Friday, November 13, 2009


School was just awesome :)). Today woke up early..and was ready for the tution by 6:15 am. Angel came late..He took 15 minutes to park his bike..[Crazy biker was scared of scratches on his new bike..] LOL he keeps his bike 3 ft away from our bikes ;p
Today the boys [Nee, A.V., Tunnu, P.G.] didn't come to the school..Tunnu didn't even come to the tution :(. So it was only me and Prince (coz he was in the cricket team)..But dhantanan guess what Angel too was going to school. The other boys tried to stop both of them.. For a time prince too was covinced but Angel was like stubborn.. He didn't listened to them and kept trying to convince prince to come with him. Really strange coz Angel was knowing that no one would come to school and he'll get bored without them but he actually wanted to come..[o_O]
And the reason that he gave.."I'll enjoy the match" (blue house vs Yellow house) But hell, he never showed interest in any of the previous ones.
Guess what today is Roshni's birthday.. and no one wished her.. everyone forgot..accept kriti.. and me. It striked them when I wished her :)
The school had preponed "Children's day" coz tomorrow is 2nd saturday and we are having  a holiday on 2nd saturday. So we had it today. There was no card making compettion, so, I took in flower decoration with Sush and Srish.. Guess what a bolt from the blue!!.. Trouble!!!..
Trouble 1: we don't have ribbons to decorate it..
Trouble 2: We don't have much flowers..
Trouble 3: We don't know what we have to do
Trouble 4: we are scared!!!!
We tried to start with the basket..and then just arranged the flowers.. Guess what ? We did it!!! It was looking so freaking fabulous, and cute and sweet.. Oh my God!!.. just can't believe it..Others too loved and praised our work..The judges of various events too praised it :)))
After that we went to cheer our houses.. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell that 'am in blue house..:) and Divz is our captain..Right now I really can't utter a single word..coz  I was very much excited so, I was shouting and howling and yelling around...
But we lost :( We(our team) tried to chase 104 runs but the whole team collapsed in 90..But it's okay :)
We teased "Tragedy queen and Chimni.. hehehehe newly married couple".. It was really great fun..(but there's nothing between them)..
Just found that Angel feels good and free when others are not around.. Really strange o_O
Oh my GOD!!!! Has he changed??...
But on my Birthday..Nee and others told me that they(Angel and A.V) are not good guys..aaahhhh why didn't they tell me earlier before inviting them... but my gang used to talk friendly with both..(though I was knowing that they both won't come).. and that's what happened..But Angel called me.. actually not me.. he called Prince ( coz he don't have my no.).. to wish me birthday...:) Atleast he cared to wish me.. :) But that's another thing..
Where was I.. hmm..oh yeah school..We were singing songs in the class and V sir was there... we tried to ask him about his favorite but he didn't tell us :(.. Suddenly Sir asked Sunny to come and stand and sing the song (oldies) that he was singing..we were like huh?[o_O] what happened??! But then we found that sir was just lost somewhere...Sir was really looking funny..
Me to Prince: hey look at sir..
Prince: lagta hai sir ko purane din yaad aa gaye!!! ;p
After sometime Sir went for some work...
Me to my gang: Lets sing the old "Jane tu ya jane na"
Me: "Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi.."
Then everyone joined me :) even Angel [o_O]
Though he was saying only "Jane tuuuuu"... Tragedy queen lost somewhere in Angel's dream ;p and Sunny was singing for Divz :)
Over all am happy :))


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm..Now thats strange..coming to school without friends and thinking to enjoy the match.

Who is this angel? A friend who is he? In that casem how sweet of you calling a guy angel. Generally no one does it.

happy children's day :)

chocolate lover said...

hmmm.. he's just a friend.. he came this year to our school.. The tallest one.. arrogance+attitude... Moody.. angry young man..
Earlier he was in angel school of raipur.. so everyone calls him "angel".. and I couldnot find a better name for him in this blog..
He never misbehaved with me.. so i guess i can call him angel.. but if does then definately i'll change his nick ;p
thank you..:)

aritra the daydreamer said...

oo..So beside being a writer u r also a good decorator....GREAT!!!!!

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
yeah.. :) but it was a team work :))

Sunakshi said...

Happy children's day \m/ ;)

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi di
thank you :)))

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Thats funny thing to do :)

chocolate lover said...

@ mahesh
hehehe ;)