Friday, November 20, 2009


Hey everyone!!  'am back.. but not with a you all know.. I went out for my cousin sister's marriage and was expecting to have great fun.. but I didn't enjoy at really sucked. My other cousin sisters are beauty queens.. arrogant, cruel creatures...Oh sometimes I wonder..why do I get such kinds of relatives..As you guys know, I cannot mix up with people easily and I don't like to talk much.. I was sitting alone silently with my ipod..I cried only because of those cruel creatures..I sent a text to my pals that was only a single word "BACHAOOO"....
The marriage too was a mess.. it was a love marrriage.. so everyone was confused with the rites and rituals of different caste and we lost all the chances to tease and earn money from our Jiju and his pals... :(.. As I said about my cruel cousins, they didn't took me anywhere..I am the youngest sis of all.. but no one cares about me.. :(( Oh yeah, Jiju looks too good.. and Di and Jiju makes a perfect pair..
Yesterday my cousins planned to go to a parlour for the marriage...but they didn't take me with them..This made me so upset that I came out of the room and went in the balcony where there was no one..I was crying there..missing my pals..wanted to talk with them....C and his bro came out and they both stand beside me... I didn't release when C and his bro came there..[o_O] They both were looking at me but thank God they didn't say anything..
I was praying to God.. so that their make up ruin and they look bad and guess what they where really looking bad  ;) thank you God..
Di and Jiju were looking so so so good :) We all went to meet Jiju..
I said- Hi Jiju!! Main aapki sabse choti saali hu!!!
Jiju- nice to meet you saali ji!!
How sweet.. Jiju and Di are so alike.. :))
Then the time to steal the shoes :)) Jiju's sis was sitting on it.. We planned to distract her.. and we succeded... We took the shoes and rushed on the 2nd floor.. shouting "Joote mil gaye.." ;)
My niece and nephew are soooooo cute.. love them alot.. Then I didn't go down to attend the ceremony.. I was in our floor with my bro, cousin bro, niece and nephew.. After sometime they all were off to bed.. again I went out of the room.. and saw two barati's wondering in our floor.. they were trying to get back Jiju's shoes but as they saw me they went back ;p I was only awake the whole night on our floor..
Then one of them came to me and said- Niche Joote mangwa rahe hai..
Me-Joote toh niche hi hai..
Then they both rushed down..
hehehe then we all went down with the shoes :)
We earned 10000 rs. from Him.. :)) but I didn't get my share :( coz I came back to home..Today I reached home by 8 am and just went to sleep coz I didn't sleep since the last 24 hrs [>_<] then I woke up at 2 pm and again went to sleep at 4 pm and again woke up at 5 pm.. Srish told me that I secured highest mark in chemistry :)) but hell I didn't appeared other tests coz of Di's marriage :((.. It would have been a hattrick if I had appeared all the test... coz I stood 2nd on the last two unit tests...

P.S. sigh
PPS. now 'am feeling better :)
PPPS. I don't want to meet those cruel creatures again..and I won't even call them on my wedding ;p


rimz said...

nice as usual..
an awards waiting for u in my blog..:),check it..:)

Rohit Dassani said...

Great post.... dont know why do we have such relatives?!! never mind...they gonna come and go.... thats the part of life!!

chocolate lover said...

@ rimz di
thank you :))

@ rohit
hehehe lol thanx :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

I can actually get your feelings cause even I'm the youngest in my family and nor do I really like my relatives. Just avoid them and please don't cry..They don't deserve your tears!
Congrats on your marks.Your lucky your intelligent. I totally suck at studies.Hardly manage to pass.
Anyways, you take care.
Buh Bye!!
P.S: Check out my New post.

chocolate lover said...

@ juhi
hey dear..
hw r u?
and thanx for getting me :))

divsi said...

i relle found this post cute!
an honest post frm a 16 yr old:)
u came second? congo:)
n nevamind ya cousins dearie..they ll be pally wid ya ova the years:)

chocolate lover said...

@ divsi
thanx for dropping by :)
and thank you :)