Monday, November 30, 2009

ClaSs MoniToR!!

Hmm.. today nothing special..I was hoping for some huge blast (well actually I always wish for a blast but it happens only sometime :p) Yesterday I went out of station to attend my cousin's marriage..and I really enjoyed there ( no cruel sisters!!) Thank you God!!
Back to Today's happening.. I woke up late..reached the tutions late..but thank God (again).. They had not started anything. (I was really angry on the boys coz they didn't tell me about the change in tution timings. I went at the usual time 6:30am and when no one came.. I too came back home.) In the tution, I asked Angel to show his notes of last saturday...
Angel- Why?? You were there nah?
Me- Oh really.. Did anyone inform me about the time??
Angel- Why are shouting ?? I don't have your no. !!
Me- sigh!!!
Reached school in time.. as I entered the class me confused!! Huh?? Actually it was the change in sitting arrangements.. sigh!!
After the assembly when V sir was teaching us about the IUPAC of organic componds..and suddenly Sunny cut him off in the middle (seems like he was waiting for the time coz he did it 5 minutes before the bell)...
Sunny- Sir, 1 month completed.. change the monitor..
The boys together- Yes sir change the monitor plzz!!!
The girls were like lol they were counting the days.. btw what's the date today??
V sir- okay.. so who you to be the monitor??
Boys- Sunny!! Angel!!! Shukalu!!
Boys- no sir Sunny!!!
V sir- okay so sunny is your new monitor..Sunny now you won thisss..
Sunny- opportunity!!!
Boys- Yeah!!
Boys- Sir what about the girls??
V sir- Hmmm.. ahhh.. who was the previous one??
Everyone- Srish!!
V sir- so this time.. hmm
Boys- Sir.. Shriti!!
Me- What??!! Are you serious..? No way!!
Boys- Yes Sir, Shriti..
Girls- No sir!!
Boys- Yes sir.. Yes Sir.. We want Shriti..!
V sir- Okay Shriti.. you are the girl's monitor!!
I know why the boys took my name coz 'am the only girl with whom they can share everything.. and say anything.... They also know that now I won't ask them to maintain the discipline.. wahi purana "EmOtioNaL AtyAcHar"..
Oh hell.. I was really getting hyper.... and was getting scared..
Angel came to me and said- hey why are you getting hyper.. don't worry no one(teacher) would say a word to you.. coz everyone catches the Boy's monitor..
Me- Oh yeah.. true!! So everyone shOut alOud!!
Sigh.. why didn't the girls say "no" for me?? :((


Sankoobaba said...

being monitor was cool..

chocolate lover said...

yup.. its cool but sometimes it freaks me out!! ;)

Rishi said...

hmmm.. monitor... we never listened to gal one... we just made fun of her trying to keeps us quiet...

hope that doesn't happen to u...

chocolate lover said...

@ Rishi
haha! no the boys are quiet nice to me :))
And they do what I say ;)
thank god!! ;p

Anurag said...

ha ha ha...nice 1 .u made me remember of mine.
I was made of same reason.but it was fun. :)