Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So the day seems to be perfect..Am happy for no reason..Woke up late at 05:45 am and reached tution late.. but it was not a problem coz the boys too reached at the same time :D.. Nee sent me a text in bengali.. how sweet but I didn't get anything so I asked mom to translate it in hindi.. lolz.. Actually he too didn't get anything so he forwarded it to me. lolz. ;p
At school, as I entered the class room, everyone was staring  me coz I was giggling o_O
Sush was looking very serious so I asked her- what happened??
Sush- nothing.. why did you come in one pony?
Me- I woke up late.!!.;p
I saw Safedi ki chamakar and said- Hey you too in one pony?
Safedi ki chamakar- Yup..!!
As the bell rang I said- I'll not go in the assembly...
V Sir- okay!!!
After assembly when everyone was back..
Sir- Hey listen am going to change your class captains coz you all are having the same captains since last 3 months.. O_o
Every was like okay..we already have some plans.Means they were planning to make me and tunnu..
but the plan ruined when V sir said- Chimni is your captain!!
And amongs the girls, Srish is your captain..
we were relaxed.. :)
Chimni was taking it very seriously..he didn't let us enjoy and was killing us with boredom..ahhh it was too irritating.. he was holding a notebook and writing the names of those who were talking.. o_O..
Srish was as usual perfect..
Me to simmi - Look they haven't learnt  anything from you both..
Simmi to chimni- Oye !! You are ruining my name.. Haven't you learnt anything from me? Just allow us to talk , fight, shout and wander.. [;p]
Chimni was like o_O
We got two  free period today.. but Chimni called the substitutions.. :(
A.V.- "Breaking news" Everyone.. Divz is getting engaged with someone ( coz she was giving wedding cards to every teacher )
Divz- oye shut up!!
Me - Divz, you never told us.. who's my jiju???
She smacked my head and went..
How cruel :(
I asked A.V. for chemistry copy,
A.V. - it's with Angel..
Me- okay!! I'll take it from Nee.
As I asked Nee, Angel gave me A.V.'s copy..
Me- hey but you were writting nah??
Angel - Its okay you write first then I'll do it..
Me was like huh???? what happened to him? Is he Okay??o_O
Nee was in a funfull mood coz now he's not a captain and he can have fun when the teacher is around..
Nee- sir, Harshu is disturbing me.. ;p
Harshu and Angel were sitting together so sir asked to interchange their places ;p
Angel- Sir, Our Ex-captain has gone mad :D
I hugged divz and Angel saw me and started laughing o_O
Angel - Hey what were you doing huh????Dostana 2 ?
Me- oyeeeee!! shut up!!I didn,t say anything when you and prince were sitting together under the tree..
We three started rolling on the bench lol..
The triyo (Srish, Anu and Safedi ki chamkar) were howling and shouting "yay" with others.. But it was sounding like "gay"
Nothing was good but everything was perfect..


тнƨ [ƨcняɛι] said...

interesting day i had... n ur school sounds like fun!XD

Being Pramoda... said...

its nice to know that u had a perfect dayyy..:) ALl the best ..:)

Sunakshi said...

Cool,hf tc :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

ohhh lord you woke up at 5:45!!!!! y y y??enjoy your sleep sweetheart..that too winter mornings !! saari zindagi padi hai subah uthne k liye :) n keep writting abt your school cuz i relive my days :)

chocolate lover said...


@ prams di
thank you :)

@ sunakshi di
thanx :)

@ sulagna di
lol.. I have to go for the tutions at 6:30 am and from the last few days I am reaching late..

aritra the daydreamer said...

ohh!!!i miss my school days so much...

chocolate lover said...

@ artra