Friday, November 6, 2009

"Another post about my life"

So today is tragedy queen's birthday.. :) yesterday it was k sir's and harshu's birthday :).. As I entered the school.. I couldn't find Saket on the corridor :s I was knowing that he's inside the class room with Tragedy queen..I was not in a good mood.. just wanted to cry (don't know why)..Everyone was pulling her leg ;p
I wanted to hide that my birthday's on sunday but suddenly harshu came and said "Shri happy b'day in advance" :( [really I don't like advance wishing]

The day was so boring..We were talking and disturbing the next classes.. Matthew sir came and punished us :(  He asked us to stand up on the bench and raise our hands.. to make us feel guilty in front of our juniors.. But we are "shameless freaks"..we again started talking and the last bench(ers) started dancing on "Mauja Mauja" and "Om shanti Om". We were given a warning by Matthew sir " don't you dare to put your hands down". 

Sunny turned back and started talking with us.. we really didn't realise when sir came.. He just started bitting Sunny from the window with a steel scale..After sometimes sir asked the Girls to sit down but didn't allow the boys..The funniest thing was that Sunny was still smiling and laughing [o_O] Sir bit Tunesh too.. I was really scared..After few minutes Sir asked the boys to sit down and went to his class..Chimni started crying [o_O] Really it was so girlish..I guess not even Girls would cry for it..What happened to him..He was crying on such a small thing[o_O]

We read a poem "Lochinwar" which was so amazing.. it was a love story so it was soooooo  awesome.. Love stories are really interesting and we were feeling like "Kuch Kuch hota hai" :)) Everyone's mood was delighted..

Today Vinay sir told us in the tution that I can be the house captain :)) But Matthew sir made Simmi :|  I really wanted to be the house captain..Aaah why the  toppers  are given all the nice things..But 'am also good in studies and everything.. It was my last chance and I lost..I had never been a leader or something like that..We will stay in the school only for one and half years.. I had not done anything.. whenever I got a chance to prove myself, my FATE betrayed me..[I fell sick With some weird diseases :( It took At least a month to recover] Now only two things are left. One is best student and another one is head girl for next year. I wish if I could be both..But seriously I want to be the house captain :((

I went to the doctor today with Mom for some tumor or cyst in my stomach [I don't know and really I don't care].. The doc. was staring me and it was frightening me. Mom was like is there something serious. She said "no there is nothing" and  gave me lots of medicine.Still staring at me [o_O] and then said "Bahut pyaari bachchi hai.. kuch nahi hoga".I mean seriously I have to follow the treatment for 6 to 7 months.. Now she has given me ayurvedic medicines and after few months she'll give me some allopethic.. Oh God I have to spend my life with these medicines.. Plz save me.. :(  I hate medicines..


HaRy!! said...

Hey i remember the thought and then knew wat was the story!! :D


DayDreamer said...

Since You don't like Advance B'day wishes..wud wait till Sunday!!

Quite an eventful day..

The beauty of your post is that..sum1 who reads it can connect to it..and wish to relive those school days..At least I can say that for myself..

Hope that cyst or tumor is nothing serious..

Take care..N keep Smiling

aritra the daydreamer said... little sis.hope that cyst or tumor whatever it is is nothing serious...
By the way do u know bengali????

shravan said...

was just around :)

chocolate lover said...

@ hary
hehehe the poem is really nice :)

@ daydreamer
thank you and don't worry i'll be fine :)

@ aritra
don't worry i'll be fine :)

@ shravan
thanks :)

chocolate lover said...

@ aritra
yeah I can understand a lil bit bengali.. but I cannot speak ;p

Being Pramoda... said...

hey best wishes are with u..go ahead..

dont worry even if something goes wwrong..k naa.. take it easy..everything happens in life, take it in good spirit..

chocolate lover said...

@ prams di
THAnks alot di.. your comments always encourages me..