Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Whenever I think of you,
my soul smiles, my heart sings;
sorrows fly across the blue,
and joy embraces their darlings..
You stay in my falsifying dreams;
Without you every charming moment,
in light and dark screams;
the lovely views aren't vibrant..
My comrades stay by my side,
their company and care belongs to blessed ones;
My tears and scars hide,
as our companionship toughens..
They never let me feel alone,
but my heart is sure that one day,
I'll be surrounded by loneliness when I'll finally disown
togetherness; and my smile will be gone away..

PS: today is Saket's birthday ^-^ Wished him at 12 am and thought that i would be the first one to wish him.. but damn >_< kritka wished him couple of seconds before me!! *sigh* I hate her!! :o  We talked till 1 am yesterday XD hahaha.. and then he didn't come to to school cause he was going to Raipur but then he came to school to return my notebook and then he went :) Oh btw.. I don't want to attend teachers day and yesh cause of kritika.. 5th of sept is sunday so we are having it on 4th  >.< I told my friends that I'll do everything(I mean help) but won't attend the main function!! >.>

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"..my destiny.."

When tired eyes look up at the sky,
they smile slightly and shed tears of joy,
As many times as they blink they sigh,
they think of you and wish to fly..

'cause my dreams now seem blue,
I whisper your name quietly and feel you,
the darkness fill my heart with fear,
and I just wish you were here..

A secret aspiration of my cursed soul,
might come true but not the whole,
I swear, you are my very melody,
all I need you is to be my destiny..

"..fading charm.."

Alone in togetherness;
that is linked with an unbreakable thread,
but still sportivity and glee seems dead,
little puffy eyes are now hopeless..

My soul is like an ocean so deep;
Aspiration to kiss the moon;
and to fly might make it immune;
May be then the silence won't weep..

Some rumors might be untrue,
but when heart aches,
sweet moments never retakes;
and disguise feelings are never few..

Crying a silent tear,
with every moment that pass by;
Staying at a place where illusions lie,
and where I hide from my fear..

I wish to have an overseeing power,
So tired of being betrayed every now and then;
and 'am sure I'll have to face it once again,
No wonder why they call me a fading charm in sun shower?

P.S. My head is hurting.. -.-" umm I went to tunesh's home for the first time.. It was nice :) I felt like Saket was jealous to know that :P
P.P.S. I am the leader of yellow house.. o.o umm me and Aakib actually and guess what? Tunesh, Saket, Manish and Pratish are in my house!! :))
P.P.P.S got full marks in Maths test!! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dreams are sweet,
and bitter is reality;
I am in love with the place,
where I find solace and sanity..
I don't fear world,
cause darkness made me bold;
Tears of blood I cry;
Every moment that pass by,
makes my soul weep and sigh..
Moon up there smiles at me,
Stars shoot to feel glee,
I wonder why silence die
and why doesn't nature lie?

P.S. heyyy ^-^ haha how are you? umm i want to dedicate this poem to shekish..an amazingly, awesomely, cute and sweet person..
P.P.S. Saket is back from Pune.. o.o and I screwed up Physics test today.. and I am thinking to return to blogosphere.. yeah I'm back and I'll be regular now!! :)
P.P.P.S. Our school has divided the students into 4 houses (groups) And guess what I am leader of one of the house and I guess its blue house XD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mixed feelings! o.o

Hehehe.. lots of weird, stupid, cute feelings.. Yeah right now 'am smiling and the reason behind it..? mmm I don't Know..Haha.. what's happening in school? Nothing much but still 'am enjoying it :) Manish and Prince keep teasing me all through the day and I do the same!!
19th August was Tunesh's birthday.. :) On 18th I was dead tired but still I was online till 11:45 pm coz I didnt want to sleep before wishing tunesh at 12.. Texted him.. and then again at 4 am I wished him again.. Unfortunately he didn't recive any text!! x.x Reached tution at 5:20 am.. wished him again.. asked him if he had recieved any text.. he said "NO"
I was like arghhh damn >.< Why does it always happen with us? :/
Next day, Tunesh said " I was really expecting a text from you!!" and I was like I swear I did text you that too twice.. You are my best friend.. Why wouldn't I?
huh *sigh* why does it always happen with us?? D':
Anyways, We are more strong now :) Nothing can come between us.. We were best friends, we are and we will be forever (I just hope)
Saket... well he is Pune right now -.-" He went on 20th night :/ Ummm.. the day he was leaving we talked alot before tutions and even when it was raining we went to the tutions.. :))
He reached Pune on 21st and texted me.. I was glad that atleast he cared to text and inform.. Had a quite long convo. :) And I kinda miss him and why shouldn't I? HE is one of my besties.. so what if he is mean sometimes.. We are texting everyday :) But I am annoyed of his late reply.. -.-" hmmm He'll be back on 25th that means two more days to go! :D
LOL its good that at school, I don't have to see Saket and Divya or Komal and Saket or Kritika and Saket together.. Oh well it really makes me cry when I see them like that! >.> Glad that they are wandering like a "bhatakti atma" and I dont have to listen to their blah blah!! XD 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"..but you lied.."

