Friday, September 27, 2013

False criminal case.

An innocent soul
-found guilty for something he never did;
-Going through everything,
that's meant for criminal minds;
-Ruined by someone else's evil intentions, power and status,
He's been craving for peace of mind.
-Dettached, alone, broken and unloved,
He's trapped inside the four walls,
-Detoriorating every second of every day
And no one can save him.

He was smiling,
He was laughing;
His eyes were full of dreams.
He never smoked, he never drank;
He never disrespected anyone.
His smile silently whispered,
"I love you and I care."
He gave the best reassuring hugs,
No matter who the person were.
A false criminal case,
and he was gone.
Far away from everyone's reach and sight,
I don't know how he is holding up tonight.

Bring him back the days,
Bring back his smile;
Seeing someone of wonderful dying,
is not something I can enjoy.
I'll do anything to save him,
Even if I have to give away my life.

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