Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"..I have let you go.."

Dreams are drenched in tears rolling down.
Smile fade away as you walked out;
Sky cries 'cause you aren't here anymore.
I befriended the dark night,
I am lost in lonely streets.

I don't belong to anything,
and nothing belongs to me.
I have let you go,
but then why your memoirs,
made my tears flow.

Every now and then I die and sigh,
Every now and then I keep telling
myself; I have let you go.
But then why your memoirs,
made my tears flow.

Scars deep inside my heart
aches every moment.
Neither you nor your care
is here 'cause you know?
I have let you go. 


Selenium said...

Good one. The pic there adds to the feel of the poem. :)

Samadrita said...

I think your writing style is getting better by the day Shriti! Good one. :)


...filled with emotions that are really touching... great job!!! Cheers!!!:D

Keep safe!!!:)


Jingle said...

poetic and powerful word flow.

Jingle said...

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