Days and nights are lost in illusion,
Time  wasn't enough when we were together,
dreams lost their worth;
Tired eyes started to shed tears
And those tears glittered in darkness..

Life seemed hard but you made it easier,
Stars leaned down and pale moon giggled;
With a hope of being together I survived everyday.
"Just one more chance" is all I wished all the time,
I didn't want to miss a single bit of my perfect rhyme..

Every step together that we had,
The world seemed like a better place.
I felt safe as you looked into my eyes
And thereby all my sorrows died.
It was the perfect routine that no one ever had..

It was like letting the music guide our way,
And watching the fireflies dancing to the song we sang beside the bay.
But I never knew, You never felt
The way I did..

P.S. ummm I don't know if it's good or not.. Its been quite long.. since I wrote my last poem =/ so do tell me.. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

So clueless!!??

Hmmm.. yeah I know what you are thinking! I am not regular.. I am not writing poems..and I am kinda invisble o.o blaaaah~ you know what? I am so clueless.. I don't know what to do!! Being a teenager ain't easy. Lots of weird feelings (includes love and lonliness) keeps confusing you.

Blaaah okay lets get to the point.. Tunesh and me are best friends.. we stay together most of the times..so Saket has started to think that Me and Tunesh are together (whoa!) and Tunesh thinks that I like  saket (o.O) Its getting weird day by day.. Saket is jealous of Tunesh but why?
You know its really difficult to understand Saket.. I wish If I could know what is in his mind.. =/ When he is with you.. you will feel like..yes he willl always be with you no matter what happens..and when he is with someone you dont like then you'll feel like to punch him. I know Somewhere deep inside he is an awesome person(Oh well I just hope so) :) He is jealous when he sees me and tunesh together (oh wait what are you thinking huh? Tunesh is my best friend and nothing else and by the way he likes someone may be)

Saket has started sending me emotional and lovey dovey texts!! D: First he asked me 'bout love.. like if I believe in love? Love marriage or arrange? Ever loved anyone? meaning of love and so on!! ( o.e) And then after replying to the text he was curious to know 'bout my love? (o.o) And I told him that I love shahid kapoor and Meiyang chang!! But still he didnt believe that and he was like "fine don't tell me and don't you ever talk to me!!" After telling him several times that I am not in love at last he was convinced (phew!)

And You know he asked me to choose a month for him.. so that he will tell bout our friendship!! I chose Nov and when he replied back you wont believe.. November was "LOVE" (=.=) Blaah justan hour ago another stupid text.. asked me to select a number and he will tell me that what my life partner will give me when we will meet for the first time!! I chose 8 and guess his reply!! ? It was "ROMANTIC DINNER" (x.x)

WHEN i talk or stay with saket, tunesh looks at me like this=> (o.O) and when I am with tunesh, Saket looks at me like this=> (@_@) Tunesh wants me to stay away from Saket.. (he doesnt know bout texting and stuffs but still he wants that)

Anyways, if you are still reading this then Please help me out!! *hugs*

Friday, August 13, 2010

"..choco's blah blah.."

"..May be you cannot be the reason for someone to smile
then don't be the reason for their tears.."

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okayyyy.. so guess who had so fun? Offcourse me!! ;) We had an election in our school for head boy and head girl.. It was so fun and guess who won? (nope not me!) *pokes you* xD
Hahaha.. Pranay Is our head boy (yay) and for the first time in the history of our school we have two head girls.. There's a tie between Kritika (shit) and srishti (yayayayay) xD

Went for the tution but We were not in mood of studying so we didnt study much in chemistry tution and then went for maths tution..there Pratish and neeraj bought me kurkure and chocolate xD Me, Tunesh, Pratish and Neeraj took some pics and like i said we didn't feel like studying so we asked sir not to teach us.. and guess what sir agreed D:

Then we saw Saket and Prince coming.. so we told them that we are not having tutions today... waited for a while at our secret place. Me, Neeraj and Pratish went to sanjay kanan then :D (Sssssshh secret)
The other guys told us to reach there and they'll join later.. we played there for like an half an hour.. and then the guys came. we took lots of pics.. the guys did weird pose lol and i was stuck in a steepy place D: (blah dont laugh i am short and i was wearing high heels at that time) Haha well saket helped me :P

And then dance time xD The guys were dancing.. lol they looked so funny.. o.o I was capturing every moment XD blaaah in the mean time battery died v.v so we used Tunesh's cell :D I lied at home.. i called mom and dad and said that i am in tution and we are having a party there coz pranay won!! Mom asked me to come back till 8 pm :D (yayay) I wasn't dancing so Saket seized the camera o.o and other guys tried to make me dance but I am so shy that I didn't :D 

but then Tunesh went.. and after that Pratish's mom called him and asked him to come soon o.o.. So, We decided to go back home(only me, Pratish and Neeraj) :) When we were leaving.. DJ played the song "..kaise bataye kyu tujhko chahe.." and guys started doing weird stuffs XD They started hugging and kissing the pole there.. :P lol then Saket started singing and pointed at me.. "..mil ke bhi hum na mile.." (ROFL) I blushed and looked away and the end haha! xD (u were expecting more teenage masala ha?) o.o

haha! anyways you know I was the only girl with 8 guys there? XD (Sssssssshhh secret)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Choco's blah blah!!

