Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mixed feelings! o.o

Hehehe.. lots of weird, stupid, cute feelings.. Yeah right now 'am smiling and the reason behind it..? mmm I don't Know..Haha.. what's happening in school? Nothing much but still 'am enjoying it :) Manish and Prince keep teasing me all through the day and I do the same!!
19th August was Tunesh's birthday.. :) On 18th I was dead tired but still I was online till 11:45 pm coz I didnt want to sleep before wishing tunesh at 12.. Texted him.. and then again at 4 am I wished him again.. Unfortunately he didn't recive any text!! x.x Reached tution at 5:20 am.. wished him again.. asked him if he had recieved any text.. he said "NO"
I was like arghhh damn >.< Why does it always happen with us? :/
Next day, Tunesh said " I was really expecting a text from you!!" and I was like I swear I did text you that too twice.. You are my best friend.. Why wouldn't I?
huh *sigh* why does it always happen with us?? D':
Anyways, We are more strong now :) Nothing can come between us.. We were best friends, we are and we will be forever (I just hope)
Saket... well he is Pune right now -.-" He went on 20th night :/ Ummm.. the day he was leaving we talked alot before tutions and even when it was raining we went to the tutions.. :))
He reached Pune on 21st and texted me.. I was glad that atleast he cared to text and inform.. Had a quite long convo. :) And I kinda miss him and why shouldn't I? HE is one of my besties.. so what if he is mean sometimes.. We are texting everyday :) But I am annoyed of his late reply.. -.-" hmmm He'll be back on 25th that means two more days to go! :D
LOL its good that at school, I don't have to see Saket and Divya or Komal and Saket or Kritika and Saket together.. Oh well it really makes me cry when I see them like that! >.> Glad that they are wandering like a "bhatakti atma" and I dont have to listen to their blah blah!! XD