Monday, November 30, 2009

"I am sorry.."

I don't know what to say..
I don't know what to write..
Why I am alone again?
Why are you not with me?
May be you are watching me from the blue..
May be you were smiling at me ,
for you might know that everything will be fine..
Or may be you are staring me with moist eyes..
I am sorry that I was not with you,
When you needed me..
May be that's why God stole you from me..
Coz I never understood,
How much you were worth to me..
May be I deserve it..
May be I deserve betrayal..
May be I deserve to cry..
I wish if you could comeback,
I promise I would never let you go back..

[ P.S. missing my bestest pal harpreeet who passed away 2 months before]


PS the Pratsie said...

this was touching !! :)`

Sunakshi said...

Aww thats really very touching. =(

keep smiling sista :)

sulagna said...

heyii sweety :) cheer up babe!! you have lots of friends like us here oki :)

soin said...
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Toon India said...

that was really sweet..

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

M so sorry about that.

Heartfelt condolence to ur frnd.

Poem was indeed very touching. wish ur frnd could read it who passed away :(

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Sis....

am sorry abt this..memories make us forgets few moments..cherish them and my best wishes to u happy..

chocolate lover said...

@ Ps the pratsie

@ sunakshi
=) thanx

@ sulagna di
thanx :)

@ toon india
:) thanx

@ mahesh
:)I wish the same

@ pramoda di
thanx :)

HaRy!! said...

very sorry for him.... quite a dedication indeed!...tak care!

hope to cya around


chocolate lover said...

@ Hary
I am missing her alot T_T