Saturday, November 14, 2009

"The night and the girl"

Melting moon out here,
Are giggling high over there..
Twinkling stars dancing in the dark,
With a wish to spread the spark..
The girl staring them,
Thought to steal that gem..
The moon light illuminating the pearl,
Brooding over it, the little girl..
The hide and seek of the moon,
Pleased the girl so soon..
The fireflies with their lantern,
Didn't come to return..
The stars called up her,
To play and stay higher..
The fireflies took up her above,
Where she found lots of love..
The li'l one slept in the shining bed,
With many dreams waiting ahead..


Sunakshi said...

Its always feel nice reading your poems.

Cute one :)

bless ya :)

Anonymous said...

I second Sunakshi! :)

very cute one indeed! well done Shriti!

Anonymous said...

As indicated by the music player, I take it you are a HSM fan too? :D

тнƨ [ƨcняɛι] said...

v.v.v.v nice! ^_^

Being Pramoda... said...

hey little gal..Happy childrens day to u ..(Belated tough).:)

as always it was a nic read re..

chocolate lover said...

@ sunakshi di
thank you :))

@ leo
thank you :)
and yeah am crazy about HSM.. :))

@ Tharangni
thanx dear :))

@ Prams di
thank you di.. :))