Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey everyone.. I have been awarded again and now it's from Rimz di :)
Thanks di.. love you alot..

Now according to the rules.. I have to tell 7 things which are unknown to other bloggers.. Hmm.. actually I did tell you few things about me but I guess there might be something else..Lets see..
1.When I was born I had almost taken my mom's life :( .
2. Last week I went for a movie and it was my first time that I saw any movie in a theatre ;) Yeah seriously I went for a movie after 16 years of my life and that too with my pals..When I reached the theatre my pals said "Bachchi ko permission mil gayi"
3. I have my own scooty and I love speed (actually I love it when I ride... otherwise it freaks me out when someone else is riding ;p)
4. I love going to school and to study.. I really hate when there's a holiday even the sundays.
5. Hmmm.. 'am a bit superstitious.. like if one day I do something strange or unsheduled and everything goes in my favour then next day I would do the same thing to make my day perfect..
6. I am so much confused in my life and I confuse others ;p
7. I am one of the laziest freak who loves to sleep. I can sleep anytime and anywhere but somtimes (specially during vaccations) 'am sleepless at night :(..
Now I would like to pass this award to other 7 bloggers.. I wish if I could pass it to everyone...
Congratulation guys.. you all deserve it :))


funkyrave said...

Hey thanks a tonne.. thts really sweet of u.. haha! and nice revelations about urself. Congrates for ur first movie in theater! :)
Thanks again..
Keep blogging cheerio :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Movie in a theater for the 1st time....congrats....!
Hey its freaks me out too....when some1 else is riding my bike!! I just say.... 'lower the speed dude, u gonna kill me' !!

rimz said...

congo sweetie. love u too...:)
n btw dose 7 things were jst awesme..:)

aritra the daydreamer said...

Thanks for the award...I am still having a smile on my face..
Ooops i really envy u..u r having such a good time and my semester xams r knocking on the door:(

HaRy!! said...

thanks a ton!!! real bliss this made me!

AJai said...

those were really interesting 7 bits of ur life. nice. keep it on. congrats on the award. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First time in a theatre?? u must be come ? Oh yeah..u still a school gal :)

Lazy? bad..very bad....

You awarded me the same award with rimz awarded me :P

First of all thanks for it and glad you felt i deserved it :)

I ll write the post soon :)

Sunakshi said...

Congratulations girlie,keep writing .. hf :)

chocolate lover said...

@ ravi
you are always welcome and thank you lol :)

@ rohit
thanx :)
same pinch ;)

@ Rimz di
thanx di :))

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
you r welcome :))
hehe lol @exams next door ;p

@ hary
you r always welcome :))

@ Ajai
haha! thank you :)
welcome to my blog :)

chocolate lover said...

@ Mahesh
yeah it was my first time and hell the movie was so boring :(
haha! sorry and and you r welcome..

@ Sunakshi di
thanx di :))

Rahil said...

its always gr8 to give encourages to write and make us realise that someone out there is reading us..

chocolate lover said...

@ Rahil

PNA said...

Movies in a theatre is an experience, especially the ones with Rahman's music... congrats on that n the awards...

a little me trivia: I am a die hard chocolate fan :)))))

cya around

chocolate lover said...

hey hi welcome to my blog and thanx for commenting..glad to meet another chocolate lover :))