Saturday, November 7, 2009


So the day was awesome.. enjoyed alot in the school. It's saturday..and the boys of Science section and Commerce Section were supposed to have a cricket match after the school for Rs.500 Oh I forgot  I have to ask about  the result lol..

As I entered the school.. I saw  A.V. and Angel..They were sitting under the tree.
 A.V. came to me and gave me a notebook and pen and said "Shri keep it inside your bag"
Me- okay!!
Me again- hey won't you guys study today..
Angel- I haven't brought anything. Not even a pen
Me- lol, great going..

V sir(after assembly, in the class)-Angel where's is your copy?
Angel turned back and took Tunnu's copy and said- here it is sir..!!
V sir- Just solve the problem which I gave yesterday..
Angel-Yes sir!!
Angel again- hey I need a pen!!
V sir- offo.. you are coming like a college student..
Srish- Yeah he actually look like a college student (Coz he's the tallest)
Me to Srish- Do you know he hasn't brought anything..he came without school bag..!!
Srish- what ??..!!!..

Our physics teacher didn't come today.. so, it was a free period.. we all got up from our place and went out of the class but then we came in the class at stood at the door but the boys were still outside.. someone said " hey, K ma'am is coming" We all rushed in.. But the boys didn't realise..they were still out there..As they saw K ma'am they to came in..
K ma'am came to our class and said- THOSE who were standing outside.. "give me  your hand book.."
You useless fellows don't have any work.. "give me your hand book.." You are coming like college students and just wander here and there.. Am asking for your handbooks.. where's it? Hey Sunny, where's your handbook?
Sunny- Ma'am I haven't brought!!
K ma'am to Angel- What about you?
Angel didn't  say anything and just stood up..
Me to Sush- Lol, He didn't even brought a pen.. how can we expect for handbook..!!..
K ma'am- NOt brought huh!! Who else hasn't brought handbook? Just come out and stand outside..

When Ma'am went back Angel came to me and Simmi and said- Hey anyone just write a letter to the principal for us..That we haven't brought handbook today that's why Ma'am sent us out..
I wrote the letter and said- what about your names in this letter..
Angel- Oh yeah.. write our names!!
Me- So whose name I should write first..
Those who were standing with me- hey not mine.. write other's name..
A.V. came a bit late and said- Hey write my name first..
Everyone with a evil smile- Yeah okay you can write his name..
I wrote his name first and then other's name.. A.V. still didn't realise that he could be in trouble.. coz his name was at the top of the list..The principal would certainly catch him first..

They went with the letter and after few minutes they came back..we were totally confused and worried but when they entered the class, they started Jumping and singing and dancing and howling as if they had won any match..[o_O]
We asked- Hey what happened?
The boys- The principal wasn't there in his cabin...!!!!

K ma'am saw Angel without bag or any notebook..When everyone was moving out of the class after the last bell..
K ma'am to us- hey where's Angel's bag? hasn't he brought anything?
We- No ma'am!!
K ma'am with a tired and hopeless look- I cannot do anything about you freaks!! You are hopeless!!


Sunil said...

Hahahahahaha...... I miss my school days. :D

Nice description.

Cursed♪♫ said...

It's nice our thoughts match. Thanks for commenting :)

chocolate lover said...

@ sunil
thanx :)

@ cursed
yeah dear.. and welcome.. :)

DayDreamer said...

Wow..I love your posts..

Its like re-living my school days once again..a flashback..

Great work!!


chocolate lover said...

@ day dreamer
thank you..
glad you liked it :)