Saturday, September 11, 2010

defining me..

Okay so I'm going to define me!! Me? mmm yeah me lol. Oh well don't get confuse.. o.o (dont tell me that I am geting confused) I am me and I like that. I am a 16 year old teenage girl who isn't beautiful or tall but people tell me that I am sweet and a cutie in my own way(oh well my friends say that.. o.o). I love to watch rain.. Its gloomy but it makes me smile. I am a cry baby with huge dreams and ambitions. I want to kiss the moon and dance with the stars. Often I think that only my life is messed up but then when I peep into others life, my life seems bitter sweet. I get hurt easily.. you can say I am emotional or sensitive. I love to have fun and I love going to school(I am in 12th now.. which means I dont have much time).
I hate hypocrites and those who backstab. Sometimes I expect a lot but don't get anything. I am possessive. I have a cyst in my lower abdomen but I don't care ( I have stopped taking medicines 'cause of which sometimes my tummy hurts.. o.o)
 I love to see the clouds dancing in the sky and moulding itself into different shapes. Autumn is my favourite season. I eat a lot of chocolates (I know that u know) I am addicted to my friends and I'm scared of loosing them. I am wierd 'cause most of my friends are guys ( My best friends are guys.. o.o) I never ever had any boy friend and don't want any!! (trust me, my friends looks like devdas and paro.. everyone looks so sad.. o.o)
I confuse myself with feelings (feelings of love and possessiveness and friendship) and I love to play with emotions especially dark emotions. I make alot of mistakes. Sometimes I try to escape from bitter reality.. last but not the least I am bangali but I don't know the language!! D':


Madhu said...

u are a sweet naive lil girl..whom i completely adore on bloggers..:)

ritika said...

hey Choco!

You are in your sweet sixteen,and reading your blog reminded me of my 16th yr.. Every girl of this age thinks like the way you think..

Nice, you could put into words,

and if u r bengali, try learning it!it helps..

Selenium said...

It's rare for people to have a sudden urge to write their biographies on blogs... :)

Having some turning point in life??

Anurag said...

1st one. :-)
good to know some more about you.
Bengali..?? Didn't knew that.
Keep being what you are. :-)

Pria said...

nice 2 knw bout u dear.. keep smiling.. :)

YAM said...

well...nice you:)

Reenie said...

Hello, bumped into your blog while blog-hopping and thought I'd say hey...

This is Reenie from Australia, btw. Nice meeting you :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

loved this. i learned more about you. this sums you up well. you're great.

Nipun said...

Choco is so sweet....:)

You are the second sweetest girl i have ever come across..:)

Its great to know about u with some minute details.

Keep rocking and be the same u are..



Anonymous said...

Hey Choco! Thanks for your comment!
I will get back to reading your blog (like I said I would, before) in 2 weeks, seeing that is when my holidays will start :)
Take care! <3
And I love your definition of yourself!

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suruchi said...

Awww...this is sooo cute Choco...
I couldn’t define myself even if I tried....
But jaise bhi ho bahuut ache ho...n stay the same:-)