Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love bug!!

Its so weird.. D: why is everyone falling in love? :/ Most of my friends are now in relationship. Prince is in relationship with Divya, Tannoo is in relationship with Kishan, Tunesh with Darshu, Manish with his Sonu, Suchita with her someone, Saket with Pooja, Mark with Mylor and Alan with Meryll!! v.v
Hmmm Mark didn't tell me this earlier(he did but late) and Alan hasn't told me yet! Thanks to Fb and Myb atleast it told me that they are in relationship now! v.v I am happy for them :) and I wish them good luck ^^ but then I feel like the odd one out! o.O I am sure Srishti, Anubha and Riya too has got someone, :o So only me, Xin yi and Simran are left out? o.o
When these people fall in trouble in their love life. They call me or text me. And I try to cheer them up and try to solve their probs and ask them to stay calm and have patience (Oh yeah poor 16 year old choco has to do all this).
Sometimes these fools take the avatar  of "Devdas and Paaro" And its so so funny xD and annoying o.o They talk like "if she betrays me then I wont be able to love anyone that much again!!" and I tell them "geeez idiot, you are talking as if you are old, you are just 17 and you have your whole life. You'll find someone more special. And I don't think she'll betray you."
Some say, "I just can't see her with someone else. If she doesn't becomes mine then I might do something with my life." Some say, "He doesn't love me :( " and some are like, If anyone says anything bad 'bout my love of my life then I might do something with that person 'cause I love her and I can't take any kind of insult..!"
Sometimes they sound funny and filmy! xD I ask them why do you people fall in love? Then they reply, Beta Jab tujhe pyaar hoga na tab pta chalega! ( Girl, you'll realise it on the day when You'll fall in love!) And like I have been saying since ages :P "I won't fall in love!" (A/c to fb I fall in love easily and I lie to myself)
Late night talks, chats and gossips are 'bout this only. They and their GF/BF. Well earlier when I came to know that my best friends are in relationship with this girl and that then I used to tell them that these girls are not good and blah blah but I have stopped this 'cause people change and thoughts for them too. :)
Saket started texting again hmmm like after 20 days o.o !! I was surprised to see his msg saying "hi!" :P I was surprised 'cause he told me and everyone that he is not using his old no. anymore and gave his new no. to everyone except me!! x_X and when I asked him how come did he text me if he wasn't using this no.? o.o He replied, "I Wanted to talk to you so I have started using this no. again!!"
Next day, at tution, he was getting mad at me 'cause I don't remember his no. and I didn't ask him for his no. Oh wow! but why should I ask him? He didn't give me his no. and he doesn't have time for me but still says I am his best friend!!?
He is weird and jealous. Yup really jealous of Prince and Tunesh and he keeps trying to convience me that puja, his Gf is really nice!!? Whatever but the love bug has bit most of my friends! v.V So 'am I going to spend all my life in solving their probs? and then what about me?


Bea said...

Aww tahts soo cute.. am happy for ur friends and wish them best of luck

Freelancer said...

i dunno why people are dying to be committed....exactly like me! :P

lol...but u know ur time wil come..


p.s| feels great to read this blog after a long long time....i missed blogger

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Most of my friends arent committed actually! But i wonder how life will be, once they are! :O

Koo said...

Hahaha, this was funny :P
I hope your friends get more mature, really. And I hope you enjoy being single cause it is so much fun :)

Sumit Sarkar said... cute...
Well I am 23 now and I never got into a relationship...wanted to when I was 16 too.. :D
As time passed, I realized that I have more useful things to do and moreover I can hang out with my friends whenever I can...
I have seen some of my friends who after getting into relationships forgot me and they stopped hanging out with my group...I don't want to say anymore about them...they make me sad... :(

Anonymous said...

Hmm..Lovely post...It makes great remembrance about my school days...
When I was in school,there was 2 successful(still)romances within my class..
I had a very good friend who was in a relation with another friend of me...both still texts me,calls me and MORE THAN THAT OF A FRIEND,he's a brother to me...
And the negative effects're .another friend of mine ...started a relation with one of my boy classmates..and guess what?they both've stopped much and much friendship with others..
They've built a world within other friends:)...only fellow-watchers...

So...some gets imprisoned...some qualify...
And ""A lover is a person who'l come along with us 2 solve our problems which we didn't face when we were singles:)"..
So..being single gives much and much liberty to an individual..
We should enjoy it till we reach a Shore!!!
P.S:u've been mentioned in my blog!!

Mr Happy said...

being single is nice :)

Selenium said...

Well, there was a time (and to some extent, still is) when all my friends were committed/in relationship, and I was the only single left behind (to fend for himself...)

Then I fell in love too... with Anime/Manga :P
I've been a faithful single since then.

Anurag said...


the old girl is back again . :)

:D . all those talks are fun, poor girl, I feel sorry for you. ;)

that dialog bazi out to appear filmy,too common on every romeo/juliet's mouth, these days. :D