Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ranDomness :o

Feelin sick... Went to doc and screwed up Physics exam! hmmm talked to Tunesh and slept for almost whole day.. don't feel like eating anything but 'am hungry!
This time, me and my bro both are sick, we have got cold n cough, bodyache and fever and we both have exams tomorrow D:
Haven't studied anything. v.v umm and my cousin is coming tonight. He is older, really older.. even his kids are older than me!! o.o
Oh btw I have a new blog now. :3

Try checkin it out, comment and follow :P

aaah I hate medicines and I have to take so many!! *frowny face*


nitwit said...

get well soon sweethaert

Madhu said...

put up the link to ur blog no?