Thursday, November 26, 2009

SpOrtS DaY!!

Nowadays, we all are busy with the sports..Yeah we are having our annual sports(thank God :p) All the students are divided in 4 houses (groups). The houses are Red house, Blue house, Yellow house and Green house. And every house have 2 house leaders and two incharges (teachers).
The leaders are Sajal and Kriti for Green house, Ashutosh and Simmi for Red house, Ankit (Kattu) and Divz for Blue house and Beena and... oh I don't who's the other one :p.The boys leaders are of 12th standard and the girls are ofcourse from our class. I am from blue house (relaxed) :)
Day 1 of the Sports:Went for the tution..the boys" why are you in school uniform?"..Me-"The girls have decided to come in school uniform.." The boys with okay expression :p.. Haha! how can I forget.. Angel reached the tution at 7:10 am and the tution timing is 6:30 am.. He came late and that too with his school bag..what's the need of a school bag in sports day?? lol!! 
In school ground..I was nowhere in the individual events (The compettition is really tough :p). I was really bored and a bit scared coz I had never talked to the senior boys and we have to discuss things with them and also coz we have handle the small kids :p
Tanmay and Avinash(both are seniors) are also in blue house  [>_<]  Once I fought with them :p And now we are together..haha that's what life is all about :) I want them to win all the events so that we can earn points for our house :p The boy's leader is completely useless. He did nothing.. All the things were done by Avinash and Tanmay.. Me, Divz and Roshni ( Well I didn't do anything on the 1st day :p) At the end of the day.. we did quite well with few individual events and reached the finals of two group events. We all(girls of my class) decided a dress code for second day and that was jeans..
Day 2 of the Sports: I went for the Chemistry tution..the boys were in school uniform.. now thats strange.. a day before they were with the mind that school uniform could be uncomfortable for Sports and today they all were in School uniform!! They asked me- Why you are not in school uniform??? Me-"We have decided to come in jeans!!"
In school, as I entered.. I was shocked..hell they all came in school uniform!! I started shouting them.. Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? Why?? I said to myself.. Why didn't they told me?? Why does it happen with me? I hate them!!! Why do I call them my pals? When did they change their plan? They are worst then enemies!!! No one cares me!!.. I was crying.. but no one cared..
Then I decided I won't participate in the further events neither in individual nor in group..Then I went to see the wheel race of senior section boys(XI-XII) I was glad and delighted.. The match was too awesome that I forgot what happened earlier... coz blue house won it!! yippeee!! They played too well.. :))
And then the time for senior girls..Divz and Roshni were in the team so I was handling the other things and cheering them.. We lost the final :( Its okay atleast we are the runners up :) Now we were preparing for the Dodge n ball.. We made few lists for the participants of our house..selecting the players and good player:p Sometimes we had to rush to each other for the list.. like Divz asked Tanmay- Where's the final list?
Tanmay- I gave it to Lovely(that's my nick name)
Me- Its there with the other lists..
Divz- okay!!
I was happy atleast he knows my name though it's my nickname!! I thought that I am might be amongst the unpopular ones (:p) and no one knows me but I was wrong they all know me..aww.. Tanmay asked Divz about me- Is she playing or not? Have you taken her in the team?
Divz- Yeah!
Tanmay(relaxed look)- okay Good..
After sometime.. I heard Tanmay bhaiya asking again to his mate... "She's in the team or not?" and then he came to me- "You are playing or not?" I nodded.. He gave me a smile and said- okay Good..
Aww.. that's really nice..I was so much happy..
We won Senior boys and girls('s) dodge n ball :)) We played too damn good.. We were so so so good. And at the end of the day.. We secured lots of score.. Blue house was in 2nd position :)) Me,Tanmay, Avinash, Ani, Roshni and Divz decided to tease our house leader Ankit with lol!! He was sitting idle so we played a prank.. Haha!!
Oh I forgot W sir offered me a role in his play.. I have to be an old lady!! :p I am thinking to refuse it..


aritra the daydreamer said...

Wow school sports!!Used to enjoy them a lot...

Rohit Dassani said...

Sports days are fun...except it should be kept only in winters... that never used to happen in my school!! anyways.... dont refuse the is fun!! :P

HaRy!! said...

ohhhhh Red house - Jupiter, Green house - venus(me the captain) , blue house - Mercury , Yellow House - PLutooo....wwow thanks!!!!


for the memories

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
:)) glad to know that :))

@ Rohit
yeah 'am still thinking about it !!

@ hary
you are always welcome :))