Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This time I won't tell anyone what's wrong with me and with my life. I'll be there on FB and MYB and Yahoo and MSN but won't IM anyone sorry. This time I won't let Colby or anyone to cheer me up and to tell me 'bout Jesus. This time I really want to die. Today I just can't find one reason to smile and live.
Really sorry for my terrible status on FB and MYB and on MSN! Call me a looser or whatever you want.. I won't listen to you. I am not strong like you.. I am the one who wants to escape from all the tough times and situations. I cannot smile in hard times. I have stopped believing that God exists since the time he took my best friend.
This time I am not scared. Yeah this time something really bad's gonna happen. Thanks for caring but you don't have to.
love ya


Anonymous said...

No! Don't! There are plenty of reasons to live, even if the reasons to die outweigh the good ones. There's your future (husband, kids, nice car, nice house, occupation) and there's your family and friends. Even if the ones closest to you have hurt you - mentally or physically - they will still care. And then there are your readers! Do not give up! Hang in there!

Sankoobaba said...


bibhash k jha said...

now thats torturing ur readers .. i hope its the blogger not u

Madhu said...

loved the template..whats wrong?

WarmSunshine said...

hey girl cheer up... well as far as i know, chocolates cheer me up the best way... so go and try 'em, choco girl!!


rantravereflect/ jane said...

:( :( :( wel, all I can say is- take ya time, n well, may ya frenz soul R.I.P.

wisewit said...

Actually, I suspect you're stronger than you realize. You've had a hard life--harder than most of us can immagine--and yet you've survived. Of course, you're feeling a little smashed and beat up, but a lot of people would have come out worse from it.

So, no, I don't believe you're weak--you're strong even if you don't know it. :)