Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"My school life"

It was raining in the morning.. and I woke up late at 6 am.. I got ready by 6:30 am for the tution but it was still raining.. So, I went to sleep again in my school uniform.. [>_<]Woke up again at 7 am lol..
At school.. everyone was shivering with cold..;p
R.P. to me- hi!! wassup! plz switch on the fan..
Me- hehehe what?? [o_O]
R.P.-my clothes are wet..
Me- okay..
and then went out of the class..
Safedi ki chamkar- hey you were going out of station nah?
Me- no!! I'll leave tomorrow
Safedi ki chamkar- Okay.. (sigh)
When we came back to our class.. I was standing near my desk which is next to the switch board..Angel came and switched on the fans.. he too was feeling cold but still...he switched it on..Everyone started shouting him.... with a evil smile he kept his hand on the switch board.. so that no one would switch it off.... Somehow I managed to remove his hand and switched off the fan....again he didn't say anything..just smiled.. strange..[o_O]
During recess, enjoyed alot.. :) I was sitting on my "desk".. Then everyone one by one lifted my desk and me and kept it in front of the entrance door..;p
Angel came in the class and said- hey, I can also lift you!!!
Me- What ?? shut up!! are you crazy??? 'am already scared!!
Everyone again lifted me with the desk and I was screaming and yelling!!!
Angel came and started shaking the desk on which I was sitting and which was already lifted up by Chimni and M.M. hehehe It felt like I was in cradle lol ;p doesn't matter coz they call me "baby of the class"
Me- hey stop... are you guys crazyyyy???!!
Then again they kept me and my desk on my place.. (sigh)
Dhantanan... guess what? Fan fight!!! Now this time Chimni switched on the fan.. but everyone was shivering with cold..so, I switched it off ;p Everytime he switched it on..I switched it off.. then Chimni just smacked the switch board to switch on the fan.. but guess what.. he broke it!!.. yeah seriously he broke the switches...Lol ;p
T sir was late so we asked Sunny to imitate the teachers lol...
I was a bit irritated..Angel and K.S. didn't stop looking at each other (sigh).Thank God that K.S. is in commerce section....Oh God there are lots of love triangles in the class..
During English period guess what? Googly!!! hehehehe we were supposed to have English's 3rd U.T. everyone was with few plans..lol..but it ruined when W sir said- I would ask you a ten marks question from Trapped.. so read the lesson thoroughly..and the rest i'll give from somewhere else..

[P.S. oh I'll miss my friends for the next 3 days..I'll be going out for my cousin sister's marriage :((]


aritra the daydreamer said...

Ooo cool school days..
Hey keep us informed about the marriage ceremony...want to know how u people of delivery celebrate marriage and ya mention about the food..

tristarfivestar said...

wow looks like you had a fun day.. hopefully it wont rain when th emarriage ceremony is going on ( experienced it in my relatives wedding)and another favour can i please have the name of you blog.. the choco deserts of the chocl... sounds soo yummy.. whn ever i read ,i get a chocolate bar in my hand :p

tristarfivestar said...

some how i get a chocolate bar in my hand *

sulagna chatterjee said...

oohooo these early morning rains :(

HaRy!! said...

early morning rains...boy i can never forget em....angel? i didnt quite catch that!

Being Pramoda... said...

soo u have fun..good:)..

will miss u too...enjoy ur best..:) share ur memories of it too..:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

You are really funny..

safedi ki chamkar, angel, baby of the class..
what not you came up with...

I would be proud if i come up with such creative nicknames..

funkyrave said...

Yaar!! school days..!! I was just thinking abt them (Loved the song from 3 idiots- Give me some sunshine give me some rain!!) yeah Rains in November! Believe me u r having best time of life!
hope u njoi it and marriage..!
god bless ya
Cheerio :)

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
yeah its really cool..nothing special about the marriage.. it was really boring..

@ tristarfivestar
yeah I really had fun..and I guess so true..it didn't rain on marriage ceremony..about title really sorry..coz its the only thing i have lol. but I can find a similar kind of name for you.. like..."Choco views of chocolaty world"

chocolate lover said...

@ sulagna
yeah seriously.. i hate it :(

@ hary
angel=giraffe ;p..more about him..
he came this year to our school.. The tallest one.. arrogance+attitude... Moody.. angry young man..
Earlier he was in angel school of raipur.. so everyone calls him "angel".. and I couldnot find a better name for him in this blog..as you know earlier I named him giraffe

chocolate lover said...

@ prams di
thanks di :)

@ mahesh
lol thanks.. atleast someone thinks that am funny.. coz trust me.. mera sense of humor bakwas hai ;p

thank you..am really enjoying my school days.. :))