The weather and all are just awesome..

I have lots of plans today so, lets see what happens..Well btw its Brett Lee's Birthday too.. :))
So everyone wish me luck :))

Saturday, November 7, 2009


So the day was awesome.. enjoyed alot in the school. It's saturday..and the boys of Science section and Commerce Section were supposed to have a cricket match after the school for Rs.500 Oh I forgot  I have to ask about  the result lol..

As I entered the school.. I saw  A.V. and Angel..They were sitting under the tree.
 A.V. came to me and gave me a notebook and pen and said "Shri keep it inside your bag"
Me- okay!!
Me again- hey won't you guys study today..
Angel- I haven't brought anything. Not even a pen
Me- lol, great going..

V sir(after assembly, in the class)-Angel where's is your copy?
Angel turned back and took Tunnu's copy and said- here it is sir..!!
V sir- Just solve the problem which I gave yesterday..
Angel-Yes sir!!
Angel again- hey I need a pen!!
V sir- offo.. you are coming like a college student..
Srish- Yeah he actually look like a college student (Coz he's the tallest)
Me to Srish- Do you know he hasn't brought anything..he came without school bag..!!
Srish- what ??..!!!..

Our physics teacher didn't come today.. so, it was a free period.. we all got up from our place and went out of the class but then we came in the class at stood at the door but the boys were still outside.. someone said " hey, K ma'am is coming" We all rushed in.. But the boys didn't realise..they were still out there..As they saw K ma'am they to came in..
K ma'am came to our class and said- THOSE who were standing outside.. "give me  your hand book.."
You useless fellows don't have any work.. "give me your hand book.." You are coming like college students and just wander here and there.. Am asking for your handbooks.. where's it? Hey Sunny, where's your handbook?
Sunny- Ma'am I haven't brought!!
K ma'am to Angel- What about you?
Angel didn't  say anything and just stood up..
Me to Sush- Lol, He didn't even brought a pen.. how can we expect for handbook..!!..
K ma'am- NOt brought huh!! Who else hasn't brought handbook? Just come out and stand outside..

When Ma'am went back Angel came to me and Simmi and said- Hey anyone just write a letter to the principal for us..That we haven't brought handbook today that's why Ma'am sent us out..
I wrote the letter and said- what about your names in this letter..
Angel- Oh yeah.. write our names!!
Me- So whose name I should write first..
Those who were standing with me- hey not mine.. write other's name..
A.V. came a bit late and said- Hey write my name first..
Everyone with a evil smile- Yeah okay you can write his name..
I wrote his name first and then other's name.. A.V. still didn't realise that he could be in trouble.. coz his name was at the top of the list..The principal would certainly catch him first..

They went with the letter and after few minutes they came back..we were totally confused and worried but when they entered the class, they started Jumping and singing and dancing and howling as if they had won any match..[o_O]
We asked- Hey what happened?
The boys- The principal wasn't there in his cabin...!!!!

K ma'am saw Angel without bag or any notebook..When everyone was moving out of the class after the last bell..
K ma'am to us- hey where's Angel's bag? hasn't he brought anything?
We- No ma'am!!
K ma'am with a tired and hopeless look- I cannot do anything about you freaks!! You are hopeless!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Another post about my life"

So today is tragedy queen's birthday.. :) yesterday it was k sir's and harshu's birthday :).. As I entered the school.. I couldn't find Saket on the corridor :s I was knowing that he's inside the class room with Tragedy queen..I was not in a good mood.. just wanted to cry (don't know why)..Everyone was pulling her leg ;p
I wanted to hide that my birthday's on sunday but suddenly harshu came and said "Shri happy b'day in advance" :( [really I don't like advance wishing]

The day was so boring..We were talking and disturbing the next classes.. Matthew sir came and punished us :(  He asked us to stand up on the bench and raise our hands.. to make us feel guilty in front of our juniors.. But we are "shameless freaks"..we again started talking and the last bench(ers) started dancing on "Mauja Mauja" and "Om shanti Om". We were given a warning by Matthew sir " don't you dare to put your hands down". 

Sunny turned back and started talking with us.. we really didn't realise when sir came.. He just started bitting Sunny from the window with a steel scale..After sometimes sir asked the Girls to sit down but didn't allow the boys..The funniest thing was that Sunny was still smiling and laughing [o_O] Sir bit Tunesh too.. I was really scared..After few minutes Sir asked the boys to sit down and went to his class..Chimni started crying [o_O] Really it was so girlish..I guess not even Girls would cry for it..What happened to him..He was crying on such a small thing[o_O]

We read a poem "Lochinwar" which was so amazing.. it was a love story so it was soooooo  awesome.. Love stories are really interesting and we were feeling like "Kuch Kuch hota hai" :)) Everyone's mood was delighted..

Today Vinay sir told us in the tution that I can be the house captain :)) But Matthew sir made Simmi :|  I really wanted to be the house captain..Aaah why the  toppers  are given all the nice things..But 'am also good in studies and everything.. It was my last chance and I lost..I had never been a leader or something like that..We will stay in the school only for one and half years.. I had not done anything.. whenever I got a chance to prove myself, my FATE betrayed me..[I fell sick With some weird diseases :( It took At least a month to recover] Now only two things are left. One is best student and another one is head girl for next year. I wish if I could be both..But seriously I want to be the house captain :((

I went to the doctor today with Mom for some tumor or cyst in my stomach [I don't know and really I don't care].. The doc. was staring me and it was frightening me. Mom was like is there something serious. She said "no there is nothing" and  gave me lots of medicine.Still staring at me [o_O] and then said "Bahut pyaari bachchi hai.. kuch nahi hoga".I mean seriously I have to follow the treatment for 6 to 7 months.. Now she has given me ayurvedic medicines and after few months she'll give me some allopethic.. Oh God I have to spend my life with these medicines.. Plz save me.. :(  I hate medicines..