"...I never let anyone to look into my eyes 'cause there
My lies, secrets, confessions, pains and truth smiles..."

Friday, August 6, 2010

from the heart..

Caution: long post ahead!! >.>
After crying for hours, quarelling with friends, making your bestie angry, Life really seems messed up. Being backstabbed again and again really hurts! Yeah I have been backstabbed again.

We are planning for teachers day and things are getting messed up. Difference have been created between the science section and commerce section. For commerce section money and revenge is more important than friendship. I was already knowing that they can never stand for me. I mean nothing to them. I aint their friend but a formality which needs to be done.

I dont know why did I expected them to be nice with me? On 4th of August, Pranay told me that Kritika asked him to tell me that they have found someone else for photography in cheaper rate so I dont have to do anything bout it!! The only main task i was supposed to do was to arrange a photographer.

I was really hurt.. I didnt talk to saket, manish or anyone. I didnt laugh at the jokes. I felt worthless. Next morning, at school.. I didnt feel like doing anything not even to smile. I told everything to Sushma and Simran and then I burst into tears. I asked sushma not to tell anything to anyone not even tunesh.

I was crying really hard. I guess simran told everything to Saket and tunesh and other guys.. Fortunately, there were not much mates in the class. Saket came to me, tried to stop me from crying but I didnt. He went to commerce class and tried to sort out things but like I said money and revenge is much more important for them. They didnt listen to him.

Saket took quite a big decision. He decided that neither he nor anyone from the science section would be a part of teacher's day celebration. They(commerce section) can do whatever they want with the money. I had never thought that Saket would do anything like that nor my friends.

When my classmates came to know about this they were like "Saket, you can be soo nice? Never thought you would be so!!"

Saket I dont know if I would show this post to you or not but thank you so much for whatever you did. :)) You have been really nice to me since you joined the school. Its been only a year and you are one of my best friends. You never yell at me, You dont get mad at me, You have always been the first person to cheer me up whenever I cry and the thing you did yesterday was really sweet. :)) Be like that forever! I dont regret in being a friend of yours. And yeah your an "angel" wearing a mask of devil ! :D

And plz tu komal, Kritika, divya, pooja, yamini jaise logo ko bhav mat dena! tujhe koi achchi ladki nhi mil sakti kya? :O Line marna hai toh achchi ladkiyo ko mara kar!! :o Ha malum hai tu bolega main kisiko line nahi marta par main itni bhi buddhu nahi hu! xP

Monday, August 2, 2010


Veiled by darkness, I escaped light.
Veiled by illusions, I found solace.
Veiled by dreams, I fell in love.
Photography Graphics

Like a butterfly, I've kissed the rose.
Like a naive soul, I've embraced it all.

Infinite sky seems so gloomy.
And the oceans seem choppy

I am veiled 'cause I am scared to face it.
My trust was betrayed by my love,
I thought he loved me whole heartedly but
I never understood it was nothing but lust.

No tears were left to console,
My heart was broken into pieces,
So I veiled myself to hide the scars and to
elope with shooting stars.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You are tagged!! D:

Tag by Ayu:
1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.[Image]Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl's name questions.

1.) What is your name: Shriti (wierd name.. right?)
2.) A four letter word: sand
3.) A boy's name: Saket (don't ask who?!! :P)
4.) A girl's name: Simmi
5.) An occupation: Shipping!!?
6.) A color: silver
7.) Something you wear: spectacles
8.) A food: Sondesh (o.o)
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Shampoo xD
10.) A country: Singapore
11.) A reason for being late: Sleep
12.) Something you shout: Shut up!!
13.) A movie title: Star struck :P
14.) Something you drink: Sprite
15.) A musical group: Spirit (googled :P)
16.) An animal: Squirrel
17.) A street name: Shubhash nagar
18.) A type of car: Swift? o.O
19.) An internet site/blogsite: songs.pk
20.) A song: "Sajda kiya" from I hate luv storys
21.) A President's name: Spencer churchill
22.) A cartoon character: Spiderman xD
23.) Name of School: St. Xaviers high School
24.) A sport: Soccer
25.) A Latin word: Semper means always, ever.

Another tag by Cheryl:
10 things you dont know about me
1.)I never ever had any boyfriend.
2.) My voice is like that of an eight year old kid!
3.) I have never been in love!
4.) I have been given lots of nicknames. o.o
5.) I easily get scared!!
6.) I hate being moody. :/
7.) I am really really possessive 'bout my friends.
8.) If I dont like anyone then it doesn't mean that i dont want any good for them. I would always like to see them safe.
9.) I am weird. I have more guy "friends" than girls and I trust guys more than the girls 'cause atleast I know that they aren't jealous and they won't backstab me! v.v
10.) I am not at all dominating! o.e

Happy friendship day everyone! ^_^ I am busy. T_T I miss blogging >_<

And yeah you all are tagged!! :D