Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another life lost in vain?

Sometimes when things go hazy,
Or the world looks sane and I look crazy.
I need someone 
to talk me out of the blue.

Sometimes at night like this when everyone's asleep,
and the wound is too deep 
I need someone to keep me from doing the sad little things
I've been planning to do.

I don't know my strengths,
but I know that I can let my weaknesses to end the pain
in the most horrific way and
For some, it'll just be another life lost in vain.


Patricia Princivil said...

I am someone. True I may be no one to you as of this point, but I am still someone. Your not crazy but the world isn't sane either. You just experience and see a part of the world that looks like madness and makes the viewer feel the same, but the world has always been out of joint; most people ignore or can't see that. If your feeling crazy, want someone to stop and challenge you, give you some glasses to see clearly, and tell you your strengths. Do remember I am a someone with a lot of time on their hands everyday.

Shane M said...

Hamlet huh, interesting. Shriti your words are sad, but you speak of the raw emotions people face everyday in silence and I respect that. But you should be happy and if talking to someone makes that wish comes true, than spill your heart out to someone; I'm not really offering myself as that someone though, I'm living my own struggle and fighting to the death in my own battles; so I have no time or strength to try and help you out. Sorry. Hell may be empty and all the devils are here, but there are also amazing angels in disguises here too. I hope you find them and become free of your chains of loneliness and sadness. Hamlet and Ferdinand were two people who were consumed by madness & darkness, to feel empathy towards them means something; maybe 'someone' with a bunch of time might have experienced that kind of insanity before and survived, but that's just my theory. Shriti all I have left to say is be safe and find your own paradise.