Tuesday, November 10, 2009


No one would understand,
No one would hold my hand...

No one would say I care,
No one would say lets share...

No one would encourage me when I'll be frightened,
No one would be left stunned..

No one would make me smile,
No one would say don't cry not even for a while..

No one would wipe up my tears,
No one would know what are my fears...


soin said...

no one will be there. but everyone will be there to give hate when you need love..trivial..free

Rahil said...

i guess you are forgetting about some special people of ur life...ur parents, ur cousins, ur best friends...they will be always there for u..no matter what !!

nice blog btw..u just got a new follower for it ;)

chocolate lover said...

@ soin
hehehe :)

@ rahil
yeah you r right..lol it was a fiction :)
and thank you so much :))

Sunakshi said...

I kinda loved this post :)

and yeah,wish ya very happy belated birthday,may god bless you with best of everything girl :)

was outta station,thats why couldn't come online. :(

DayDreamer said...

Definitely you would have people to hold you, take care of you, encourage you, make you smile and wipe away your tears..just look around and you would find them..

Here is praying that god bestow with friends and people who would always be there for you in your good times and bad..

The poem is very touching..

Keep smiling..

Sunil said...

Friends will be there, because they care.
Everyone has a pain to share.

It is true that there are worries bountiful,
Look around,feel, for life is so beautiful.

oh!, I just rhymed it. :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Tis is life....!!
Lovely lines!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm such a sad poem....

Rhythm was maintained till the end very well and meaning was there but very much in the pessimistic way.

Ther should have been some end to it in the end of the poem..

Good one gal :)

whats ur name? i never heard it yet :P


Madhu said...

hey am new here...got u from mohits blog..well written...quite some emo stuff attached eh??

shravan said...

just a fic rite?but it was way too pessimistic..and well its a sad reality,but yup,the is a way out..and there indeed wl be some persons to stand by :) good work there..

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi di
thanks di.. :))
its okay :)

@ daydreamer
yeah i have them :)
they are always with me and will be :)
thank you

chocolate lover said...

@ sunil
yup true :))

@ Rohit
thank you :))

@ Mahesh
Thank you :)
Well you have two choice..
you can call me shriti or shri :)

chocolate lover said...

@ Madhu
Hi nice to see u here
thanks for dropping :))

@ Shravan
Yeah it was a fiction :)
about being pessimistic.. sorry coz that's the way i think.. but am trying to be an optimist..

Being Pramoda... said...

hey dear... what happend baby ??

no one will be thr ..but yaa u have urself, whihc is more than enough to solve any problm.. enjoyy..keep smiling...

chocolate lover said...

@ Prams di
nothing di.. I am fine :)
don't worry :))

Anonymous said...

no one? :) friends family sab gayab ho gaye kya? :P
and if no one, u console urself best too!

chocolate lover said...

@ leo
hehehe sab hai yaar.. aur humesha rahenge ;p thanks

HaRy!! said...

quite emo indeed...yes as Soin says...everyone will be ther to giv hate..

chocolate lover said...

@ hary
yeah true :))

A S said...

nice one :)

chocolate lover said...

@ A S
Hi, thanks for dropping by..
glad you liked it :)

vidya said...

nicely written.. try expanding the poem a little more and give it an ending like a story...then it would be perfect:)

best wishes..

chocolate lover said...

@ vidya
hi thanx for dropping by..and yeah sure i'll do it :)