Sunday, August 29, 2010

"..fading charm.."

Alone in togetherness;
that is linked with an unbreakable thread,
but still sportivity and glee seems dead,
little puffy eyes are now hopeless..

My soul is like an ocean so deep;
Aspiration to kiss the moon;
and to fly might make it immune;
May be then the silence won't weep..

Some rumors might be untrue,
but when heart aches,
sweet moments never retakes;
and disguise feelings are never few..

Crying a silent tear,
with every moment that pass by;
Staying at a place where illusions lie,
and where I hide from my fear..

I wish to have an overseeing power,
So tired of being betrayed every now and then;
and 'am sure I'll have to face it once again,
No wonder why they call me a fading charm in sun shower?

P.S. My head is hurting.. -.-" umm I went to tunesh's home for the first time.. It was nice :) I felt like Saket was jealous to know that :P
P.P.S. I am the leader of yellow house.. o.o umm me and Aakib actually and guess what? Tunesh, Saket, Manish and Pratish are in my house!! :))
P.P.P.S got full marks in Maths test!! :D


Anonymous said...

Woah, so sad! I like the "Crying a silent tear,
with every moment that pass by;
Staying at a place where illusions lie, and where I hide from my fear.."
the most :)
Congrats on getting full marks in maths! I suck at maths.. hate it T^T

And thanks for following me back. I will check out every single one of your posts from the beginning to the end later when I have time. I've got - Noooooo - maths homework! to do :(

Bea said...

<3 ly!

xyzandme said...

Ah i remember the days when i was made the monitor for the first time (thats what we called a " leader back then ).. We didnt have houses .. we monitored rows.. But man I was so happy.. The end of this monitorship story wasnt good though..

Selenium said...

Human emotions tend to be so damn complex, sometimes I'm depressed because I'm unable to comprehend what the other person is thinking... :|

Good one. :)

Jingle said...
Poets Rally Week 27 awards,
All 5 4 u, enjoy!
Happy Monday,
Rally week 28 will be September 9-15…..Welcome!