Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okayyyy.. so guess who had so fun? Offcourse me!! ;) We had an election in our school for head boy and head girl.. It was so fun and guess who won? (nope not me!) *pokes you* xD
Hahaha.. Pranay Is our head boy (yay) and for the first time in the history of our school we have two head girls.. There's a tie between Kritika (shit) and srishti (yayayayay) xD

Went for the tution but We were not in mood of studying so we didnt study much in chemistry tution and then went for maths tution..there Pratish and neeraj bought me kurkure and chocolate xD Me, Tunesh, Pratish and Neeraj took some pics and like i said we didn't feel like studying so we asked sir not to teach us.. and guess what sir agreed D:

Then we saw Saket and Prince coming.. so we told them that we are not having tutions today... waited for a while at our secret place. Me, Neeraj and Pratish went to sanjay kanan then :D (Sssssshh secret)
The other guys told us to reach there and they'll join later.. we played there for like an half an hour.. and then the guys came. we took lots of pics.. the guys did weird pose lol and i was stuck in a steepy place D: (blah dont laugh i am short and i was wearing high heels at that time) Haha well saket helped me :P

And then dance time xD The guys were dancing.. lol they looked so funny.. o.o I was capturing every moment XD blaaah in the mean time battery died v.v so we used Tunesh's cell :D I lied at home.. i called mom and dad and said that i am in tution and we are having a party there coz pranay won!! Mom asked me to come back till 8 pm :D (yayay) I wasn't dancing so Saket seized the camera o.o and other guys tried to make me dance but I am so shy that I didn't :D 

but then Tunesh went.. and after that Pratish's mom called him and asked him to come soon o.o.. So, We decided to go back home(only me, Pratish and Neeraj) :) When we were leaving.. DJ played the song "..kaise bataye kyu tujhko chahe.." and guys started doing weird stuffs XD They started hugging and kissing the pole there.. :P lol then Saket started singing and pointed at me.. " ke bhi hum na mile.." (ROFL) I blushed and looked away and the end haha! xD (u were expecting more teenage masala ha?) o.o

haha! anyways you know I was the only girl with 8 guys there? XD (Sssssssshhh secret)


ambiguous_angel said...

well, that's good:)

MinnieRunner said...

At least you enjoyed :)
But next time, don't lie to your parents, he he.

yes, it would be nice to know the meaning of our dreams; but sometimes, it's best to leave it as a mystery :)

S said...

How awesome it feels when the teacher agrees to not teach !!! :)
First time on your blog, and must applaud you for your writing. Your blog is bubbling with energy :)
Reading your posts I get all nostalgic about my school days :)

Keep writing :)

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

Teenage :) I feel like capturing all the moments and never grow out of them :D

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

@ ambiguous angel
haha! yeah may be :D

@ minnie runner
hehe okay :3

@ S
yesh :D
and thanks for dropping by.. m glad that u liked XD
Thank you ^_____^

@ Juhi
yup yup :D

Jingle said...
an award for you,
missed you .