Friday, August 6, 2010

from the heart..

Caution: long post ahead!! >.>
After crying for hours, quarelling with friends, making your bestie angry, Life really seems messed up. Being backstabbed again and again really hurts! Yeah I have been backstabbed again.

We are planning for teachers day and things are getting messed up. Difference have been created between the science section and commerce section. For commerce section money and revenge is more important than friendship. I was already knowing that they can never stand for me. I mean nothing to them. I aint their friend but a formality which needs to be done.

I dont know why did I expected them to be nice with me? On 4th of August, Pranay told me that Kritika asked him to tell me that they have found someone else for photography in cheaper rate so I dont have to do anything bout it!! The only main task i was supposed to do was to arrange a photographer.

I was really hurt.. I didnt talk to saket, manish or anyone. I didnt laugh at the jokes. I felt worthless. Next morning, at school.. I didnt feel like doing anything not even to smile. I told everything to Sushma and Simran and then I burst into tears. I asked sushma not to tell anything to anyone not even tunesh.

I was crying really hard. I guess simran told everything to Saket and tunesh and other guys.. Fortunately, there were not much mates in the class. Saket came to me, tried to stop me from crying but I didnt. He went to commerce class and tried to sort out things but like I said money and revenge is much more important for them. They didnt listen to him.

Saket took quite a big decision. He decided that neither he nor anyone from the science section would be a part of teacher's day celebration. They(commerce section) can do whatever they want with the money. I had never thought that Saket would do anything like that nor my friends.

When my classmates came to know about this they were like "Saket, you can be soo nice? Never thought you would be so!!"

Saket I dont know if I would show this post to you or not but thank you so much for whatever you did. :)) You have been really nice to me since you joined the school. Its been only a year and you are one of my best friends. You never yell at me, You dont get mad at me, You have always been the first person to cheer me up whenever I cry and the thing you did yesterday was really sweet. :)) Be like that forever! I dont regret in being a friend of yours. And yeah your an "angel" wearing a mask of devil ! :D

And plz tu komal, Kritika, divya, pooja, yamini jaise logo ko bhav mat dena! tujhe koi achchi ladki nhi mil sakti kya? :O Line marna hai toh achchi ladkiyo ko mara kar!! :o Ha malum hai tu bolega main kisiko line nahi marta par main itni bhi buddhu nahi hu! xP


Selenium said...

If this was a long post... then I'm practically writing novels in my blog... -__-

Ah! But well... the more you recover from such pain and sorrow... the more stronger your inner self becomes. And to recover you only need to look forward ahead and forget the bad things in past

Pria said...

offo.. b kool dear.. they wil knw u soon.. n wil b bak 2 u.. :) keep smiling..

wisewit said...

Isn't it good to have friends who stand up for you? :)


DuDo said...

Wah a complete description of the scenario!!!! arey don't u worry one day they will realize.... :)

ambiguous_angel said...

Im sorry to hear that.
well, im sure you'll find a true friend, maybe just not now.
like whom you had right now, the one whose been there when your down..'the angel who's wearing a mask of a devil.'
-love that line anyway:)

cheer up:)

sulagna ™ said...

aww i like saket..he is such a nice friend shri...he will someday grow up to be a wonderful gentleman :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Every negative comes with a small packages of positive. If you can figure out,Life sounds easy and pleasant.
Dont be sad!!! :)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Wow! this was soooo lovely.. just like the best friends you have in school!
loved it! :)

Anurag said...

a post worthy of reading. ^-^

great exhibition of friendship...[I envy you in this department.... ;) ]

Being Pramoda... said...

dont worry sis.. u will be understood better positive.. be happy

PS:NOt a lengthy post dear!! :).. keep writing such

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

sorry that you felt hurt or back stabbed. but it's nice to know you have some friends who are watching your back. :)