Tuesday, July 6, 2010

you will cry..

Laugh at me if you want,
Sing with me and dance;
Lets play kiddishly once again,
Come play with me in the rain,
Hug me tight as much as you can..
My hand in yours and yours in mine,
and walk along the sea shores..
Pink mist whispers in the dark-
your smiles add the spark..
The moon is melting,
and the stars are weeping..
You could never know why?
It's 'cause when I'll die, you will cry..

P.S sorrryyy.. I'm sick.. have fever.. busy with school stuff.. Missing you all..


Pavitra .... said...

Lovely write!
"It's 'cause when I'll die, you will cry.."
Nice lines...
Get well soon!

Jingle said...

excellent poem,
keep shining!

AJai said...

could be an innocent child game or an adult romance. i'd like to see it as the latter. ;)

Chocolatelover said...

Awesome thoughts.... and get well soon. :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey sis..pls take care of ur health..

the poem, wahhh u r a young and talented writer..pls keep expressing..:) enjoy with frnds..:)

ambiguous_angel said...

oh my. everyone is sick today. you.me.Ria. aw:(

that's a beautiful writing anyways. Lets all get well!

Sumit Sarkar said...

Hi..my name is Sumit.
You have a nice blog here.

This poem is very touching and the last line is too good. :)

If you have time..check out my blog too...

wisewit said...

Well, that's exactly the kind of friend I wanted when I was a teenager. Of course, it never happened, but I survived. :)